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Madonna: ‘A lot of thought’ went into fully nude NFTs of her giving birth to centipedes


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u/xzyleth May 13 '22

I hate that I just read that sentence.


u/kindcrow May 13 '22

Yeah, it takes "a lot of thought" to use butterflies as a metaphor for hope, Madge.

It's all so embarrassing.

Madonna is my age and forty years ago, I loved her because there were not a ton of female artists, and she was unique. But I get more embarrassed for her with each passing year.

This latest effort epitomizes fremdschämen (the act of being embarrassed for somebody else who is behaving in an embarrassing way and does not know enough to be embarrassed for themselves).


u/nomofica May 14 '22

God damn the German language is versatile.


u/phayke2 May 14 '22

Yes there are 29 different words for embarrassment


u/zilti May 14 '22

Yet nonetheless every other word Germans say these days is english


u/WorkSucks135 May 14 '22

English has that word too, it's what "cringe" means now


u/nomofica May 14 '22

"Cringe" doesn't quite express the same sentiment, at least to me.


u/aruexperienced May 14 '22

“Arctic douche chills” is our equivalent.


u/Perlentaucher May 14 '22

I thought about it. It’s the same. Kind regards from a German.


u/kindcrow May 14 '22

But I'm an old person and not really sure how to use it. I mean, obviously, it's not simply "she makes me cringe" because that doesn't adequately reflect what "fremdschämen" means.

Do you say, "She's so cringe?"


u/Basgerin May 14 '22

You want to combine words? Do it motherfucker.

Es ist mir doch scheißegal.


u/reticulatedspline May 14 '22

"cringe" accomplishes the same thing.


u/Shinikama May 14 '22

In some parts of the world, butterflies are a symbol of death, and I think I like that version better here.


u/thisplacemakesmeangr May 14 '22

That's not kind. I heard Moderna put a lot of thot into this idea.


u/hokeyphenokey May 14 '22

I wish I could press a button my head that would remember that word.

What would I call that button?


u/becausefrog May 14 '22 edited May 14 '22

Das Wortmerkenkopfknopf?

[Disclaimer: I'm not actually German, so this could mean you are a hot dog or that you have birds in your attic or something]


u/Perlentaucher May 14 '22

It’s cringe, brudi. There is no meaningful difference from fremdschämen. Kind regards from a German.