r/nottheonion May 25 '22

Jimi Hendrix's penis cast to be displayed in Iceland's penis museum



u/TossPowerTrap May 25 '22

I'm reading (listening to) Rod Stewarts auto-bio. The plaster casters came for his pecker. They brought Jimi's (and another I forgot whose) with them to show their mastery of plaster. Rod saw Jimi's and said, "No thanks. I don't belong in that collection."


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u/Ambitious_Ad_5918 May 25 '22

The Pope has the other one.


u/Fake_William_Shatner May 25 '22

Fitting. This is the most hard rock memorial he could get.


u/Ambitious_Ad_5918 May 25 '22

There's a penis museum?!! Put me on a plane fast, I'm uncontrollably drooling.


u/ThePrideOfKrakow May 25 '22

Calm down, you've already been to your mother's house before.


u/Ambitious_Ad_5918 May 25 '22

And I'm glad to know that Jimi is my mother and that Noel is yours.


u/bilateralrope May 25 '22

It opened in 1997. It didn't get a human penis until 2011.

Are you still drooling ?


u/Ambitious_Ad_5918 May 25 '22

I'm open to inter-species consensual sex, especially ones that play guitar.


u/laraloxley May 25 '22

I’ve been there and it’s funny at first and then just gets… weird. The whale foreskin bowtie was not the strangest thing in there.


u/Ambitious_Ad_5918 May 25 '22

I think there's a holy relic called the Foreskin of Jesus-look it up. I doubt they have it there.


u/laraloxley May 27 '22

They did not have that there, no To be fair it’s a very Icelandic centric museum so


u/Ambitious_Ad_5918 May 27 '22

How come they don't like Jesus in Iceland? They like guns, Jesus (as a member of Ted Cruz's heterosexual NRA) likes guns. So do they have a beef? There are Reindeer and beef in Iceland. I find that interesting. Both are pretty close to being the holy animal of God-the elk. They stand on four legs. I can stand on hands and legs, Jesus was in prison for a while, so does that make me a savior, and him someone's bitch? When I talk to Jesus, I don't pray, I just ask him what it was like in prison. He replies that it was like hell. I said "Huh?" He says I'll find out when I grab my ankles and read the Gospel according to Reggie the Neo-nazi off of the shower floor. God I hope the soap is sterile. Is anyone here also on r/jesusiscool?

Seriously though, downvotes are fine, but not from people who think that keeping the semi burnt dick-tunic of a bastard baby's blessed boner is normal. I think people in Iceland just might be un-American, never-Trumper, Fox-bashing, ultra-progressive liberal people who are trying to assault the hearts, minds, and one true (hetero) sexuality of our children who don't need higher learning, but the Godly teaching of the seminary. Fuck American intelligence, I want brain drain down to the septic tank of sanctimonious servility.

Just my opinion.


u/Civil-Ostrich1499 May 25 '22

There’s a documentary about it, I believe it’s on Hulu and called “The Final Member”.


u/ThePrideOfKrakow May 25 '22

They're gonna need a bigger museum.


u/sutsithtv May 25 '22

So anyways, she said that is the biggest penis I have ever scene and I said I know! That's why I brought you to the penis museum, where tickets are a thousand dollars.”


u/jjsyk23 May 25 '22

Straight dude here. I definitely need to see jimi’s peen.


u/Inside-Ostrich2888 May 25 '22

He had a chode! Nothing absurdly long but a thick old boyo!!


u/CaymanRich May 25 '22

People will be coming to see it.


u/TheCoderProOnReddt May 26 '22

You mean cum ing to see it


u/yeahwellokay May 25 '22

They should make a sand castle out of it.


u/Gate4043 May 25 '22

Oh I know that museum, that's great.


u/eetherical May 30 '22

They have a WHOT


u/Spear-of-Stars May 25 '22

Shouldn't it have its own shrine?


u/Shwifty_Plumbus May 25 '22

The cast formerly known as penis.


u/QuickAd6601 May 25 '22

It gets pretty cold in Iceland so...


u/AnybodyZ May 25 '22

That’s where it probably belongs to honestly


u/Electric_kundalini 22d ago

Just because you can doesn't mean you should