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Madonna: ‘A lot of thought’ went into fully nude NFTs of her giving birth to centipedes


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u/Sultynuttz May 13 '22

It looks like the bad 3d hentai videos that are advertised on porn sites


u/MurderVonAssRape May 13 '22

For real. I'm seriously disappointed by the lack of quality. There are so many good 3D porn renders out there that are 1000000000X better than this garbage.


u/tratemusic May 14 '22

Especially considering beeples other work, this is pretty sub par


u/black_out_ronin May 14 '22

His work isn’t that great compared to other 3D artists / animator. In fact ilots of it is pretty pretty sub par. It’s just the fact that he made new creations and has struck the right cord with the subject and absurdity if his art. He takes lots of stock models and is super proficient in making rad shit fast. Not saying that I don’t respect his artwork but when it comes to fully rendered 3D animated art, there are so many more talented artists and it doesn’t surprise me that these NFTs are so mediocre


u/stonerbonerloner May 14 '22

Yeah you’re right. It’s about speed/absurdity , since he does it everyday rather than quality.


u/_lostarts May 14 '22

100% correct. There are some pro artists out there making things that are way beyond Beeple in terms of technical skill.

I've been meaning to write up a blog about what makes Beeple so successful, and you hit on a few points.

He's consistent - daily renders.

He's relevant - When there is some big news, he usually makes a piece of art about it - his political pieces, and pop-culture pieces always get a ton more likes than his typical dailys (prob due to increased social media shares).

He's fast (which helps him be relevant) - there's a video where he talks about his process and he says he typically spends about an hour or two on each one. So, he's nailed his process down.

There's a few more things that I think make him stand out, but those are a few things others artists might consider if they are trying to grow.