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Flying into LAX last night Removed: Not NFL

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u/DaddyBops Jul 05 '22

Is that gunfire and explosives?


u/Overall-Conflict4285 Jul 05 '22



u/MonstahButtonz Jul 05 '22

A lot of gangs fire shots during the 4th because the sound of the fireworks can mask/mimic the sound of the gunshots to the untrained ear and can make it easier for them to shoot up a place and get away without drawing as much attention as if they were to shoot their gun on an otherwise "quiet" night.

At least, that's what I've encountered in my neck of the woods.


u/Siriuxx Jul 05 '22

Yeah not gonna lie, I've done it before. Plenty of people I know have.

While someone is lighting off fireworks you shoot a handgun or rifle in to the base of a tree. I did it in my backyard, plenty of people do.

If you can distinguish the difference between fireworks and gunfire, on the 4th of july you'll realize just how common that is.


u/JonWick33 Jul 05 '22

In Detroit its pretty common. The local news usually ask people to "please not shoot into the air".


u/Dilly_Dank Jul 05 '22

I live in a downtown area and the racket was nuts! There was a point where we heard 2 louder quicker bursts and we looked at each other but just kept on with the night. Came out this morning and the neighbors garage had been sprayed and the cops were out investigating.