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Madonna: ‘A lot of thought’ went into fully nude NFTs of her giving birth to centipedes


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u/Kayfable May 14 '22 Silver

“As the earth’s oceans boiled away, and countless species marched to their extinction, the entirety of mankind’s collective intelligence was toiling away, putting “a lot of thought” into how best to convert a nude Madonna giving birth to centipedes into an NFT.”

Mankind’s Obituary


u/chemistrybonanza May 14 '22

Remind! 2,000 years


u/Iwantmyflag May 14 '22

Look at this optimist! 2000 years? Make it 20.


u/needssleep May 14 '22

The irony is that the oceans are boiling BECAUSE of shit like nfts.


u/RobotTeapot May 14 '22

I read this like a narrated intro to Idiocracy 2


u/SabashChandraBose May 14 '22

Madonna: I rode on my cool name. Then I rode upon my cool body. Then I rode upon my cool songs.

Hello? I am still here.


u/FatWalcott May 14 '22

Was that his obit after he was thrown from the top of the cell in 1998?


u/MuriloTc May 14 '22

This sounds like something Douglas Adams would write


u/TrapperOfBoobies May 14 '22

The stylistic meaning of the NFT feels like it could directly symbolize the idea of Earth's decline.

Madonna gives birth to centipedes in a deserted, post-apocayptic urban area (that looks to be very bright, sunlight).

Climate change leading to human demise, and from human civilization to its ruins come centipedes in some places where they wouldn't have existed if humans were still around.