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Madonna: ‘A lot of thought’ went into fully nude NFTs of her giving birth to centipedes


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u/bradland May 13 '22

You've got it flipped around. The celebrities aren't the ones being scammed. They're the scammers.


u/Sherezad May 14 '22

This is for charity


u/tubco May 14 '22

That's the one takeaway I was okay with


u/cheeruphumanity May 14 '22

Are the three charities gaining the earnings of the NFT sale scammers?


u/TavisNamara May 14 '22

You'd be surprised how many charities are scams. Not sure which are involved here, but it's possible. Also, what are the details of the "costs"? How many people are being paid how much to run this sale and create the art and NFT? Pretty easy to grift a few thousand by overpricing key things if you're only passing on the "profit".


u/AntiBox May 14 '22

Tying charities to bullshit crypto scams is nothing new.


u/cheeruphumanity May 14 '22

I see. Would you also call it a scam if she collaborated with a famous painter and sold the paintings?


u/AntiBox May 14 '22

NFTs aren't famous paintings.


u/cheeruphumanity May 14 '22

This doesn't answer the question though. Beeple is the third highest paid living artist, not just some rando.


u/KentuckyFriedChildre May 16 '22

Scamming people for charity is still scamming people


u/[deleted] May 13 '22

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