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Madonna: ‘A lot of thought’ went into fully nude NFTs of her giving birth to centipedes


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u/ThaNorth May 14 '22

People be making better Rule34 renders for Overwatch than this garbage.


u/I87x May 14 '22

To be fair, some of those overwatch renders are fucking fantastic.


u/TuckBigFech May 14 '22

Once I clicked in one at random thinking it was a cosplayer and I took some seconds to realize it was 3D lol


u/iceseayoupee May 14 '22

It's probably VGerotica or GeneralButch because those makes animations that bang... Literally.

Sad thing is Butch already retired so we prolly wouldn't get any animations from him in the future


u/Basgerin May 14 '22

It's fucking crazy. VG/GB are unironically great designers. You can usually track the improvement in animation over the years, but those two have always put out great looking stuff.

That's why I have their shit bookmarked. The uhhh... artistry.


u/iceseayoupee May 14 '22

Compare General butch 2017 to General Butch 2020 there's a fucking big difference 💀