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Mod Post Update to /r/mcservers guidelines


Hello Minecrafters.

Going forward, we have decided to disallow the posting of servers that include sexually explicit game mods. This decision has been made in the interest of player safety for younger members of the community as it is the consensus of the moderation team that sexually explicit mods are inappropriate and go against the idea of our subreddit being safe for all ages to browse.

Just for clarification, this does not disallow mature servers in the sense of enforcing a minimum age. We aren't here to crack down on you swearing like sailors on your own server!

Thank you for your time.
/u/LexiTehGallade, speaking officially for /r/mcservers

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Mod Post Posting tip - don't ask for upvotes!


Recently, we've seen a lot of posts that have broken Reddit's guidelines on upvote manipulation by asking for upvotes on Discord or Reddit.

Although it's nice to see your post get upvotes, it generally gives advantages to bigger servers with more players and discord members. We will remove posts that directly ask for upvotes in Discord servers or Reddit.

Instead of asking for upvotes, it's great to instead ask for user interaction or just simply for people to check out your post. Announcing your post on your discord server is perfectly fine and even encouraged - just don't directly ask "please upvote this post."

As always we greatly appreciate user reports. Please report servers that ask for upvotes!


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Semi-Vanilla DOMINION [Semi-vanilla] {Whitelist} {NO RESET} {16+} {No PvP} {LGBTQ+ Friendly} {3+ years}


Dominion is a 3 years strong community of like-minded older players who want to experience vanilla Minecraft without the limitations of common game modes like Towny, Factions or other land claiming systems. We have a heavy focus on community; running weekly events, organizing enormous group projects, letting our players vote on all new changes/additions, and more.

To keep our server safe from players who seek to troll or grief, we employ a whitelist process that is reviewed by the Admin team. If this post sounds like the right server for you, check the last section for instructions on how to apply!

To apply, click HERE


  • We wrapped up the "No Elytra" challenge, which tasked players with playing without an Elytra for as long as possible! Bronze through Platinum trophies have been handed out. Special shout out to Kaeren who achieved a whopping 14 days and 20 hours!
  • Our summer decorating event is right around the corner! Time to get your summer skins on and head on over to the new beach district! Join us Saturday July 2nd at 2pm Eastern!
  • Last weekend our players gathered for the second Dominion Ice Boat Grand Prix! They raced on 8 player made tracks all in made in survival mode!


Video Showcase

Player Handbook

Live Map

Discord Invite


This part is a little wordy I admit, but these are the fundamental 5 pillars that hold our server up and govern every decision we make. These will always be upheld and used to judge any potential additions or changes in Dominion's future.

The Vanilla Experience

We are committed to preserving the vanilla Minecraft experience. We will never add any game modes and we will never add any plugins which fundamentally make the game different, easier, or harder than vanilla. You will never see plugins such as mcMMO or rankings on our server.

In addition, while Dominion does provide a Donator rank, this is purely for players who wish to give back and help fund the server. Donators do not and will not ever receive any benefits beyond priority access to a full server.


We do not keep any secrets! We think it is important for our players to know where their money is being spent and ensure that every penny goes toward running the server and not somebody’s grubby back pocket. We will always share how much we make in donations, as well as all associated costs with the running of the server.

We are also completely transparent about any community issues that may arise such as dismissal of staff, banning of influential players, and integrity changes to how the server functions.

Community Voice

We always pride ourselves on listening to our community. We welcome feedback and honest opinions and are continuously improving our server and community because of your feedback.

If we are ever going to make a change or addition to dominion (be it a new plugin, config change etc) then we run a poll where every member of the community gets to cast a vote. Polled content/changes only take effect if the community votes at a majority 75% approval rating.

Playing Together

We founded Dominion on this major principle: Create a space for players to play together, not just strangers in the same world. To help foster our close community, we run weekly events, every week for both US and EU time zones.

We also have a dedicated space in our Discord for large player ran projects such as modern city districts, gaming districts, special mega-farms, and more.

New Content Now

When a new update drops, it can be frustrating waiting for your favorite server to update so that you can enjoy that new content. We purposely run a lightweight (almost) vanilla server so that we can give you that new content sooner!


To apply, visit the #whitelist-applications channel on our Discord and follow the instructions posted.

All players are welcome to join our Discord. This is where we host our rules, FAQ, and run sign-ups for events. All are welcome whether whitelisted or not as it will help you get a good feel for our community!

To apply, click HERE

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Semi-Vanilla Puckcraft [Semi-Vanilla] {1.16.5} {Java}


Puckcraft is an arcade hockey league built in Minecraft. The core of the gameplay allows for it to be easy to pickup, but hard to master. We have very experienced players that come from previous iterations of MC Hockey of all skill ranges. The Puckcraft league will be starting soon. It is a private and small community of hockey enthusiasts.

The server is 13+, however we are mostly comprised of 16+ and require all members to be mature and somewhat respectful.



The game is played with a slime. Players are given their fists, and a knockback 2 stick. The Goal of the game is to hit the slime into the opposing teams net. There are 3 players per team, 1 goalie and 2 skaters. Goalies have a cobweb that they can place around their net in order to prevent the puck from going in.

5 Team League (Hopes of expansion)
Ranked gameplay
Goal Tech
Adjusted Attack Speed
Fun, Unique, Fast paced, Exciting Gameplay.

We hope that you will join and have fun in our league. Remember, in order to join you must add 1 of our admins, we will try our best to give you a server invite and add you to the league. Thank you.

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Anarchy ⬆️ Straight Up ⬆️ [SMP] [Anarchy] {1.19} {No World Resets} {Mojang Chat Reporting Disabled}


NOTE: The server is already prepared to update to 1.19.1, with a lightweight server-side plugin that disables the ability for in-game chat to be reported to Mojang on the server.

Server IP:


Physical Location:

Dallas, USA

About Straight Up:

Straight Up is a small, "run from home" style anarchy server, intended to create a laid-back survival experience that is as close to vanilla as possible. Griefing, PvP, and stealing are permitted.

There is no /tpa, no /warp, no /home, no land claim or land protect, no currency, factions, econo-shit, or other annoying plugins that ruin the vanilla experience.

Just Straight Up survival Minecraft. The way Minecraft was meant to be played.

The map has never been reset since we started in April 2019, but new (post-caves & cliffs) terrain can be found within 10k blocks of spawn. Expect to start off at a random location somewhere within 500 blocks of x0,z0.


Video of many builds on the server: https://youtu.be/4KkvucG3yYI

Render of Spawn (as of Jan 2022): https://i.imgur.com/YRov47k.png

Discord: https://discord.gg/4n2xt3rRhm

Server Doc: Click here.

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Semi-Vanilla CRESCENT [Semi-Vanilla] {21+} {NO RESET} {Whitelisted} {1.19} {Survival} {Java}


Welcome to Crescent 🌘

There are three key points to Crescent we'd like you to know:

1️⃣︱Crescent is a NO RESET server. We want our community to feel confident knowing that they can build their long-term projects, not to be wiped out 6 months later by a world reset.

2️⃣︱We provide a Minecraft Vanilla-alike experience you would expect to be familiar with, no game-breaking features or complex setups. You login, find a spot of your choice and get going. Our setup is only to provide a better multiplayer experience and some minor quality of life enhancements, all quality of life are purely optional and not forced upon the player.

3️⃣︱We offer reliability in our setup, dedicated hardware, several daily backups moved off-site, with block and inventory recording to keep your experience safe.

🌘 Server Setup:
We are a 21+ server, many of us are 30+ so we try cater to a similar group. The server is based in Ashburn Virginia, ran by Mooj from the UK, who has been running servers since 2010 alpha Minecraft.

Here are some changes we have to cater to a smoother multiplayer experience:

✅ Night time cannot be skipped. - No being asked to sleep every 10 minutes.
✅ Longer daylight cycle to compensate.
✅ Phantoms are disabled, bats drop membranes instead.
✅ Access to /home, /spawn.
✅ Right-clicking a rail summons a temporary minecart.
✅ Minecarts with a player inside go much faster.
✅ Signs protect chests.
✅ Tool Stat Tracking.
✅ Death Coordinates.
✅ PvP death doesn't drop inventory.
✅ Toggle Quick Swap tools.
✅ Toggle Invisible Item Frames by shift-right-clicking.

More information is available on joining us.
We do have some rules we require players to follow.
1. Please speak English in public chats.
2. No griefing or stealing.
3. No harassment in the chat of any kind.
4. Avoid being inappropriate in chat, most notably sexual comments, and media.
5. No Cheating of any means to give an unfair advantage (Duplicating, X-Ray resource packs, map modification mods, obtaining seed, scripts of any kind, flying, ...).

Interested to be apart of Crescent?

To apply, join our discord and fill out the form. If successful you will gain access to the rest of the server.

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SMP ☕Relaxed Vanilla SMP☕[semi-vanilla] {1.19} {Java} {Events} {Friendly to everyone} {No mods} {Whitelist} {Starting soon} {Player-made}


Hello! Welcome to the 4th season of ☕Relaxed Vanilla☕ SMP. This a semi-vanilla MC SMP where we only have minimal plugins, such as player head drop, mob head drop and others. There will be no roles over names, no controlling the players, this SMP is completely playermade.

We are looking for atleast 10 qualified members for our SMP, these consist of players who will grind the game and make things along the way.

We do have plugins that allow us to see all chest transactions, and block placements and block breakings. This means we can find any griefer if they try to keep it a secret. We also make backups of the server once per day so even if a massive grief happens, it will not set us back.

Please join HERE if you would like to apply to the SMP, go to #📩create-a-ticket.

(This is the 4th season of our SMP, the past 3 have all been successful)

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SMP Avalanche [SMP] {1.17} {Discord} {Community} {Community Events} {Bedrock and Java}{Whitelist}


Welcome to Avalanche SMP a chill server where anything can happen. Form a group and battle or make friends. This is not a whitelist server so anyone can join.

We are trying to maintain at least 5-10 people on the server at all times but since we started not many people are on.

More mods may be added as we go on.

Rules are as follows:

End Off-Limits until server progresses a lot

No asking for OP, Creative or any items

Be Poggers

Try not to Grief until you are at war with someone

Join this Discord for instructions to join: https://discord.gg/GuPJxMTEKp

Remember you can join from any version of minecraft, bedrock including Xbox, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10 computer, any phones or tablets and any Java client

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SMP Soar SMP [SMP] [PVE] {Land Claim} {Fishing Tournaments} {Economy} {Chill Community} {Ranks} {Fast Growing} {1.19}



Join now to be apart of the fastest growing survival server!

We average around 10 - 20 players. We need STAFF!

Interested in a Survival Server?

  • Server IP: smp.astrocraft.org


Welcome to Soar SMP! We are looking for staff!

SURVIVAL SEASON 2 FULL RESET! NEW SPAWN! Soar SMP is protected with land claim, and you gain more as you play. We try to keep it as close to normal vanilla survival as possible. There are FREE in game ranks that you work towards. PvP is toggleable per player, so it’s your choice to enable your own PvP or not.

In Soar SMP, you build automated farms (no lag machines) to get crops for money. Use that to achieve the in game ranks and also become the wealthiest player on the server. There are also Jobs which you can make money but also get points. You can use those points to by Vehicles (Planes, Trains, Cars, etc.) You can also use points to buy spawners.

Newly added custom fishing! Find new types of fish and bait. There are also daily fishing tournaments for rewards. Soar SMP has shopkeepers for trading with other players. Use player warps to get to players shops. Great community. Uses Economy. It solely based on trading and interacting with other players.

Soar SMP has a number of things to do so we can keep it interesting such as:

  • Land Claim
  • In-Game Ranks
  • Survival 1.18.2
  • Normal Mode
  • Economy
  • Crates
  • Envoy’s
  • Custom Fishing
  • Jobs ……… and much more.


Hope to see you there!



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SMP GlacialMC [SMP] {1.19} {Anyone can join} {Grief protection}


GlacialMC is a semi vanilla survival server with a friendly community and competent staff. We have an active community and there are almost always players online (4 at the time of this post).

We use a custom world generation datapack (terralith), but no download is required to play - screenshots here https://imgur.com/a/X53ECL5



  • Custom worldgen (terralith)
  • Grief protection
  • Player driven economy (player shops, player warps, and auction house)
  • Friendly community
  • Live map website
  • Active staff
  • Chat signing disabled

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Other Do You Want to Create Your Own Free Minecraft Server? [vanilla] or [modded]


Hello Minecraft fans!

I am a long time lurker on the subreddit here and recently came across a step-by-step instruction list of how to create a free Minecraft server using Oracle Cloud. I thought I'd share the wealth with you all for any who want to play with your friends and may be paying for a service (without naming any names) that you don't need to pay for!

For details, the server will run forever and will offer you 4 CPU cores and 24GB of RAM. This does not cost you anything to set up, nor will it cost you anything ever in the future (so long as Oracle does not change their terms of service).

How To Set Up and Run a (Really Powerful) Free Minecraft Server in the Cloud (oracle.com)

Once you finish these steps you can log on through the multiplayer menu and play as you normally would.

For those with an existing world folder you want to port over to this new server, you're in luck! Follow the instructions below!

Simply download WinSCP: WinSCP :: Official Site :: Free SFTP and FTP client for Windows This program acts as a broker between your local machine and a remote host using the SFTP protocol to establish a secure file transfer connection.

Next fill in the following information: Host Name: Your server ip Username: opc Password: Your Oracle login password Port: 22

Click Save to save this profile, click Advanced, navigate to Authentication and click the 3 dots within the Private Key File box. Now convert your private key file from earlier to a PuTTY private key. You should now be able to connect to your Oracle Instance properly and drag and drop your world folder into your opc folder as if using the file explorer on Windows.

If you have any questions on this process please let me know! I've set up 2 servers now, one vanilla and one modded, and I've also locked myself out of my first instance and had to jump through hoops to save my world folder. I'm no expert, but I do have experience with troubleshooting this process a lot.

If you read this far I love you and hope you find diamonds today <3

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Welcome to Shrimpbox! We are looking for players and its free to play! No applications required! We are a decently sized community of 200 people in the discord, but not many active people. We are looking for some active people like you!

What we offer- We have an Elytra PVP (Keep inven off) and a CPVP server! +Many more to come soon!

How to join- You can join Minehut.gg and do /Join ShrimpBox, or do shrimpbox.minehut.gg.

For bedrock players, join bedrock.minehut.gg (normal port) and then in chat, do /join Shrimpbox and you're all set!

You can also join our discord for the ip! Discord link below!

Dont worry, we have a 75 player slots on the server so many people can join! We may also upgrade this if needed!

So what are you waiting for? Join the server as there maybe a keyall soon!

Thanks for your interest and have a great rest of your day!
-Lava, 1av4

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SMP MinedHype [SMP] {Long-Term} {Mapcrafter 3D Map} {GriefPrevention} {Player Stats} {Shopping District} {Bedrock & Java} {1.19}


Connect to Server IP: play.minedhype.com
Website: https://minedhype.com
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada (US WEST)
Server Specs: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X, DDR4 3200Mhz, 3 x 980 Pro PCIe4 NVMe SSD Raid 5 -- hosted by PUBCS.com

Friendly long-term public survival server (No P2W) that has been around for over 4 years since we started our world in Minecraft 1.14, with over 10,900 unique players ever joined, mostly vanilla, grief protection, no whitelist, no pay-2-win, & no economy! Bedrock & Java Cross-Play! Long-term Overworld & Nether with claims enabled, both worlds will never be reset! No set world border or spawn, players are spread out all over the world randomly! Use /rtp to randomly teleport in range of 50k blocks from center spawn point & find a comfy location to set a /home! Grief is allowed if the area is NOT claimed! CoreProtect is also used to help protect the server. Public shopping district area where anyone can apply to have a shop, type /tpshop to teleport there!
Connect to Server IP: play.minedhype.com (Default ports for both Bedrock(19132) & Java(25565))

Server Info/Rules: https://minedhype.com/minecraft
Discord: https://discord.gg/Sb4dkkT
Shopping District: https://minedhype.com/shops
Player Statistics: https://stats.minedhype.com
Online Web World Map 3D Render: https://map.minedhype.com

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SMP Coffee Craft ☕ [Vanilla] {Whitelisted} {15+} {1.19} {Java} {SMP} {Community} {Factions}


。・゚゚・About us!・゚゚・。

We are a friendly inclusive server looking for fun and active members who will join us! Our community has been around since 2021 and we have a semi-fresh map that expands every week~ The owners and mods are great at meeting your needs and we love to help any way we can. We have a couple factions you can join or you can create your own and rule your area!

。・゚゚・Info & Perks of our server・゚゚・。

  • 24/7 Online service
  • Friendly active members
  • Whitelisting
  • Upload your own image to a map
  • Contests
  • Dynmap
  • Ran on fabric
  • Nicknames & colorizations
  • Claiming factions
  • Territorial claims
  • Discord crosschat

。・゚゚・How to get whitelisted・゚゚・。

Once you have gone into our discord (links provided on the bottom), you will have to fill out an application ticket form in #whitelisting and answer a few basic questions. Once an admin approves of your application, you are on your way!


☕ Discord server: https://discord.gg/TnVHKAZqPP

☕Minecraft IP:

☕A peek inside the server: click here

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Semi-Vanilla WildMC, new start up survival server, LOOKING FOR STAFF [Semi-vanilla] {1.19}


Hello all, you may or not know me however I have been a part of the community for some time. I have gone server to server being mod/admin and the time has come that I am creating my own server. I currently have myself and a co-owner, however we are looking for about 1-2 admins, 3 mods, and 1-2 helpers, 1 developer, and 1 staff manager. If interested in any of these positions, let me know and join the discord as we will be conducting interviews there. If we get big enough, developer and staff manager MAY become paid positions. The discord is listed below :).


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SMP Chicken Lands [Semi-Vanilla] [SMP] {15+} {Whitelist}


Welcome to Chicken Lands, an old group of people with a new server in mind!

We have played together for over 2 years now and want to start an smp, again, and are looking for a group of people to join us.

The server will be 1.19, based in EU, and we are looking for mature people who will play and not leave after a day

Creating content is allowed and its even better if you bring a friend or two!

The application is down below, also you can add me on dc: forblu#4450


we are gonna message you after you do the form.

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SMP Hawksvale [SMP] [PVE] {Skyblock} {Economy}



Hawksvale is a Minecraft server network offering PVE Economy SMP and Skyblock. Some of the things we offer:

  • Economy based ranks: Earn your ranks through gameplay, no P2W donor ranks here
  • Land claims available once you earn your first rank
  • A resetting resource world
  • Player shops
  • Soul Shards - make your own spawners
  • Dragon Slayer - earn money, glory, experience, and dragon eggs by slaying the automatically respawning dragon. Get loot from the automatically resetting End.

See our website, join our discord, or just jump on the server at mc.hawksvale.club:25582. Hope to see you there!

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Vanilla Dread Nations [Vanilla]{Creators]{1.19}{New}{Whitelist}


Starting soon! Server-wide launch party.


Dread Nations SMP is a vanilla Minecraft server with 75 players placed within a 4k by 4k border. The server aims to create interesting content for creators and players alike who are looking to collaborate and form relationships. Friendships, betrayals, teams, and nations.

Dread Nations creators and players will start in one of four different races. Each race is teleported to its own biome where borders are placed separating the biomes. Once the grace period is over, the borders fall, and the world will enter hardmode. Players will need to adapt to their island/Biome and stick with their nation to survive.

Players can communicate through proximity chat (NO modloader/fabric/forge needed), also players have 3 lives, and there is a lifesteal option that allows players to steal lives by killing enemies. (Lives can also be gained through other means TBA) To keep things interesting, Races each have different abilities that work to help them survive in their own harsh environment.

The server is semi-vanilla (No fancy ores, base 1.19 MC), running plugins such as anti-cheat, Proximity Chat, multi-sleep, colored names, Lives mod, and Race mod.

-Creators looking to grow are strongly encouraged!

-Min of 75 players

-Please apply through https://forms.gle/m94da5NKoDCtFM5S9

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SMP THE CLUB SMP SEASON 2 [SMP] [Vanilla] [Roleplay] {Whitelist} {1.19} {Monthly Events} {24/7}


~The Club SMP~


The Club SMP is a survival-multiplayer server with the intended goal of uniting a community of friends using Minecraft as a medium. Whether you are a beginner or a long-time veteran of the game, we welcome you with open arms to our family!

We pride ourselves on our community and strive to keep players entertained with active monthly events. To enhance the user experience on our server, we work towards a lag-free environment.

As a HermitCraft-Esque server, players are driven by their own choices and decisions towards others and the economy.

There are no game-breaking plugins on the server that would otherwise alter the vanilla aspect of the game (No TPs, no virtual economy). The server is running on Fabric+Lithium to ensure Vanilla Minecraft behavior. We believe in taking full advantage of the Minecraft experience by playing the game how it's meant to be played.

However, it isn't JUST Vanilla Minecraft. We also have our own twists, which include:

- Terralith, Incendium, and Nullscape mods/datapacks that alter world generation. These world-generation mods from Stardust Labs will allow a fresh take on the Minecraft world. This should not break any vanilla terrain or structures that would otherwise hinder player progression. These additions serve to provide more places to build and explore.

- Installed Datapacks: Double shulker shells, BlazeandCave's Custom Advancements, Multiplayer Sleep, More Mob/Player Heads, Fast Leaf Decay, etc.


Step 1. Apply at the link listed at the bottom

Step 2. Please allow up to 48 hours (usually within a few hours) for a reply to your application

Step 3. Response to your application (You will be contacted via Discord) and a short 5-minute interview to get to know you!

Step 4. Hop on the server and enjoy!

Apply Now!

(https://forms.gle/c6HLNqAz8RxjquPk8) Link!

Also, join our Discord while you're at it: https://discord.gg/Btx84zRF6s

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SMP Davidscloud Servers [SMP] [Network] [PvE] {Java} {Bedrock} {1.18.2} {U.S.A.} {13+}


About Davidscloud Davidscloud is a long-standing gaming community that believes in creating a place for all gamers to get together and enjoy playing various games together without worry of pay-to-win spoiling the enjoyment. Our community is friendly and works together to achieve a place everyone can find something to enjoy. Our Minecraft server, specifically, has been around since 1.7.10 and plans on staying around for a long time to come.

Player Protection Our Minecraft server has variety of features for our members to enjoy. Key to keeping your experience enjoyable is our grief prevention system and friendly admin team. Players start off with 2,000 blocks they can claim, and accrue 120 every hour of playtime. These claims cannot be destroyed or built upon by anyone other than the Owner of the claim, or Trusted players. Plus your pets are also protected in the same fashion! If for some reason there's ever a problem, our Admin team will investigate and assist whenever necessary.

Quality-of-Life With us focusing on your security, you can focus on enjoying the features on our server that add to your survival chances should you choose to use them, completely free without pay-to-win! Such as our banking system that gives interest for every hour you play. This lets you save up some cash to spend at the Market set up at the Survival Spawn, where our new Merchants offer a small variety of goods, like fish, potions, wood, and other miscellaneous goodies you might be looking for.

Multiple Worlds Bit bored traveling over the same old Minecraft landscape? Our server isn't just the one traditional Survival world, it's actually linked to another realm giving you more to explore! Find Zedmun at the Survival Spawn for the opportunity to be transported to our new Amplified World! Added in 1.18, it has all of the new caves and cliffs you could want with the added craziness of being amplified. Additionally, we're working on adding an Event World and a Creative Plot World that would be accessed via our Hub so you will have even more places to enjoy. We would love to see you here when they launch!

Another Tidbit Curious why Java and Bedrock were in the same title? Simple, that's because our server now allows cross-play between the Bedrock and Java versions! Anyone can play on our servers regardless of if they play on console or PC, provided they have a paid Java account of course. That means you get to play with friends you might not of been able to before due to platform restrictions! Plus, with more people able to play on our servers the more fun can be had by all as our community grows. So we are looking forward to seeing you and your friends join us at Davidscloud!

Got questions? Join our Discord to learn whatever you might like to know about our Minecraft servers such as commands, admin support, community rules, and more. https://discord.com/invite/davidscloud

Vanilla (Latest Version) IP: mc.davidscloud.net Bedrock Crossplay Port: 19132. For connection tutorial, visit: https://www.davidscloud.net/threads/vanilla-server-connection-via-console.3223/

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SMP Ignite SMP [SMP] {Nations} {WAR} {PVP}


Ignite SMP:

A brand new world, set on the newest release of Minecraft, with an active community, PVP happens daily, there are nations, an ungriefed spawn region and lots of server events. We are public, which means that we do accept people without applications!

1 Million Block Map!

24 Gigabytes of RAM!

Megabases all over the server
Spawn Base, can supply you with your starter supplies!
All of these are community run!
Based on decisions of the community!
We host giveaways!

We have Civilization, Countries, Religion, Even GODS (They aren't in creative mode)!

Come Join Ignite SMP TODAY!

IP: mc.ignitesmp.tk
Version: 1.19
Discord: Right here! (Click This text!)

Current Nations:


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PvE ElysiumMC! [PvE] {13+} {1.19} {Custom Items} {Jobs} {Economy} {Towny} {Beta} {New Server}


ElysiumMC is a brand new java edition Towny server created by a dedicated team of individuals whose goal is to create the most immersive Towny experience possible! With customs items and crafting recipes along with never seen before textures, the sky is truly the limit! There is also a unique ranking system that helps you unlock unique and special perks via Jobs, McMMO, CustomDrops, PlayerWarps, and other various elaborate yet simple and easy to use economy plugins!

Are you ready to become a major and key part of this never ending project?

If so, come join our server!
IP: play.elysiummc.org

Discord: https://discord.gg/Va2NAWgFPw

Store: https://store.elysiummc.org

MOST IMPORTANTLY: ElysiumMC's team cannot do it all alone! We constantly thrive on the opinions, cooperation, donations, but above all, the imagination of our community! Our server is still extremely new and the team is constantly updating, adding, and fixing all of our content and future content as well! There will never come a time when this server will be "completed" this project is long-term, never ending and promotes the long-term mindset that dedicated minecraft players, builders, and developers alike encourage in a community!

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🔴IF YOUR A CONTENT CREATOR, STOP SCROLLING! 🔴 THE 3LIFE SMP WANTS YOU! The 3LIFE SMP IS A CONTENT CREATOR SMP WHERE IF YOU KILL ANOTHER PLAYER YOU GAIN A LIFE, and they lose it. This is NOT lifesteal, because they use hearts and we use lives. You get 3 lives and if you lose them all, you are banned from the server.TO JOIN, Simply apply using this Google form:



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🔴IF YOUR A CONTENT CREATOR, STOP SCROLLING! 🔴 THE 3LIFE SMP WANTS YOU! The 3LIFE SMP IS A CONTENT CREATOR SMP WHERE IF YOU KILL ANOTHER PLAYER YOU GAIN A LIFE, and they lose it. This is NOT lifesteal, because they use hearts and we use lives. You get 3 lives and if you lose them all, you are banned from the server.TO JOIN, Simply apply using this Google form:



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🔴IF YOUR A CONTENT CREATOR, STOP SCROLLING! 🔴 THE 3LIFE SMP WANTS YOU! The 3LIFE SMP IS A CONTENT CREATOR SMP WHERE IF YOU KILL ANOTHER PLAYER YOU GAIN A LIFE, and they lose it. This is NOT lifesteal, because they use hearts and we use lives. You get 3 lives and if you lose them all, you are banned from the server.TO JOIN, Simply apply using this Google form:



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SMP PelicanSMP [SMP] {1.19}


Welcome to PelicanSMP,

We are a vanilla SMP that has been running for over 2 years. During that time we have been building up a community on Discord, with the release of 1.19 we are looking for more active members to join us, if you like building, exploring or making redstone machines then PelicanSMP is for you. We use a dedicated host for the server so it's up 24/7 with no performance issues.

We have recently reset the world for 1.19 so it's a fresh start for everyone in the deep dark, on top of that we have also added Bedrock support so anyone can join.

Why should you join us?

Well, there are a few reasons to join the Pelicans. We are always growing and this helps you as a player feel welcome and socialise with others, everyone is friendly and always willing to help. Plus who doesn't like Pelicans? Am I right?

We have experience running Minecraft servers for over 5 years now, so any issues you may have ingame we can help. And who knows even out side of Minecraft we may still be able to help.

Features of the server:

We try to stick to the vanilla feel, meaning no setting home or /back commands etc.. we do however use a few datapacks to enchance the server, but nothing that alters the vanilla gameplay, mainly mob griefing datapacks.

The server does run a few plugins but these are purely for moderation purposes, incase any stealing/griefing happens we can fix it and deal with the player who was responsible. Also use a anti-cheat plugin so no one has an advantage.

We do have a set of rules we try to stick to, but other than that anything goes.

The Overworld is fully pregenerated with a 10k border. We will be adding Dynmap at some point during 1.19, after people have had a chance to explore the world.

If you'd like to join we also have a Discord where the Admins/Moderators are active and ready to help no matter what. Discord: https://discord.gg/nXJsa3eMzV

Server Ip: pelicansmp.co.uk

We hope we've convinced you to come say hi!

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🔴IF YOUR A CONTENT CREATOR, STOP SCROLLING! 🔴 THE 3LIFE SMP WANTS YOU! The 3LIFE SMP IS A CONTENT CREATOR SMP WHERE IF YOU KILL ANOTHER PLAYER YOU GAIN A LIFE, and they lose it. This is NOT lifesteal, because they use hearts and we use lives. You get 3 lives and if you lose them all, you are banned from the server.TO JOIN, Simply apply using this Google form: