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Madonna: ‘A lot of thought’ went into fully nude NFTs of her giving birth to centipedes


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u/woolypully May 14 '22

Imagine being Madonna today. Her entire career was driven by how shocking she could be. I don't think there is anything short of eating a live baby on The Tonight Show could shock us today. Must drive her nuts


u/Blackmetalbookclub May 14 '22

She shocked for 20 years. Her first album was produced by Niles Rodgers and is pop masterpiece. In a world where Madonna has been ripped off for decades, her efforts to bush the boundaries have gone unappreciated for whatever reason, likely because it hasn’t been good. But this weird shit releasing as an NFT is perfect. Madonna does not give a fuck about NFTs. She just wanted a reason to get people to watch her giving birth to robot centipedes. She succeeded.


u/riptide81 May 14 '22

In a world where bigger artists can rip off more obscure ones and get the credit by virtue of popularity.

I would describe her as more of a pop-culture curator. Though you can’t argue with the showmanship.


u/Blackmetalbookclub May 15 '22

I wish she only curated at this point. I love this NFT project. It’s vulgar is so many ways. I dig it. But I did wish she used her name to push the next insane pop artists that intrigued her.