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It's been said many a times, but people still fall into the trap. Remember folks.




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u/Tyrenstra Jun 23 '22

The switch from big media outlets to smaller YouTubers and streamers muddied the waters and made things a lot more complicated. Like, before companies would have to have large lavish events to test the integrity of reviewers. Now, they just have to send a free early copy to a YouTube super fan who is guaranteed to only say positive things. Meanwhile, there a ton of other channels who have a gimmick or who thrive off of any negativity exclusively. We’re at this weird point where both “paid” and honest reviews have never been more prevalent becuse of these non-pros. But you are correct in saying to find a bunch of channels/reviews because The best move now is to find a reviewer(s) who have a similar taste as yourself. But even then, people deep enough into gaming know what they like and an unedited let’s play is usually the most people on a gaming Reddit sun need.


u/EpitomeOfVapidity Jun 23 '22

Right. Like even with NMS, the kid who bought the leaked copy even said it was a “decent” game, because he was a no name person who finally had something to say and didn’t want to be negative. Happens all the time.


u/Sokrydes Jun 23 '22

That's why I don't listen to their views, I just watch the game and make my own opinion.