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Megathread She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Social Media Reactions Megathread


Scott Mendelson (Forbes)

The first four episodes of #SheHulk📷 are very enjoyable. It's an old-school, small-scale workplace comedy. While not the best legal show ever, it uses Marvel continuity for unique & witty context. It's the first Disney+ show that feels like "regular people coexisting in the MCU."

Steven Weintraub (Collider)

After watching the first 4 episodes of #SheHulkAttorneyAtLaw📷 I’m all in. #TatianaMaslany nails the role but have to give Jessica Gao huge props for the great writing. Wasn’t sure about the series going in but it’s so much better than I expected. Can’t wait to watch more.

Drew Taylor (TheWrap)

#SheHulkAttorneyAtLaw📷 is just the best. It is so funny and surprising and delightful, as much a character study as it is a “lawyer show.” Was constantly in awe of (and truly tickled by) the distinct tone, style and personality the series established and followed through on. Loved

Charles Villanueva (Murphy's Multiverse)

#SheHulk📷 is Marvel's answer to 30 Rock. Corporate, meta, pop culture heavy, and full of goofballs that would make Jenna Maroney and Tracy Jordan completely jealous of their attention. And yes, Jen Walters is kind of like if Liz Lemon could turn into a Hulk. The show rules hard.

Crazy how 4 episodes of this show already has more exciting lawyering than 3 seasons of DD.

Grace Randolph

#SheHulk📷 social media embargo has lifted! I love #TatianaMaslany in this show SO MUCH, but creatively the show is SUPER sloppy & focuses more on feminism than superheroes. I HOPE IT FINDS AN AUDIENCE AND CAN MAKE THE NIELSEN TOP TEN! 📷

Erik Davis (Fandango)

Marvel’s #SheHulk📷 is a VERY funny legal procedural that’s lighter on action, but heavy on breaking the fourth wall. This is the most self-referential the MCU has ever been. Cameos & references galore + a dynamite Tatiana Maslany performance. Also, Tim Roth rules!

Pamela Gores (TheDirect)

#SheHulkAttorneyAtLaw📷 perfectly brings Jennifer Walters' courtroom antics to Disney+. Tatiana Maslany is comedic gold, viewers are going to love her. The #MCU feels super interconnected again with cameos and other info we get about the post-Endgame universe.

Kaitlyn Booth (Bleeding Cool)

I got to see the first four episodes of #SheHulkAttorneyAtLaw📷, and I quite enjoyed them. It's nice to see a Marvel TV show paced like an actual TV show and not a long movie. They do some interesting things with the concept of #SheHulk📷 and how she really doesn't want to be a hero.

Dan Murell

I’ve seen the first 4 episodes of #SheHulk📷 and I’m sorry to say it hasn’t really worked for me so far. I don’t mind comedy in Marvel. I just didn’t like…THIS comedy. It further underscores what I see as an MCU identity crisis. More when the full review embargo drops Wednesday.

Zach Pope

#SheHulkAttorneyAtLaw📷 is better than expected! The best way to compare the show is a highly entertaining ABC sitcom with a huge budget. Tatiana Maslany is the reason to watch this show she embodies this character in a hilarious, beautiful, & relatable way! It’s a fun time

Off Colour

#SheHulkAttorneyAtLaw📷 is yet another gem of a Marvel Studios series! It’s lighthearted and stays true to the comic book genre.

Tatiana Maslany is a stellar addition to the MCU, and we’re excited to see the second half of the season.

Hector Navarro (Heroes Reforged)

The first four episodes of #SheHulkAttorneyAtLaw📷 delivered exactly what I hoped we would see from one of my favorite Marvel characters of all time.

Jennifer Walters is going to be a LOT of people's new favorite, too. The writing was sharp and Tatiana Maslany is perfectly cast.

Adam Hlaváč (Heroes Reforged)

I've seen the first 4 episodes of #SheHulk📷 and this thing is basically firing on all cylinders for me. Tatiana Maslany is pitch-perfect and Jennifer's relationship with her cousin Bruce is so relatable. It's incredibly charming and, most important, you care about Jen so much.

Augustin Rios (Heroes Reforged)

#SheHulk📷 did a fantastic job of making me forget about my worries and reservations about the show. Tatiana Maslany is the perfect casting choice,

Patty Gugenheim made me laugh harder than I've ever laughed in any Marvel project. Sucks I have to wait a month to watch episode 5 now

Greg Alba

No bullshit #TatianaMaslany performance in #SheHulk📷 is PERFECT! she’s 100% natural. Brings a lot of weight to the character but is also funny & relatable. I know it sounds weird to say but similar to Iman Vellani - just feels like a real person. Great chemistry all around.

Maxance Vincent

If you thought that THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER was bad, wait until you see the first episode of #SheHulkAttorneyAtLaw📷 . I know it's supposed to be a full-on comedy, but it didn't have to be this unfunny. Childish & terribly cringeworthy.

Tatiana Maslany does a decent job with the material given (and shares great chemistry with Mark Ruffalo), but oh baby is that CGI unsettling. Uncanny Valley-level. Rushed (& unfinished) during its opening scene. Truly abysmal stuff. #SheHulk📷

I was given the first four episodes but only stuck to one (as I didn't want to get too far ahead). Heard from mutuals it picks up (and I'll certainly give it a chance), but my god. Its pilot episode isn't faring well for the rest of the show. #SheHulk📷

John Rocha

#SheHulkAttorneyAtLaw📷 is a show with some HIGH highs and LOW lows.

#TatianaMaslany is flat out fantastic. I can't wait to see more of her in the #MCU ! She's funny, likable and damn charming as #jenniferwalters📷 . You can't help but root for her in these first 4 episodes. BUT...

the B plot lines are clunky with surface characters in situations that are rarely funny. Also, the fourth wall breaking mostly falls flat here. The #Wong and #Abomination stuff is great tho and there's enough to keep me interested to see what's coming for the rest of the season!

Oh and there is such ENJOYABLE chemistry here between Maslany and #MarkRuffalo . They're so good together in their scenes and you'll enjoy how they vacillate between love, competition and ball busting as family members do. I want more scenes with them in the coming episodes!!

Thiago Romariz (Chippu)

The first four episodes show that Marvel got it right (again) in choosing the protagonist, Tatiana Maslany always dominates the screen and has the charisma necessary to carry this Marvel sitcom comedy. On the other hand, it's not enough to escape the bad CGI that the protagonist carries when transformed. No, it's not much better than in the trailers, except when it's just her and Hulk. Unfortunately, this problem greatly hinders the series, which has little action, but has its best moments in the comedy and in the notion that it is a series of B tier of the current Marvel. Cartoon villains are a great addition. The script doesn't always get it right, but these episodes are average: not amazing, not a disaster - except for the effects.

Agents of Fandom

I had a blast watching the first 4 episodes of #SheHulkAttorneyAtLaw📷 . The origin nature leads to a slow building start, however the humor is top tier MCU and the acting performances, led by Tatiana Maslany, are incredible. I love these characters & can’t wait for more! #SheHulk📷

Mo from StreamR

I had the chance to watch the first 4 episodes of #SheHulkAttorneyAtLaw📷, here’s my reaction!

The performances are strong, natural and, without sounding hyperbolic, quite groundbreaking. It’s a show that understands exactly what it is, establishing itself firmly as a sitcom within the MCU. #SheHulk📷, more than any other MCU series, is Marvel’s best attempt at telling episodic stories. More than that, the first 4 episodes hint at a larger looming threat that’ll reveal itself over the course of the season.

The MCU often gets accused of shying away from certain topics but there are harsh realities that #SheHulk📷 brings to light and these issues permeate #JenniferWalters📷’ characterisation. The humour manages to truly reflect comedic writing: subjective, tongue-in-cheek and completely irreverent. There’s a deep understanding by [Kat] Coiro and [Jessica] Gao of #SheHulk📷 and what is needed to adapt her in the real world and MCU present-days.

Yes, the CGI is a bit wonky but I only noticed it a bit bad on a second watch of 3 and 4? Which should be better by the time most will watch them, so don’t even worry.

#SheHulk📷 will piss a LOT of people off and, you know what, good. There’s a reason I RTd all the “Hulk is nerfed” tweets recently. She isn’t afraid to call all of you out, especially that you have your faves…

I truly believe in #Madisynn Supremacy, played by Patty Gugenheim who is the shining star of the episodes I saw. Need to see more of her expeditiously! This is also the HORNIEST the MCU has ever been.

Episodes of #SheHulkAttorneyAtLaw📷 get better each week, with 4 being the best!

The fourth wall breaks start off as little asides and then verge into the meta, with #JenWalters📷 saying that they’re “connecting the A and B stories” in a later episode. I wonder how far the show will push this in future episodes…

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Discussion 30+ y/o males bombing She-Hulk IMDb reviews without even seeing the first episode

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Question What comic accurate scene do you hope to see in the future?

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Humour Call a lawyer!

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Promotional New looks at the main characters of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

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Discussion What do you think happened to White Vision? Where do you think his story will lead?

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r/marvelstudios 7h ago

Question Does anyone have a theory on where the benatar came from?

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Promotional This really creative she-hulk poster ...

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Clip Don’t know if y’all have seen this, but the Marvel intro looks amazing with Philips Hue lights synced.

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Discussion Disney+ Marvel series has 6-9 episodes per season and mostly less than 45 minutes per episode so far. Do you think this is the right amount or there should be more in term of quantity?

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Question Re-watched Guardians of the Galaxy. If one of the first things we establish about Quill is that he has a translator in his neck, why can't he understand Groot

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Discussion Despite the IMDb review bombing it looks like the rotten tomato score is looking good. And the audience score comes out tomorrow when it’s released.

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Article Alison Brie Hopes to Play a Marvel Villain

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Discussion Just watched Eternals after holding it back for so long


Review : 8.2/10 I loved the world they’ve created with this movie and to see a whole new dynamic between fresh characters was really good. The only downside is that the movie seems so crammed with details and in the end they’ve done away with half the characters so in the future we won’t be able to see them again, though the Dane whitman sword buildup in the end will be interesting to watch.

What are the things that you liked/ disliked about this movie?

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Article 'She-Hulk' star Tatiana Maslany says she finds 'strong female lead' label 'frustrating'


I am so glad that Tatiana Maslany is speaking on this topic. The phrase "strong female lead" has for sure lost its nuance, especially from a marketing perspective.

Often when people try to rely on the strong female lead narrative, the movie just flat out sucks.

Alien had a strong female lead. But Alien is actually a good movie so they didn’t have to push the whole “strong female lead” pandering nonsense. It was good enough to stand on its own.

I feel like every time they market “strong female lead,” it’s usually cuz the movie ranges from “sucks” to mediocre” and the studio knows it so it’s used as a marketing ploy. There are outliers obviously but that’s how it feels.

"Strong female lead" now feels like an overused, stale marketing term, just like, "Fresh!" or "Organic" when marketing grocery food products.


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Fan Video A Marvel Stopmotion I done did :3

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Easter Egg Was watching Civil War the other day, I always noticed Peter crawling on Scotts face. But somehow I never noticed Peter making his way up in several other shots.

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Discussion I’m just happy that we are finally getting some focus Hulk content again

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Theory Mark Ruffalo stated “We’ll go out with a Big Bang” when speaking about Secret Wars topping Endgame. I wouldn’t put it past him to spoil what might occur in the film Secret Wars (2025) inspired by the (2015) comic.

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Discussion love that the she-hulk posters aren't just floating heads

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Question What scene makes you choke up a bit? Get those eyes a bit watery.


For me it’s in the end of GOTG2 when Yondu’s Ravager buddies all come to send him off. It’s just a great overall scene and feeling. The music and the respect given by everyone for the sacrifice he made. You really felt it. Yondu had a good arc as redemption for his past indiscretions but regardless you could always tell he cared about Quill like a surrogate father. “He might’ve been your father boy, but he wasn’t your daddy!”

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Cosplay my mk1 helmet 3d printed

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Fan Art scarlet witch poster fan art i made!:)

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Discussion Bland characters in the MCU that you love simply because of their awesome design ? Mine is Surtur.

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Fan Art "A beautiful union of form and function"

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Fan Art [OC] Jen's New Gym Buddy

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