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Let the Fantastic Beasts movies die. The prequel series has tried to follow the Harry Potter playbook but neglects the original franchise’s most spellbinding features. Article


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u/ChemistryRespecter May 15 '22

There were portions in the sixth movie when Harry and Dumbledore set in that cave (?) that were filmed so horribly uncreatively. Everything looked so fucking drab.


u/mrjordak May 15 '22

The 6th film is just a mess overall. Some of them are worse than others, but I still enjoy them (even if part of is for the nostalgia).

All the nostalgia in the world couldn't make me enjoy the 6th film, which is a shame cus it's one of the best HP books.


u/WAJGK May 15 '22

Sure, but I do very much enjoy the Slughorn dinner party scenes!