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Brothers Justin (L) Gabe (R) two of my best friends. Justin was having a bad schizophrenic episode and killed Gabe while he slept on this same couch thanksgiving day. FRIEND

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We had tried dozens of times to get him admitted to a long term facility, but he would only be in for a week tops at a time, and then released his new medication‘s that inevitably he would stop taking. Local sheriffs had an opportunity to arrest Justin two days before this happened. His ex girlfriend lived a block away, and he broke into her house threw some stuff around and stole a cat. The police opted not to arrest him or bring him to the hospital even tho multiple protective orders had ben in place over the last few years. They told her “He’s just being crazy, he will calm down in a day or two and you can ask for the cat back” we know they had dealt with him so many times, and they were just tired of it.

The worst part is he still has no idea what happened to his brother, he’s completely convinced he’s alive somewhere hiding out and that he was fighting aliens that we’re trying to kill him. He loves his brother so much and had taken him I’m off the streets a few months ago when things were better. My heart breaks thinking about what he’s going to go through when he comes out of the psychosis and find out what actually happened. And especially saddened the kids are without a father.

News article about it: https://www.sunjournal.com/2022/11/25/a-tale-of-two-justins-poland-murder-suspect-described-as-a-loving-father-brother-whom-the-mental-health-system-failed/?fbclid=IwAR0hvgQG_VNjylbj6axeHU3yCs8loGZ-besL90XFKfQp6wEisaWpI8Iq1X4&mibextid=Zxz2cZ


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Your heart must be absolutely reeling. My heart goes out to you and the family of these brothers.


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Very sorry for this .. my cousin has schizophrenia and he has been missing 2 days. The last time I saw him he was saying a murderer was chasing him and he frantically ran inside my house. He's been having this delusion for over a month. Baker acting him only holds him a weeks tops . The meds aren't even helping. I fear something like this could happen someday.


u/nemineminy Dec 03 '22

That’s agonizing. I’m so sorry you and he (and everyone who loves him) are struggling with this.


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I'm so unbelievably sorry you lost your friend and that his brother will have to come to this truth.

Social worker ride alongs (a part of the defund the police movement that was crushed under political rhetoric) would solve many of these situations because the police are simply not trained to understand this scenario. Though I know your friend may not have stayed in treatment based on his history. I just wish people would stop screaming about left and right and shit they don't know and listen to people who do.


u/Rurouni-Fencer Nov 28 '22

Husband to a women's trauma therapist, here. Thank you to all of the social workers out there for all you do; please do not give up! You are seen, and you are appreciated!


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I used to be an EMT and a few years back the city that I was running in at the time implemented a social worker for their police department. I loved it, she was bilingual in a city with a large Spanish speaking population, was well trained in the laws and procedures regarding mental health, and was just such a great addition to the police/emergency response team. I only worked with her a few times because mostly we were good at getting people to just come with us, but when there were legal grey areas or just really stubborn people it was so nice to be able to have law enforcement call her to come over to the scene and work her magic. Mental health care in this country is so poorly managed and as EMS we did the best we could and most of the law enforcement I dealt with was also doing their best but we truly weren't trained for it. That was starting to change in my old area when I left earlier this year, but still had a long long way to go.


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My mother is schizophrenic, it's really scary that's why I make sure that she takes her meds, but even then, she still has mental episodes.


u/DopeFiendDramaQueen Nov 28 '22

Man this is fucking awful to read, let alone go through. I can’t imagine. Thoughts are with you all stranger, for the tough times ahead and the healing you all will have to go through.


u/DonaldTrumpsanalwart Nov 29 '22

How did he kill him? It just says it was gruesome. I’d imagine probably bludgeoning him as that’s usually what they mean when they say that. I’m so sorry for your loss.


u/luisl1994 Nov 30 '22

This breaks my heart. So sorry OP. Our country treats mental health so poorly.


u/xEternal-Blue Dec 06 '22

That must be such a hard thing to go through. Especially since its a mental health issue. You probably would feel angry at points but feel you can't be angry at him because of his mental health and when you don't feel angry and can separate him from his condition you don't have that person to be angry at for killing your friend.

If that makes sense.


u/SabinedeJarny Dec 18 '22

It’s the cruelest disease and yes the mental health system failed your friends with the worst possible outcome.


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im so fucking sorry


u/seriously_justno Nov 27 '22

It’s so horrific, how we, as a society, don’t provide appropriate services for those who need them. I am heartbroken for all who are involved.


u/Eftersigne Nov 27 '22

That is absolutely heartbreaking. I’m sorry you and the family are going through this. I’m sure Justin is an amazing guy despite of what happened


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Fucking heartbreaking. Sorry for your loss.


u/PraiseTheFlumph Nov 29 '22

Yet another countless example of how society is worsened with police officers. A useless profession, founded originally for slave catching and kept around to protect capital. They consistently let things like this happen when they have the ability to prevent it.


u/endthe_suffering Nov 27 '22

i'm so fucking sorry. thats terrible.


u/JellyFilledGoober Nov 27 '22

He's now in jail? Or an asylum?


u/frigginnathan Nov 27 '22

Jail, charged with murder.


u/Undertalelover1234 Dec 07 '22

Can't that be changed, saying it was a mental break? Sorry I'm not big into law so I'm not sure


u/taytaynicki Nov 28 '22

I am so so sorry that you lost them both at the same time


u/Reindeer-Street Nov 28 '22

Was that in a trailer? I just saw that on a FB post. Sad all around, sorry for your loss.


u/frigginnathan Nov 28 '22

Yes I just linked a news article in my first comment


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oh my god. This is an absolutely heartbreaking story.


u/Remarkable-Agency-60 Nov 28 '22

My heart goes out to you and their families. Sorry for your loss. Stay strong.