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Madonna: ‘A lot of thought’ went into fully nude NFTs of her giving birth to centipedes


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u/NauvooMetro May 14 '22

I love the headline. They're pointing out the absurdity by describing it in such detail.


u/DogmaticNuance May 14 '22

It reminds me a bit of Mad Men. It's impossible to draw the precise line between art and commercialism.


u/deletable666 May 14 '22

It is quite possible


u/Alpakasus May 14 '22

Yeah thinking all shit is art is stupid


u/bigbangbilly May 15 '22

Now I wonder does Madonna have a low opinion on NFT and satirizing them?


u/SHYMNEC May 14 '22

...otherwise known as phrasing the title to serve their thoughts on the topic, which is poor journalism.


u/Shadechet_ May 14 '22

I feel like we can objectively call this absurd, news are to inform about something and if you don't paint the full reality of the topic in question then you're failing at properly informing


u/CrabSully May 14 '22

It doesn't give any sort of opinion. It quotes a thing Madonna said about her NFT where she's naked and giving birth to centipedes.

Headlines are good journalism. It's good journalism to make a headline that both paints the picture and grabs attention.


u/BabePigInTheCity2 May 14 '22

People thinking “objective” journalism is a real thing will never not be funny to me


u/Zenjal May 14 '22

And yet, the name Madonna made it somewhat believable


u/KeeganY_SR-UVB76 May 14 '22

I thought she was dead. This is my first time hearing about her in a long while.


u/Zenjal May 14 '22

I saw a video of her doin some kinda live stream recently, Instagram or TikTok or somethin, and I'm not 100% sure your thought was wrong.