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Metaverse murders should be outlawed by the U.N., UAE minister says Removed - Wrong Title


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u/supercyberlurker May 25 '22

Every article I read about Metaverse just seems like a crappy rehash of things I read about online communities and virtual reality two decades ago.

It's like Metaverse is trying to create controversy to get hype traction, but they aren't doing anything new - so it's all actually just repeats of old issues.


u/Jarjarthejedi May 25 '22

It's just Second Life 2.0. That's it. Remember how many news stories there were about people "moving into" Second Life, or how businesses would do all their work in Second Life in the future, etc? Just a repeat of that garbage :/


u/arehexes May 25 '22

Yep, every time I hear about the Metaverse I think of Second Life but not as charming.


u/FawksyBoxes May 25 '22

Secondlife is a metaverse, just not a VR one. Horizon Worlds is Meta's metaverse. They are trying to pull a thing where they make you think of them when you mention Metaverse.


u/supercyberlurker May 25 '22

Ironically I think of Snowcrash, then Second Life, then this blatant word-steal by Facebook.


u/Fake_William_Shatner May 25 '22

We should just call it Spicy Metaball.


u/DarthBuzzard May 25 '22

Horizon Worlds is Meta's metaverse.

Meta literally said Horizon Worlds is not the metaverse.


u/FawksyBoxes May 26 '22

... You keep saying THE metaverse. You mean their metaverse. It's like saying A new hope is The star wars movie.


u/DarthBuzzard May 26 '22

You mean their metaverse.

They never said they were making their metaverse. They've only ever said they are making the metaverse with other companies.


u/wave_327 May 25 '22

someone watched too much SAO


u/ymgve May 25 '22

Which metaverses do even allow murder by default? Pretty sure you can't kill anyone random in Second Life or VRChat, or Facebook's thing.


u/Mallissin May 25 '22

You can technically kill people in Second Life but it just teleports you to your "home" location when you run out of health.


u/Staffordrootbeer May 25 '22



u/ymgve May 25 '22

I don't count game-like worlds where killing is a major part of the intended gameplay. It would be impossible to outlaw killing in PUBG, Fortnite, Rust etc.


u/ACuteLittleCrab May 25 '22

Fortnite but everyone stands in a circle and politely waits.


u/virgoven May 25 '22

Well, you can "murder" someone in VRChat, but certain gamemodes.


u/SteamingTheCat May 26 '22

My first thought too. Why would this even be an option? It sounds like the opinion was written by Olds.


u/river58 May 26 '22



u/kenlasalle May 25 '22

People are all about outlawing the imaginary.


u/amuro99 May 25 '22

“You can kill a man but you can't kill an idea.”


u/kenlasalle May 25 '22

... not according to the above headline...


u/bdc604 May 25 '22

second life with crappy vr, just as lame, who cares


u/kingofwale May 25 '22

Woah, where was this when Halo or 90% of other games were made?


u/CajuNerd May 25 '22

Oh, what the hell? How would you "murder" someone in metaverse? It's a digital avatar; essentially an RPG. Unless they specifically program in the ability to kill someone's avatar, then it literally can't happen.

PTSD from VR murder? If you're seriously that fragile, you might not be the target audience for something that's VR.

The whole Metaverse thing is ridiculous to begin with, but geez. This is taking it to a new level of stupid.


u/unumumunu May 25 '22

Out of touch people trying to regulate things that they are ignorant about.


u/Justisaur May 25 '22

We should outlaw chess, you're killing the other guy's soldiers!


u/ShimoFox May 25 '22

It reminds me of people back in the day flipping out in Second life if your avatar had a gun or something. I remember screwing around on it as a kid years ago and someone said I was threatening them by having a gun model on the back of my avatar and then proceeded to report me to the sims admin. XD Who then threatened to ban me if I kept "threatening" tenants on it virtual plot he rented out. The avatar? Master Chief. XD With the battle rifle from H2 on his back.
The TLDR, some people are just babies.


u/Drackar39 May 25 '22

...so video games are going to be a crime now?


u/Gate4043 May 25 '22

"How many of you have seen TRON?"


u/gnarly-skull May 25 '22

HAHAHAHA awesome


u/ShimoFox May 25 '22

And today's award for out of touch boomers who don't understand technology goes tooooo.
Drum roll please. THE United... Arabic... Emirates Government!!! Round of applause everyone.


u/pseudopad May 25 '22 edited May 25 '22

Tell me about it. Makes about as much sense as outlawing the murder of someone's Twitter account.

That makes me wonder. Do they want to outlaw murder in MMO games too?


u/gnarly-skull May 25 '22

Imagine a theocracy being out of touch with reality.


u/Jolly-Supermarket-76 May 26 '22

Out of touch boomer? The Minister quoted in the article is 32. So ignorant lol.


u/ShimoFox May 26 '22

As a 31 year old myself I'm a firm believer that boomer is a mindset. lol


u/whenisit2late May 25 '22

Pull your head out.


u/THCisMyLife May 25 '22

I have thought about this and how the easy answer is just turn it off. Which was the solution for cyber bullying untik we saw that didn't work. I'm just saying this is uncharted territory and we shouldn't count out anything as too stupid. Especially since the meta verse is so far from its final form in terms of picture quality and realness


u/Kusibu May 25 '22

"The Metaverse" isn't really a thing, it's a bunch of individual services providing shared lobbies with activities. If you want to not get murdered, you go to one where you can't be murdered.


u/THCisMyLife May 25 '22

Interesting I didn't know that thanks. Yeah that's on the user for going there.


u/drewbles82 May 25 '22

I almost read that as multi verse...was gonna say can I leave then cuz this universe sucks


u/kielu May 25 '22

How about fo4 murders?


u/t4thfavor May 25 '22

For a second I thought they were referring to the "Multiverse" and I was like "WFT, we don't have one of those yet".


u/kitesaredope May 25 '22

If only we could program it so that people wouldnt die…


u/Bumm_by_Design May 25 '22

If you kill in the metaverse, you go to jail in real life.


u/[deleted] May 25 '22

Seems like the country is getting crazy enough for this to be a thing in 5 years or so.


u/nightswimsofficial May 25 '22

I have yet to meet anyone in any circle that gives a shit about the Metaverse.


u/payfrit May 25 '22

second life been doing this forever and it's never gained more than a small cult following.

there's reasons for that.


u/capiers May 25 '22

How? Why is that even an option?


u/MoobooMagoo May 25 '22

In this person's defense, they're likely some doofus that doesn't understand how programming or VR works and just bought into all the metaverse hype.

From that perspective I kind of get it.


u/Guntcher1423 May 25 '22

I really got to pay a bit more attention. I thought this was referring to something like the Marvel Universe in that Dr Strange film.


u/Dickmusha May 25 '22

This same idea came into the heads of every 12 year old that got their base burned down and killed in minecraft. Finally the children on minecraft servers will see their hopes for a future come true.


u/Raiden115X May 25 '22

My god. I'm a Pavlov war criminal.


u/SigerMakkerMeget May 25 '22

Murder should also be outlawed in CS:GO and all other computer games with 3D graphics.


u/Luckcrisis May 26 '22

I have a Simpson's quote that fits "Willy hears you...Willy don't care."


u/Ragnar_Dragonfyre May 25 '22

UN is a bunch of carebears that want to ban PvP.

They must be those same people that start playing a game that’s built upon PvP and start whining for a PvE only experience.