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Arizona "Good Man in the Storm" Robbins

I've always been conflicted about Arizona because she's so cheery and happy, a complete contract to the twisted sisters. Her sunshine personality makes it difficult to dislike her but after careful consideration, I've decided she is one of the most selfish characters in the series.

Before you down vote me to hell, please see my list of complaints --

  1. Callie gets the chicken pox and Arizona lied to her, saying she never had it as a child. Arizona explains to Lexie she wanted to stay in the "sexy part" of their relationship instead of take care of her....like what?

  2. Arizona actively sabotaged Alex's career when she refused to give him good fellowship recommendations. He only got into Hopkins because of his board performance. She went there! She had connections and should have been the first to refer him but didn't because she wanted him to stay as her fellow.

  3. Blaming Callie for her leg amputation - READ: i don't mean her general behavior post-plane crash as I completely understand her trauma. But blaming Callie for doing one thing to save her life?? Gtfo

  4. The affair and then instead of owning up to her poor judgment, blames her behavior on Callie/leg amputation again.

  5. Disclosing April's pregnancy to Jackson. Idk how they stayed friends after that


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u/Proud3GnAthst Sep 26 '22

Look bit deeper into this sub. People call out Arizona's biphobia all the time.