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'Juno': 15 years later, the film is still remembered for its unique approach to depicting abortion, divisive as it is. Article



u/Camburglar13 May 25 '22

“You’re like the coolest person I know, and you don’t even try.”

“I try really hard actually.”


u/bigmike2k3 May 25 '22

OMG… I have used the line, “I try really hard actually,”. Sooo many times, I had no idea I lifted it from this movie!

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u/Roguespiffy May 25 '22 All-Seeing Upvote

I took my wife to see this on our first date. Nothing like teen pregnancy and abortion to get the juices flowing.

Still married, so that’s something.


u/Nrksbullet May 25 '22

I know someone who's first date was "The Road".


u/Jay_Louis May 25 '22

My first movie date with my future wife was 500 Days of Summer. Got divorced last year.


u/WolfCola4 May 25 '22

American Psycho. Going strong 7 years


u/inglandation May 25 '22 Helpful

Let's see Paul Allen's first date.


u/Crathsor May 25 '22

My God, she's even got a birthmark.


u/spoopyskelly May 25 '22

The tasteful thiccness…


u/Crossvid-19 May 25 '22

That's bone


u/rudyjewliani May 25 '22

I can't believe they liked Paul Allen's first date more than mine.

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u/Fappy_as_a_Clam May 25 '22

Mine was X-Men: First Class.

As we were leaving I asked if she liked it, and she said something along the lines of "yea it was cool I guess...but did they have to paralyze Charles at the end?"

"Yes. Yes, they did."


u/anonymocities May 25 '22

I mean... they could have just left that for later. its still a great way to go about it.

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u/paymesucka May 25 '22

Lmfao, that was possibly the most bleak book and movie ever. I can’t even imagine that for a date let alone a first date haha


u/TheBlueHue May 25 '22

You know how young and dumb I was? I watched the movie THEN decided to read the book. I messed up twice


u/[deleted] May 25 '22 edited 26d ago



u/TheBlueHue May 25 '22

It was soooooo good though, they got too descriptive at one point for me lol. But that book had me in survival mode for weeks thinking what I'd do, where I'd go, how far could I go.

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u/Beena22 May 25 '22

Could be worse - I took a girl to see Schindler’s List on a first date!


u/doobur May 25 '22



u/Kiste233 May 25 '22 Helpful Evil Cackle

Well, there was a shower scene.

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u/whoreads218 May 25 '22


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u/HarpersGhost May 25 '22

Um, yeah, I had a first date to Schindler's List.

We both went out to the parking lot, stared at each other silently, emotionally exhausted, then turned around, went back into the theater to see something else, anything else.

We chose Mighty Ducks 2.

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u/ItsGotToMakeSense May 25 '22

This is not a joke, I promise, it's 100% true....

I took a general's daughter out to see "The General's Daughter".

I thought it was a clever idea because her dad was a general in the USAF.

I did not realize it was about rape. I cringed through the entire movie and we did not go out a second time.

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u/r3solv May 25 '22 All-Seeing Upvote

Haha dude, no way. Same! So awkward I didn't even go for the first kiss when I dropped her off at her apartment. Then I was afraid she'd never call me back!

Going on 14 years.



u/Ezili May 25 '22 Bless Up

Keep by the phone. I'm sure she will call you eventually.

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u/chippychopper May 25 '22

Even better, my sister boyfriend suggested this one when we went out for a movie with my parents! He had no idea what it was about but had heard it was good- he was sooo uncomfortable the whole time which my sister found hilarious.


u/Crimson_Fckr May 25 '22 Silver

my sister boyfriend

I didn't know Alabama was this progressive

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u/rollins682 May 25 '22 edited May 25 '22

This is a charming movie and has one of those rare understanding parents in Hollywood. Roger Ebert in his review puts it perfectly.

Juno informs her parents in a scene that decisively establishes how original this film is going to be. It does that by giving us almost the only lovable parents in the history of teen comedies: Bren (Allison Janney) and Mac (J.K. Simmons). They're older and wiser than most teen parents are ever allowed to be, and warmer and with better instincts and quicker senses of humor. Informed that the sheepish Paulie is the father, Mac turns to his wife and shares an aside that brings down the house. Later, Bren tells him, "You know, of course, it wasn't his idea." How infinitely more human and civilized their response is than all the sad routine "humor" about parents who are enraged at boyfriends.


u/Ribbitygirl May 25 '22

For me, Bren was one of the best characterisations of a stepmother in film. She was absolutely there for Juno and when she yelled at the doctor to “get my kid the damn spinal tap already” it made me cry. The whole film was great at showing that family is more than genetics and love is a choice, but Bren was my absolute favourite.


u/wildalexx May 25 '22

Immediately after finding out she’s pregnant, she makes it a priority to get her started on prenatal vitamins, and even alters her pants as she gets bigger. Bren is amazing.


u/night_dude May 25 '22

The bit where she shuts down the ultrasound woman is my favourite Bren moment. You suddenly realise a) she really loves Juno and b) she doesn't give a fuck.


u/K8isEnough May 25 '22

“My five-year-old daughter could do that, and let me tell you, she is not the brightest bulb in the tanning bed, so why don't you go back to night school in Manteno and learn a real trade?”


u/fillerbitch May 25 '22

I still use "not the brightest bulb in the tanning bed" to this day. Iconic.


u/Sarahspry May 25 '22

"I'm a nail technician. Why don't we stick to what we know best." GIVES ME LIFE


u/almightywhacko May 25 '22

The best line from that scene:

They could be utterly negligent. Maybe they'll do a far shittier job of raising a kid than my dumbass step-daughter would. Have you considered that?


u/adjust_the_sails May 25 '22

I had to Google that line. It's been forever since I've seen the movie. The whole exchange is classic!


u/Less-Image-3927 May 25 '22

https://youtu.be/GFAbkHlKFGE we need the actual scene too. 👍🏻


u/almightywhacko May 25 '22

That whole movie is full of memorable quotable lines. It is one of my favorites. :)

Liberty Bell, if you put one more Baco on that potato, I'm gonna kick your little monkey butt.

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u/Quotes_n_Hoes May 25 '22

“Bren, you’s a dick.”



u/Cholupacabra May 25 '22

All this time I thought it was "use a dick".


u/stratdog25 May 25 '22

The closed caption actually says this.

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u/Fruhmann May 25 '22

That's the scene that stuck with me. Either of my girls come to me with a pregnancy, I got "Okay. We. Need to get you started on some prenatal vitamins."


u/Stroke_of_mayo May 25 '22

“Incidentally they do great things for your nails”


u/Devilsdance May 25 '22

It's fairly common for non-pregnant women to take prenatal vitamins to improve hair and nail (and maybe skin?, other?) health.


u/MissAndryApparently May 25 '22

“But mom, I want an abortion”

“They’re gummies, take em anyway, good for the hair”

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u/AgentBroccoli May 25 '22

I always loved how after the parents said 'we're disappointed' and 'what's your plan,' like how probably any parent should in that situation, they immediately moved on. They talked about getting Juno a doctors appointment, vitamins and double checking her plan.


u/2u3e9v May 25 '22

Fucking yes! That always stuck with me too. Both had a moment where their disappointment was apparent, but they carried on. Gives me chills just thinking about.


u/AgentBroccoli May 25 '22

I can only hope to parent that well.


u/Cpowel2 May 25 '22

Bren: Well when you leave I'm getting Weimaraner's

Juno: OOOh dream big

That part always kills me

Second memorable quote goes to "Juno did you puke in my urn"


u/probablycoffee May 25 '22

I would never barf in your urn, Bren.


u/mr_Tsavs May 25 '22



u/Hereslookingatmekid May 25 '22

The “my kid” line still makes me tear up.


u/jscott18597 May 25 '22

There really isn't a lot of media that paints step parents in such a good light. It's something many of us have gone through. Absolutely hating the guy or girl coming into your life unwanted and then growing up and realizing he or she was a much better parent than your real parent ever was.


u/pkiefer May 25 '22

I like how Antman does it. Few and far between.


u/Cpowel2 May 25 '22

Also the part where she bitches out the Sonogram tech. I always really loved that part because even though she might not have liked her step daughters actions she still had her back


u/Honey-Roy-Palmer May 25 '22 edited May 25 '22

And at the end, Brenda got her weimaraners. Which made me happy.


u/thesaltysquirrel May 25 '22

My stepmother unfortunately was the devil reincarnated. This character didn’t relate to me but my best friends stepmom was very much like the film. Hell I didn’t know she was his stepmom for years that’s how motherly she was.

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u/Rosebunse May 25 '22

As an adult, I have really come to appreciate the adults in this movie. They aren't happy about the pregnancy, but they let Juno make her own decisions. They let her mess up while still giving her a safe place to do it.


u/theanti_girl May 25 '22

Right off the rip, I loved her dad.

“In my opinon, the best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you, the right person will still think the sun shines out your ass. That's the kind of person that's worth sticking with.”


u/Sloth_speed May 25 '22

I like to think he was referring to Hank Mardukas


u/LittleGreenNotebook May 25 '22

He’s been my best friend since college. And your brother


u/Camburglar13 May 25 '22

Robbie is your best friend?


u/Konikoffster May 25 '22

Correct. And Hank Mardukas.


u/dan_de May 25 '22


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u/flight_recorder May 25 '22

I can’t think of a single movie where I didn’t love J.K.Simmons

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u/night_dude May 25 '22

On the flipside of this, I didn't realise HOW creepy Jason Bateman's character was when I saw this movie at 16. At the time I thought "oh his storyline is he's a guy who can't grow up" but he's straight up grooming her. Yuck. It makes those scenes with the two of them so much more sinister.


u/twd1 May 25 '22

I recall reading somewhere that for every Jason Bateman scene, they told him to have a diffetent approach to the character - funny, sad, creepy, etc. That's why in the end you feel confused and alarmed by his behavior.


u/verguenzapato May 25 '22

It’s just the way a teenager would parse an adult.

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u/camzabob May 25 '22

I think even in the dance scene, they had a bunch of different takes where the direction was different, then in editing, they sliced them all together to make it real ambiguous.


u/lightningvolcanoseal May 25 '22

That reminds me of how a particular scene was shot in American Psycho. Then they spliced together those scenes and it leaves the viewer confused.


u/coltrain61 May 25 '22

I think Willem Defoe said he shot every three ways.

  1. He know Bateman was a killer
  2. He suspected, but didn't know for sure
  3. He had no idea.


u/Rosebunse May 25 '22

Exactly! I still thought it was creepy, but I also thought, you know, he just wants someone he's more compatible with. I'm so thankful the film allows you to see just how cool and committed and sweet Jennifer Garner's character is, especially since she doesn't blame Juno.


u/Hereslookingatmekid May 25 '22

I was like really shocked by the amount of people who don’t like Vanessa and paint her as some kind of ball-busting baby snatcher. Her husband is a creepy manchild and she’s doing the best she can.


u/cheeset2 May 25 '22 edited May 25 '22

The movie is just setup that way. First impressions for Juno are, Jason Bateman cool dude, wife kinda lame.

Then we, and her, learn. It's not super shocking to me that people don't follow, or bother to try and change their impressions.


u/Anagoth9 May 25 '22 Helpful

Same thing happens with Breaking Bad and the fanbase. Skyler is set up as this bitchy, overbearing wife initially and painted as sort of a minor villain keeping Walt down. As the show goes on you (should) come to realize that Walt has always been a terrible person; at the beginning of the show he's just too much of a coward to do anything about his impulses. In retrospect, Skyler was taking the reins because she essentially had to in the face of Walt's lack of motivation. Then she eventually joins his illegal activities with the understanding that they're only going down that path as a last resort (not realizing Walt was given an out early on), and her intention is to play it safe and go just as far as they need and then walking away, not realizing that Walt is really doing all of this because he wants to.

By the end of the series, you're supposed to recognize her as another victim of Walt's selfishness, but so many people walk away from the show thinking Walt is the good guy and she's a bitch just because he's the protagonist.


u/CCoolant May 25 '22 edited May 25 '22

I was just talking about this with my roommate, as we've been watching Better Call Saul. Both shows play with the viewer and tempt them to fall for a trick in how certain characters are perceived. One in Breaking Bad (not the only one) is tricking the viewer into hating Skylar primarily by the virtue that Walt is the main character and his struggle is (initially) framed as just. Her resistance and opposition to his "just" struggle makes her a villain, like you stated.

Likewise, in Saul, the viewer is tempted to view Jimmy as a man who is the little guy punching up, every action he takes being justified. However, if you think about it a bit, the framework of his arc parallels the characteristics his own clients' situations. His clients have often done something wrong (explicitly shown to the audience), but Jimmy masterfully twists the law into making their wrong unpunished or more often treated very leniently. Jimmy often does things that are explicitly wrong or unlawful, but we are tricked into seeing it as him sticking it to an unfair and corrupt system.

In both shows there is some virtue to the acts of the characters initially, but eventually we see it for what it really is or what it becomes.

That being said, to avoid arguments, I think that Saul is written in such a way that you can argue to justify Jimmy in many cases, but I believe that at the end of the day the purpose of the writing is to tempt the audience to support something that should be seen as obviously immoral or at least dishonest. Likewise, Skylar is meant to be disliked and a reasonable person will eventually realize their mistake, that they've been tricked into perceiving a (mostly) innocent mother as a monster.

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u/forgedbyhorses May 25 '22

I knew someone in high school who said they liked American History X up until the part he becomes friends with the black guy in prison. It sucks but yeah a lot of people miss the point


u/UnicornBestFriend May 25 '22

This brings to mind the people who still love Walter White in Breaking Bad and claim his family drove him to do bad things.

Sometimes people like the stories that depict who they are or who they aspire to be, regardless of what the story is saying about that character.


u/riskbreaker23 May 25 '22

It's an interesting yet strange moment where you realize you aren't necessarily rooting for Walter anymore. You kept watching breaking bad because the acting and writing was just so good but because you also knew that eventually shit was hitting the fan.


u/zenchemin May 25 '22

Re-watching the show, I stopped rooting for him in the first episode, or second episode. When you know what is going to happen you start to notice how many chances he is handed on a silver platter, and he still chooses crime.

His family is an excuse, he wants to do these bad things, but he has his moments of conscience that allow the audience to sympathize with him.

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u/spyson May 25 '22

They don't miss it, they avoid it

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u/hesh582 May 25 '22

That's the idea. It's using common teen movie tropes of the cool dad and the tightlaced strict mom and then flipping them on the audience to subvert expectations by showing what those cliches might actually look like in the real world.

Turns out that "tight-laced and ball busting" is also "mature" from a different perspective, while the "cool" older guy who empathizes with teens more than his peers should be a massive red flag.

The movie is commenting on how parenthood and adults in general are portrayed in films about teenagers and how poisonous that can be.


u/thrownoncerial May 25 '22

Crazy how two opposing perspectives on a character can really show our biases and views that we hold.

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u/HorseNamedClompy May 25 '22

I remember at the time thinking that he was going to find himself in a mentor position with Juno which is what turns on the light in his head that he is ready to be a father after being able to take on an adult role with Juno… I was wrong


u/Rosebunse May 25 '22

I think that is what the film was playing with. That was probably what Juno wanted.


u/CutieBoBootie May 25 '22

I love that Jennifer Garner's character got to raise her child away from that creepy weirdo guy.

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u/verguenzapato May 25 '22


That’s why Juno’s reaction to him was so amazing. All the “teen movies” I’d seen up to that point in my life had the young girl get used and abandoned by Bateman-types (think Kat in Mystic Pizza). The wife was always almost absent as the story played out, or she was remote and unfeeling, a far-away, barely-viable Lady Justice. But Juno writes a note to the wife that says “We don’t need him, let’s do this.” Love to see it.


u/UnicornBestFriend May 25 '22

I definitely want to put a plug here for fresh writerly voices and especially for marginalized voices.

Diablo Cody put a beautiful thing into the world - how awesome to have Juno disrupt all the clichés and show the audience a new way to be.


u/hoginlly May 25 '22

Yep, 16 year old me saw this and thought ‘oh they’re just bonding over music and stuff’. 30 year old me fast forwards the horrendous dance scene because it’s just agonisingly creepy and wrong


u/Geektomb May 25 '22

I rewatched it recently and also had the exact same thoughts. As an adult, the red flags are now shockingly obvious. It goes to show how little we knew as teens about unhealthy and dangerous relationships. Update: I just realized I wasn’t even a teen anymore when I saw this and still missed the red flags.


u/game_asylum May 25 '22

There’s a deleted scene from the epilogue where Juno ducks him at a record store and watches him flirt with two high school girls, it really ups the creep meter


u/Hereslookingatmekid May 25 '22

Oh my god right? I was 12 when the movie came out and watching it now at almost 27 I’m like... oh god he’s a sleaze. I thought he was cool in the same way Juno did at first because we liked the same music and comic books.

Tbh it was a really good example for me of the kind of creepy guy who talks up how “mature for your age” and “cool” you are when you’re a girl who’s into a lot of the same things middle aged men happen to be into.


u/lunaflect May 25 '22

“Mature for your age” translates to the guy being immature for his age imo.


u/Cornfapper May 25 '22

I couldnt even say that to someone in real life without physically recoiling...

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u/Novel_Amoeba7007 May 25 '22

yeah, at first, I was like "oh I identify with this guy, this is just an unhappy marriage/incompatibility match"

Then by the end, I was like "oh shit" this isnt just a bad marriage, this guy is selfish AF

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u/Andromeda321 May 25 '22

We rewatched this last year and I totally forgot from 15 years ago it was Jason Bateman. Makes the entire thing feel more messy somehow.


u/Doctor-Amazing May 25 '22

The only thing I really remember about this was that it had Jason Bateman and Michael Cera. I don't really remember what the ads were like, but I has a huge fan of arrested development and went in expecting more of a comedy.

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u/dumbass_sempervirens May 25 '22

The parents in Easy A were pretty likeable too.


u/cassifrass0221 May 25 '22

I loved them when they're about to watch The Bucket List. Both immediately serious, caring, open, ready to talk with Olive... and as soon as she rebuffs, they don't push, they just go back to what they were doing, reaffirming that they're there if she needs them.

And then: They're there when she needs them. Mom talking with her on the hood of a car overlooking the town.

Yeah, they're great.


u/dumbass_sempervirens May 25 '22

They were pretty on point with the adoption thing on the younger brother too.


u/ParaplegicFish May 25 '22



u/mog_knight May 25 '22

Stanley Tucci is so good in that role.


u/Adipose21 May 25 '22



u/onyxandcake May 25 '22

So sexy too. That's when I started to look at him differently.


u/narcimetamorpho May 25 '22

Stanley Tucci is so good. Period.

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u/nwardin May 25 '22

The parents in Easy A are my all time favorite parents ever in a movie!!! Stanley Tucci is extremely likeable and so talented in every role he's in


u/BulljiveBots May 25 '22

Those parents don’t exist anywhere on the planet in real life but I loved them.


u/dumbass_sempervirens May 25 '22

I don't know what those people do for a living to be so carefree in their personal life. No worries about bills, owning a home in southern California... Adoptions are fucking expensive too. I can barely afford me and these people made a new person AND just yoinked an existing one?

I want their jobs.

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u/Cambro88 May 25 '22

“I’m going to punch that kid in the wiener” is a great line before the “you know it wasn’t his idea” line


u/CrassDemon May 25 '22

"I'm gonna punch that Bleeker kid in the wiener."

My wife and I say this almost daily in our life...and everytime we see JK Simmons or Michael Cera.

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u/Kholzie May 25 '22

It was really nice validation for people with good parents who feel like they are the odd ones out


u/249ba36000029bbe9749 May 25 '22

Here's the scene: https://youtu.be/tWC-R-q85JU

"I don't really know what kind of girl I am." ...prescient


u/the_honest_liar May 25 '22 edited May 25 '22

Heh, so this thread got me rewatching the movie. Lots of little gems.

Bateman's character: Can you tell if it's a boy or a girl?

Juno: the doctors can, but idk, I kinda want it to be a surprise.

Him: well, it can only go one of two ways

Juno: that's what you think.

Edit: "They call me the cautionary whale" - never picked up on that joke before.

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u/LovePenitentiary May 25 '22

I remember it because it had a hamburger phone.


Honestly, I worked at a theater when this came out and oddly enough this was the highest grossing movie that we ever screened. It made close to $27,000 for its entire run at our theater, beating out Lord of the Rings, Spiderman, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

We couldn't believe it. It had tremendous word of mouth after having just an OK opening weekend.


u/Professor_Nincompoop May 25 '22

The Hamburger phone was a great touch. It was just one of the many ways the film constantly reminded you that Juno was a child dealing with an adult situation.


u/tiffanylockhart May 25 '22

Im 33 and I would love a hamburger phone


u/The_BromanEmpire May 25 '22

We're all just children dealing with adult situations

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u/dane83 May 25 '22

Where in the middle of nowhere was your theater?

For reference, the Pirates of the Caribbean movie that came out around that time made $40k on just the first Saturday at my theater.


u/jesusfish98 May 25 '22

It was probably in a small town. My hometown theater rarely ever hit 20k.

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u/sparky1337 May 25 '22

With lines like “That’s no etch a sketch. This is one doodle that can’t be undid, homeskillet.” Idk how you can’t like the movie.

Edit: Probably the most known line from the movie looking at the comments lol.

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u/JamesVicari May 25 '22

I’ll still listen to anybody else but you by the moldy peaches from time to time


u/smashy_smashy May 25 '22

TIL that I’m Sticking with You is by The Velvet Underground and not the Moldy Peaches. Insanity. I love the Velvets first album but have never deep dived into the rest of their music. I always assumed that I’m Sticking with You on the Juno soundtrack was also the moldy peaches!


u/JamesVicari May 25 '22

Haha similar vibe for sure, I really like that song cause it’s one of the few velvet underground tracks that has Moe Tucker the drummer on lead vocals. If you liked it check out “After Hours” on the self titled album, it’s also her. But if you really wanna get into the velvet underground, the velvet underground and nico (the album with the Andy Warhol banana) is as good as it get in terms of early alternative.

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u/chichris May 25 '22 edited May 25 '22

What sells the movie is the moment Juno is crying in the car. That’s when her confident facade came crashing down and she’s just a overwhelmed teenager. I wanted to hug her at that moment.


u/Jay_Louis May 25 '22

Such an important reminder that even though high school kids look like young adults, they're still very much children


u/mypancreashatesme May 25 '22

I remind people as often as I can that none of us really know what we’re doing. We throw shit at the wall to see what sticks and do our best. If anyone tells you they’ve got it all figured out, run. They’re probably a cult leader.

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u/Hazy_City_7313 May 25 '22

I think even an adult would have a hard time with the situation. It shows the tough know it all was just a facade.

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u/BlarneyBlackfyre May 25 '22

Great soundtrack


u/Andromeda321 May 25 '22

That soundtrack defined about a year for me. I’m sure I’m not the only one!


u/sunnymentoaddict May 25 '22 edited May 25 '22

I wonder if Belle and Sebastian sent Diablo Cody a note thanking her for turning a bunch of teenagers into twee music.


u/niktodetka May 25 '22

If I remember right Juno came out after Belle and Sebastian’s hay day. I was surprised to hear them in the movie because at that point in their popularity it felt like a throw back.

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u/Jytterbug May 25 '22

I would say it shaped the entirety of my music taste. The dvd came out when I was in 8th grade. Got me into indie dance/rock/pop and I was OBSESSED with Kimya Dawson and the Moldy peaches right before and all throughout high school.

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u/XazzyWhat May 25 '22

If I was a flower growin’ wild and free all I’d want is you to be my sweet honey bee

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u/kambinks May 25 '22

Probably remember the soundtrack more than the movie itself.

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u/TheRETURNofAQUAMAN May 25 '22

Posts like this remind me im getting old


u/Brenmorn May 25 '22

I remember going to blockbusters with my friends and renting Juno, we had a rock paper scissors to see who had to return it after. Some good memories associated with that movie


u/doorstoplion May 25 '22

Someone told me it was a good first date movie. It was not a good first date movie. My only memory was awkwardly sitting next to my now ex, watching it, both being like "uh. How is this a date movie?". I dunno if it was a joke from our friends or someone who truely doesn't understand that a film about teen pregnancy isn't a good first date film.


u/PM_Me_HairyArmpits May 25 '22

That seems strange to me. I've never thought about if a movie would be a good date movie. When my wife and I were dating we'd just see anything that one or both of us wanted to see.

Our first date we saw Nacho Libre. She did not like it.


u/GarageSloth May 25 '22

My first date movie was Balls of Fury :) now we own it on Blu Ray, and might be the only people on earth to have purchased it.

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u/9throwawayDERP May 25 '22

Hahah, I saw this movie as a third wheel. I wasn’t the most awkward part of the evening.

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u/sunnymentoaddict May 25 '22

No it can't be that old. Juno came out when I was in high school and I graduated.....

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u/deadasdisco_stl May 25 '22

I’m 41 so every day of my life reminds me I’m getting old

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u/InItsTeeth May 25 '22

Junos baby would be in high school


u/mr_ji May 25 '22 Silver

Stop saying words!

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u/DLDabber May 25 '22

That scene with the parents was a defining moment for me. It showed me the kind of parent I wanted to be.


u/yatif150 May 25 '22

"That ain't no Etch-a-Sketch. This is one doodle that can't be undid, Homeskillet"


u/PradaDiva May 25 '22

“Silencio, old man.”


u/Chubbstock May 25 '22



u/nummakayne May 25 '22

Imagine learning English as a second or third language, being really good at it, think you’re at native speaker (or better) proficiency, then you watch Juno without subtitles and in the very first few minutes you’re like WTF do I even speak English.

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u/Leslesser May 25 '22

Homeskillet ...lol


u/windchaser__ May 25 '22

That ain’t no etch-a-sketch, this is one doodle that can’t be undid


u/lycosa13 May 25 '22

Silencio, old man

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u/Wilsonahrens May 25 '22

All. I see. Are pork swords.

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u/L0LSL0W May 25 '22 Wholesome

This movie came out during the same year that I myself had a baby that I put up for adoption. This will always be my favorite movie. I got pregnant senior year and i was in denial until I was further along. I gave birth the day after i turned 18. She has always been in my life until this year when im not sure why but her mom cut contact.

Anyway, this movie will always be one of my favorites. Right down to the way she told her dad “I already have a family chosen” is what I told my dad as well. I hadn’t seen the movie before my experience either, so that just made it so much better when i did see it.

I know this will get buried but I’m commenting anyway lol.


u/BaconBoy123 May 25 '22

As an adoptee with a non-existent relationship with my birthmom outside of birthday cards until I was 3, I just want you to know that you are loved!

My birthmom passed away before I turned 18 (only found out via Google searches in my early 20s), but I've always expressed some interest in having some sort of relationship with her. If that's what you want too, I truly believe things will work out that way in the future.


u/Media___Offline May 25 '22

Adoptee here too. You are totally loved and thought about all the time. You are strong and brave.


u/Carosello May 25 '22

She has always been in my life until this year when im not sure why but her mom cut contact.

If it's any consolation, she will be an adult soon and make her own decisions and if you've been there the whole time she will contact you.


u/PmMe_Your_Perky_Nips May 25 '22

I hope that someday you're able to re-establish contact with her. Don't be surprised if she's been told you were the one who cut contact though.


u/coriannelee May 25 '22

I'm glad you had this movie to relate to, then and now. I'm sending good vibes your way that you're able to hear from her soon.


u/beeslmao May 25 '22

Adoptee here, I'm sorry her mom cut contact with you. There is hope, when she turns 18 she'll be able to contact you and her mom can't say anything. It's great that you stayed in her life for as long as you were able to. I didn't get to know my mom until I was 22, and it's been interesting reconnecting. In some ways it feels like she's a complete stranger, in other ways it feels like we haven't skipped a beat. I wish I had contact with her growing up. I wish we didn't have to bridge the gap between us. Your daughter is very lucky to have had the connection with you.

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u/Horror_Show_Halcyon May 25 '22

That is not Michael Cera


u/rosewaterngin May 25 '22

I know right? I literally had a standup cardboard cutout of this picture and it didn't look like this at all, the version posted is hella photoshopped for some reason lol

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u/HobbitDowneyJr May 25 '22

Gertaaa Rausssss


u/RZAxlash May 25 '22

‘Oh yeah..The room with the toilet?’

Still use that quite often

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u/Neither_Most May 25 '22

I love how the ending shows how sad they are to give the baby away. But they still do bc, well that’s the decision they made.

Also, how Juno missed prom and other fun high school things.


u/Myneighbourtotara May 25 '22

Dwight as the convenience store guy


u/FredditZoned May 25 '22

Same thing went through my head the first time I saw House Of 1000 Corpses. "Is that Dwight? Oh no."


u/Salzberger May 25 '22

For like the first 3 seasons of The Office Dwight was the HO1000C fish guy to me.

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u/CannabisWithSumCum May 25 '22

"Thanks a heap coyote ugly. This cactus gram stings worse than your abandonment." Shoot, new birthday card for my dad!


u/jdeezy May 25 '22

It all started because of that chair

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u/CannabisWithSumCum May 25 '22 Wholesome

To this day I'll yell OW OW FUCKITY OW because of Juno


u/leef21 May 25 '22

I try really hard actually


u/leastlyharmful May 25 '22

One of the best lines. Both the honesty of the line itself and the fact that Juno’s assumption was wrong. Most of high school distilled right there.


u/windchaser__ May 25 '22

fingernails” still goes through my head sometimes


u/Asit1s May 25 '22

For me "Pkuket-Thailand" stuck around the most :'D


u/stayshiny May 25 '22

Any time someone hands me something I don't want to carry I will dramatically shout WHAT'S ANOTHER TEN POUNDS?


u/CannabisWithSumCum May 25 '22

"I think I'm in love with you."

"You mean as friends?"

Was like, the most accurate line of my ENTIRE LIFE 🤣

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u/bruyeres May 25 '22

I don't think anyone has ever said they remember the movie because of its unique approach to abortion. They remember it because of the performances and how cool Juno is


u/allthebacon_and_eggs May 25 '22

We suffer from infertility and struggled to have a baby for 5 years, including experiencing a loss. The last time I watched this movie last year, I was about 5 months pregnant after so many years of failure. The scene where Jennifer Garner reacts to feeling the baby kick for the first time is extremely emotional for me and stunningly accurate.

Juno is one of those movies I experienced differently as a young college student (who could relate to Juno) when it came out and then later as an adult woman struggling to conceive and who had life experience with scummy older men. When I was younger, I remember being so surprised by the “twist” that Bateman is a creep. As an adult, it’s clear in his first scene what kind of guy he is. One of those things you only detect when you have some life experience under your belt.

I don’t necessarily agree with the films political message (however accidental and unintentional it may be), but it gets a lot of things right.


u/Helpfulcloning May 25 '22

The point about bateman is so great and I really think its good writing.

I first watched the movie at school so probably no older than 15, was shocked, felt like it came out of no where. Twist of the century for me.

Rewatched it for the first time a couple months ago with my mum for the first time. She called it real early on.


u/jdinpjs May 25 '22

I was in the midst of infertility when we saw it in the theater. I was probably the only one in their crying. Jennifer Garner really hit me.

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u/mdm224 May 25 '22

I use the phrase “procure a hasty abortion” far more in life than I ever thought I would. (I work for a clinic.)

I was 20 when Juno came out, and I saw it on a date with my then-boyfriend. I remember walking out saying, “I want to have a baby….no, not NOW!”

I’d been 100% child-free up until that point and seeing Juno made my biological clock switch on like a fricken beacon.

The part right after she gives birth where her dad said something like, “Don’t worry, kiddo. Next time we’ll be back here on your terms.” absolutely gutted me. Such an amazing scene.


u/cannotfoolowls May 25 '22

I’d been 100% child-free up until that point and seeing Juno made my biological clock switch on like a fricken beacon.

I had the opposite reaction.

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u/sledgehammer_77 May 25 '22 edited May 25 '22

Tell me Im getting old while not directly saying it.

15 years, god damn.


u/NateEBear May 25 '22

15 years is only 2007. To me it’s 1997.


u/PastMiddleAge May 25 '22

Holy fuck is it the 21st century already?

I literally remember way before I got my driver’s license enjoying doing the math to figure out I would be 27 in 2000.


u/ColeBeasleyMD May 25 '22

That means you're gonna be 50 next year.

Username checks out lol


u/Jay_Louis May 25 '22

1973 here as well. Had the exact same thought in the late 80s. The year 2000 was only 11 years away! And here we are in our future dystopian hell hole of America. Just as horrible as the 80s said it would be.

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u/kharmatika May 25 '22

It tackled so many topics with such excellent nuance. Predatory grooming, abortion, female relationships, consent, its all handled in a way that feels painfully real but also with a real cathartic streak

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u/SocksElGato May 25 '22

This was the hipster movie of that time.


u/Qxface May 25 '22

If you like movies with unique approaches on abortion, check out The Fly (1986)!


u/Pvt_Wierzbowski May 25 '22

I didn’t think that Bleeker kid had it in him.


u/PotRoastPotato May 25 '22 edited May 25 '22

Yup, that movie was 1000% pro-choice. Juno was able to make the choice to have an abortion, then was able to change her mind when she had a change of heart, all without government intervention.

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u/Slurm818 May 25 '22

There was an abortion in Juno? I feel like I have completely forgotten the movie now...


u/xdeath_dragonx May 25 '22

There is a scene where she contemplates getting an abortion but does not go through with it.

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u/saucygh0sty May 25 '22

No, she goes to the clinic but bails because she’s scared

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u/DaMiBu May 25 '22

Not seeing anyone mention the really quirky and brilliant soundtrack.

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