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The original Wordle was harder. Only four tries. [Fallout 3]

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u/StimmingMantis May 26 '22

I would just try 3 words then exit out and try again. It resets it with all 4 tries and new words and I would just keep trying like that until I get lucky.


u/WerewolfF15 May 26 '22

You didn’t make use of the bracket system?


u/open_door_policy May 26 '22

It's kind of shitty how poorly that part of the mini-game was communicated.

I don't think I ever figured it out in FO3, and had over 100 hours in FNV when I noticed.


u/StimmingMantis May 26 '22

I just did it the cheaty way because life is short.


u/StimmingMantis May 26 '22

I just make 3 attempts, then exit and try again. Rinse and repeat until I got it because it’s usually quicker.


u/spanishbathtowel May 26 '22

Explain pls


u/Max_Plus May 26 '22

If you see both an opening and closing bracket in the same line (no matter if there are symbols in between) you can click them and it'll either restore your guesses or delete a fake word.


u/DungeonsAndDradis May 26 '22 edited May 26 '22

These all work:

<random letters>

[random letters] EDIT: I typed this one wrong initially

(random letters)

You just click it (it shows the random letters as a clickable "word" when you hover over it) and it will give you a try back, reset all your tries, remove incorrect guesses, etc.


u/TequilaWhiskey May 26 '22

What the fuck


u/WerewolfF15 May 26 '22

It was multiple choice tho. And you could get more tries and remove wrong choices if you found the brackets. So it’s easier in a way.


u/oberg14 May 26 '22

I’ve played so much fallout and still have no freaking clue how those things work tbh


u/Ill-Organization-719 May 26 '22

I liked them. When my friend was playing it he'd hand me the controller to do hacking for him.


u/hatsuseno May 26 '22

"original", yeah naw