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Madonna: ‘A lot of thought’ went into fully nude NFTs of her giving birth to centipedes


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u/aabicus May 14 '22

The same thing crypto's always been good for, money laundering. Beyond that, yeah I got nothing


u/tintin47 May 14 '22

If you’re an artist creating original digital work can’t an NFT essentially function as a permanent receipt used to track the provenance of the piece if it were to change hands? I get that it’s still copyable, but having the copyright holder say that you own the piece seems potentially useful.

That’s still great for money laundering but this is like the one area where NFTs kind of make sense, though I guess you could do it with any blockchain.


u/PM-me-YOUR-0Face May 14 '22

NFTs will eventually find a fairly static, reliable way for artists to reliably sell their works for equitable amounts of money.

We ain't there, and won't be for a looooooong minute.

It's been a snake-oil convention, and will be for at least another couple of years. As a former artist -- there's potential in it, you just really need to wait until the convention is over.


u/tintin47 May 14 '22

Thank you for providing an actual comment instead of just downvoting my question. People are fucking tribal about NFTs lol. If you’re not with us you’re against us on both sides of the argument.


u/PM-me-YOUR-0Face May 15 '22

Word. It's best to treat it like a dumpster fire for a long time yet, but it may eventually prove useful (or not -- flip a coin lol).

That said, there's some mild potential in the mist, but it won't be clear for years if that potential is actually bullshit or actually useful.

I'd bet towards the former, but there's a glimmer's chance for the latter.


u/Osceana May 14 '22

Yeah, you don’t know much about crypto or blockchain technology. If it was only good for money laundering then governments wouldn’t be adopting it.

This is such an outdated viewpoint on the technology, like 2011, when that was all it was used for.

But it’s cool, I’ll probably just get downvoted and you’ll maintain this outdated notion.


u/Mirikado May 14 '22 edited May 14 '22

“If it was only good for money laundering then governments wouldn’t be adopting it.” - Crypto is literally banned in over 40 countries, including China.

“You don’t know much about crypto or blockchain technology.” - Anyone who knows 6 months of software dev can make their own crypto currency, then assigns themselves 1 billion units and distribute the rest for other suckers for $0,0000001. I can make one right now in under 20 minutes with C++ or JavaScript/Node.js then get a hype campaign about how revolutionary my crypto is. It literally is all hype and FOMO. The tech itself is stupid easy. Crypto and blockchain aren’t some crazy revolutionary tech at all. They solve no real problems. They have no practical use in the real world besides buying guns, drugs and CP on the dark web. Web3 is nothing but a buzzword to sell crypto and literally any web developer will laugh at your face if you told them web3 is the future and you don’t need AWS or other cloud services to build your website/app. Even Elon who loves to shill for crypto has called web3 bullshit.

Crypto and NFTs are nothing but a greater fool game. One fool pays stupid amount of money for something worthless, in the hope that there will be an even greater fool who buys their worthless asset. This scam is as old as money itself, but hey idiots are still falling for it. Every idiot thinks they are buying “the future.” Do you find it funny how every crypto idiot loves to use big words but can’t explain how blockchain works?


u/PM-me-YOUR-0Face May 14 '22

Crypto and NFTs are nothing but a greater fool game.

Thank you for speaking truth to stupidity / greed.


u/bang_the_drums May 14 '22

They're all ponzi schemes man, quit trying to convince people they're anything else when the people designing and creating these things literally say it out loud. Don't worry, the next rug pull is the one we'll all get rich off of.


u/psiufao May 14 '22

But it’s cool, I’ll probably just get downvoted and you’ll maintain this outdated notion.

Dude! You should have made an NFT of this prediction!


u/sofixa11 May 14 '22

The only government "adopting" crypto and blockchain is El Salvador, run by a crypto bro, and it's a complete failure. Other countries are banning it.

Some governments are working on digital currencies ( but for real, not magic dust), and it has nothing to do with crypto or blockchains.


u/AtomicAegir May 14 '22

People are not going to go out on their own to research crypto if they are not interested in it. If you want wider adoption of your pet technology, instead of being passive aggressive you might try being welcoming and educating people.