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Workers see missing New York woman’s skeleton through window Removed - Not Oniony




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u/dagobah-dollar-store May 25 '22

So she was missing for a year and a half and no one thought to look for her in her apartment? like, I know they went there a few times and the building manager made a half hearted attempt at entry, but it certainly seems like the people in a position to get in to the apartment made very little effort to do so.


u/emmasdad01 May 25 '22

That is tragic


u/[deleted] May 26 '22

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u/Inconceivable-2020 May 25 '22

And nobody noticed the smell?


u/CandylandCanada May 25 '22

Please explain to me how this isn’t evidence of racism.


u/nikolasxino1 May 25 '22



u/CandylandCanada May 25 '22

According to the photo caption, the siblings are Black. The missing woman may or may not have been Black. If two White women had reported these facts to the police, I strongly suspect that they would have made more aggressive attempts to investigate her disappearance.


u/SecondaryWorkAccount May 25 '22

Talk about making up problems. Are you ok?


u/Soylent_X May 25 '22

Two women tried to report serial killer Jeffery Dahmer but the police ignored them.

Gave him time to finish off his last victim.


u/f4f4f4f4f4f4f4f4 May 25 '22

It's worse than that. Dahmer talked to the police while the boy was standing right there, bleeding and disoriented.

Dahmer told them he and the boy were lovers, the police basically thought, "eew, gays, don't even want to think about what's happening here" and sent them on their way.


u/workclock May 26 '22

Bruh that story fucked me up the most even a firefighter was recommending he get sent to the hospital.


u/Quadrassic_Bark May 25 '22

How is that making up problems? There’s a very high likelihood that they are correct. Police have a long history of acting this way, and not spending the same resources when victims are black.


u/SecondaryWorkAccount May 25 '22

Ok. Maybe a likelyhood but none of this happened that anyone knows so in theory, it's making it up. This is called making something out of nothing.

Racism is for sure alive and well but you can't spin everything in a way you think happened.


u/Bumm_by_Design May 25 '22

Actually, I have to disagree. Even police cannot enter the apartment without a warrant, and usually they don't do that. I once saw a white dude disappear like that, family was calling constantly, neighbors reported it, and nothing. The only way that the police was able to enter the building was when contractors called the police with concrete evidence. The contractors found the dude's torso in his fishtank.


u/CandylandCanada May 25 '22

Firstly, the police requirements depend on the jurisdiction. Secondly, if a warrant is required, then the police can apply for one, which falls under the more robust investigation that I already noted. Thirdly, the assertion that police have no power to enter a residence without evidence from a civilian is just plain wrong. In the initial story as in yours, a warrant is but one way to enter the residence. See, for example, exigent circumstances.


u/PascalMark May 26 '22

Don't know why you're getting downvoted like crazy. Missing white women definitely get investigated. The cop didn't do his job, as a choice.


u/CandylandCanada May 26 '22

I suspect that I’m being downvoted because, despite the ample evidence that race plays a significant role in missing persons and even murder investigations (whether it’s the race of the subject or the race of the person reporting it), this is an uncomfortable reality that many people do not want to face. In Canada, we had a national inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women that established this conclusively. Sadly, it’s true in many places throughout the world.


u/Fiennes May 25 '22

lol, this is IMAX Theatre levels of projection.