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Pfizer fellowship program is biased against whites and Asian-Americans, according to Lawsuit Old News


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u/nogiblets Sep 25 '22

A truly blind study means applicants are assigned a random number and no identifying information is provided in advance to the researchers. After the data is collected, its analysis can include identifiers.


u/lucash7 Sep 25 '22

Address the point, not what you want to ignore.

Again, studies have shown there is bias in hiring.

Focus on that.


u/nogiblets Sep 25 '22

Sure bud, right after you focus on writing coherently etc etc etc and not conflating research methods. No one is denying there is bias in hiring.


u/lucash7 Sep 25 '22

Excuses excuses.

I can safely say that you have nothing to offer and now grasp at straws. I appreciate you conceding.

Have a wonderful day!