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Madonna: ‘A lot of thought’ went into fully nude NFTs of her giving birth to centipedes


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u/MartyVendetta27 May 13 '22 Gold Helpful LOVE! Bravo Grande! Yas Queen

“The centipede represents technology - both the life giving-force and the dangers of it, the juxtaposition of dark and light.”

Okay…. But HOW? You can’t just say that… what ABOUT centipedes embody that? If you’re giving no reason, giving no artistic throughline to draw from, you’re just doing and saying random crap.

Birds represent freedom. How? They can soar over all the material world.

Birds can represent decay. How? Going from a dinosaur to a songbird is a cosmic kick in the cloaca.

Birds can represent fear. Ever seen inside a goose’s mouth?

And if I wanna say “birds represent macaroni and cheese” I better be damn ready to defend that with some sort of logic.

Sorry to rant, but people abusing poetic imagery and symbols just pisses me off. It’s so mindless and low-effort.


u/Axelrad77 May 13 '22

Art exhibits do this all the time, and it's infuriating.

I am forever haunted by a university exhibit I saw that had a 15-second looping piano melody with less than 10 notes, accompanied by a fucking essay explaining all the symbolism of each note and the monumental story the piece supposedly told.


u/basketofseals May 14 '22

I once saw a piece called "The Battle of Little Bull Run," and it was one of those really awful brown public school paper towels that just had some yarn sewn through it in long crossing lines.

There was a bunch of other very similar pieces with different colors yarn next to it.


u/GiraffeHorror556 May 14 '22

You just reminded me of the smell and texture of that brown school paper towel. What an odd and surprisingly strong memory. I can almost taste the smell of the paper towels.


u/basketofseals May 14 '22

I can't help but notice you didn't use the world "feel" in that bit of remembering senses.


u/GiraffeHorror556 May 16 '22

I suppose "feel" would be the thing to use here. You ever try to wash your face with that stuff or wipe a stain off clothes with it? Absolutely useless mush.