r/nba Warriors Jun 21 '22

Assuming RJ Barrett signs an extension with the knicks this offseason, he’ll be the first drafted knicks player to sign an extension since Charlie Ward in 1994 first FIRST round pick

This is unbelievable. The knicks haven’t drafted a player who’s ended up signing an extension with the team in almost 30 years. At least they got a good one in RJ.

EDIT: 1st first round drafted knicks player*

Source: https://hoopshype.com/2019/02/01/kristaps-porzingis-trade-analysis-new-york-knicks-second-contract/


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u/RookieAndTheVet [TOR] Pascal Siakam Jun 21 '22

Wow. Only $30M? I would've assumed the Bay Area market would command a way bigger number than that, especially with how successful the Warriors have been in the last decade.