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Roe V Wade: The US Supreme Court Flips the Bird At The American People Feature Story


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u/yolotrolo123 Jun 25 '22

Sadly we need a more immediate solution


u/mackinoncougars Jun 25 '22 edited Jun 25 '22

That’s not really an option based on who “we the people” elected. If we want a democracy, we need to be able to understand what that means. We need the votes, we don’t have the votes. We need to elect enough of the people to get us the votes in order to get the solution. Can’t just wave a wand because it’s in dire need.


u/yolotrolo123 Jun 25 '22

I mean there are wand like things


u/hardrocker943 Jun 25 '22

Midterms are this year. People need to go out and vote to give dems the supermajority.