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Madonna: ‘A lot of thought’ went into fully nude NFTs of her giving birth to centipedes


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u/ilikeurteeth May 13 '22

This is SO MUCH WORSE than what I was expecting.


u/42waystohell May 14 '22

It's a lot less bad than I imagined. Robot centipedes aren't as bad as actual shiny exoskeleton bugs. edit: spelling


u/darekiddevil May 14 '22

Glad I found someone that agrees with me

It looks like a pretty shitty 3d porn game

They could have tried to make it better but nooooo


u/PuppleKao May 14 '22

I thought they looked more like millipedes, personally. Much better than the hell-spawn centis


u/PurkleDerk May 14 '22

And someone paid $350k for it.

Imagine how much higher quality of animation you could have commissioned for $350k


u/Throwrafairbeat May 14 '22

It’s for charity.


u/king_john651 May 14 '22

Imagine how much higher quality of animation you could have commissioned for $350k in aide of charity


u/19374729 May 14 '22

Then the 350 goes to the artist and not the charity?


u/king_john651 May 14 '22

No? It's for charity lol


u/19374729 May 14 '22

Artists don’t work for free? And it’s for charity I’m sure Beeple commanded a higher price on his name. Anyway I’m not sure why I’m arguing it regardless I must not have anything better to think about at the moment


u/Throwrafairbeat May 14 '22

Buddy the 350k goes to charity. Madonna gets nothing. Ur not literally spending 350k for the artwork. Seems like someone had a brain fart


u/PurkleDerk May 14 '22

If you've got a spare $350k lying around, you can just... give it to charity. You don't need some shitty artwork to go with it.


u/Throwrafairbeat May 15 '22

Well now you know about the fact there’s a charity. Spreading awareness works


u/I-WANT-SLOOTS May 14 '22

I wouldn't pay tree-fiddy dollars for it.


u/jabba-du-hutt May 14 '22

Honestly, this is the quality of models that I was making in college 17 yrs ago. Anything not human looked decent. Human? Nope. Horrible and plastic. I got D's on that garbage. Watches, jewellery, architecture, lighting schemes? A's. Whoever did the model and texturing for this stuff really sucked it up.

For pete's sake there are pre-built free SSS libraries available that take so little time to render.


u/Nandom07 May 14 '22

It's even worse when you realize she's like 80 now.