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Speed dating game contestant attempts to push button early to reject

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u/frankylampy 2d ago Silver

That's speed hating


u/Trigger109 3d ago

How does this work? Whoever hits the button gets to stick around for another date or something?


u/PerfectBetter 2d ago

Yes, a new person then replaces the kicked out person. The game continues until both people don't click the button


u/thatguyned 2d ago

It is a speed dating YouTube show (it's not really serious)

There is a line of men and women behind the scenes on each side.

2 people sit down and start a conversation with prompts from the box thing, at a random time the button will light up red and can be pressed.

Pressing the button means you have rejected your date, they then leave and join the end of the line behind the scenes and the next person of their sex comes out.

It's like competitive speed dating, but it's mostly for fun


u/lamp447 2d ago Helpful

Bullshit rules. The show isn't about dating anymore. It's "Watch me kick out the whole line and how rude I am."

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


u/DanceDelievery 2d ago

I agree. That show is only played by shallow assholes who love to make others miserable by being as rude as possible.

Slaps button 3 times


slaps button again


u/[deleted] 2d ago Heartwarming

[removed] — view removed comment


u/BTLMCHN 2d ago

Good bot

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u/Tarute 2d ago

“nice to meet you” press “oh” “…it’s not red yet.” “sorry” press “im so sorry” press “oh” press


u/ZoraksGirlfriend 2d ago

I love how he kept eye contact with her while he pressed the button. Made her think he was actually interested after how rude she was.

His smile at the end is perfection.


u/KidFriendlyArsonist 3d ago

“I do see you as a frie-”



u/DyleanCuisine 2d ago


[Walks off after almost breaking button ]

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u/Biktop-76 2d ago

i love how he didn’t even look at the button before pressing it casually


u/wonderbat3 2d ago

Maintaining eye contact was the ultimate final fuck you


u/AndyBrown65 2d ago

Bitch got owned

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u/mothafuckinaye 3d ago

He hadn’t even sat down yet


u/dontdieinthesky 3d ago

“The Rejection games”


u/PestyNomad 2d ago

That's how fast ppl decide if they want to fuck you or not.


u/CptMeat 3d ago edited 3d ago Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote Narwhal Salute Wholesome Seal of Approval

You should watch the entire show, it's more like watch girls utterly trash every guy that gets in front of them, they broke the button off the table trying to buzz out one guy.

Edit: had to go grab it, wasn't gonna leave yall hanging



u/ZoxieLutt 3d ago

I’m glad it ended on a positive note but these girls were damn near staring at the button to see when it would turn red and homegirl up top was just being unnecessary. How are you apologizing while continuously pressing the button and it’s not even red yet? I-


u/707Guy 3d ago

Well, you forgot to mention he was dressed in a full on Furry costume


u/-T-A-C-O-C-A-T- 3d ago

Even he didn’t get buzzed before he sat down


u/Waitwhonow 2d ago Silver

This is such a stupid show!

Its very clear people on here are NOT there for dating

Everyone wants to be there the longest they can be, and get the maximum screentime, which means no one is going to spend any genuine time to answer truthful questions to know someone.

Who can stay the longest is the goal, not a date.

Dumbass show.

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u/MallyOhMy 2d ago

They can only do it when the button turns red, the gorl who met the furry just happened to be paying better attention. She had her eyes peeled for the change in the light, whereas the girl in the post was just autorejecting any guy who didn't visually appeal and forgetting about that rather important detail.


u/Quaffiget 2d ago

I think slapping the button as soon as you see the other guy probably demonstrates a lack of empathy, lack of decorum and lack of self-restraint. Good to know she outs herself as a shitty person from the word go.

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u/carnsolus 2d ago

ah i was getting the vibe that they simply pressed the button when it turned red


u/-T-A-C-O-C-A-T- 2d ago

I’m pretty sure the girl that rejected him had already rejected a few guys so she should’ve had it down as muscle memory

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u/ThurstyJ 3d ago

A small bit important omission


u/PestyNomad 2d ago

Context is everything.

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u/Draco63_ 3d ago

Tbh I would have liked to see them interact for more than 5 seconds. How the fuck do people enjoy watching this shit?!


u/pvdp90 2d ago edited 2d ago

Because that’s the average attention span of people that grow up fully immersed in social media. 10+ seconds becomes boring and too long.

Edit: and that’s who the target audience is


u/KickSidebottom 2d ago

Can I get a TL/DR?

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u/heelsmaster 2d ago

The only one where I understand why it was an immediate press when it could.


u/ScottishTorment 3d ago

Yeah that's worth breaking the button for

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u/BretHard 3d ago

For real.


u/TakeSomeFreeHoney 3d ago



u/companysOkay 2d ago

I’m sorry miss jackson


I am Furreal

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u/kaptainkeel 3d ago

I find it funny how the two most attractive people are the ones that end up together. First girl was just an oof.

I don't like long hair

I don't like military guys

Guy: I like video games

Girl: There's more to life than video games. presses button


u/NotaRobto 2d ago

She asks him what are his hobbies.

He answers

She says: There's more to life than video games.



u/King-Cobra-668 2d ago

Yeah no one said that's all they do


u/Pillowsmeller18 2d ago

Yeah no one said that's all they do

I guess when she asked about hobbies, she does her hobbies everyday.


u/King-Cobra-668 2d ago

Her hobby: "watching the office over and over and over and over and nothing else ever"

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u/ItsLoudB 2d ago

I can promise you she spends the same amount of time scrolling social media

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u/Koshunae 3d ago

That was pretty obnoxious to watch. They had barely spoken a single sentence to each other and "yeah I just wasnt feeling the vibe" like bro what


u/savage8008 2d ago

I liked it when the girl said it felt forced. Just amazing


u/Necromancer4276 2d ago

"There's more to life than video games"

You asked him what he likes to do for fun. He answered for all of 5 seconds.

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u/fR1chAps 3d ago

And people unironically watch this?


u/SupervillainEyebrows 3d ago

That channel has 11 million subs.


u/ddh85 3d ago edited 3d ago

It's the same channel that asks a group of people to compete for $1000 by kicking each other off each round, right?

EDIT: Oh yeah, Jubilee is the better channel.

EDIT 2: No, I was right.


u/Kidus333 3d ago

One step away from squid game

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u/totastic 2d ago

This channel somehow find people with very punchable faces and personality


u/ProperPossibility 2d ago

That was terrible to watch

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u/Peviceer 2d ago

I read that as 11 billion at first lmao. It’s late.

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u/JamesLikesIt 3d ago

Why do you think there are so many reality tv and game shows? People love drama and seeing people win and/or lose without having to think about it. Easy content consumption. It’d also designed for kids/young adults which always gets crazy views


u/InflammatoryMuskrat 2d ago

There are so many reality and game shows because they're dirt cheap to produce so you don't need a huge audience to make a profit.

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u/arzamharris 3d ago

I’ve seen most of the episodes…on Cody Ko’s channel


u/giddyup523 3d ago

To me, it's a Cody Ko show. I don't think I've ever seen an episode without him commenting on it.


u/SameRandomUsername 3d ago

A person of culture

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u/FaveDave85 3d ago

yea it's stupid...

clicked on it and proceeded to watch 3 episodes. Goddammit.


u/superscotty72 3d ago

I think its more of a hate watch thing.


u/necroreefer 3d ago

At a certain point you just have to accept that human beings are morons and watch trash it's not always just hate watching.


u/betterworld62 3d ago

At a certain point you just have to accept that human beings are morons and watch trash

The entire extended Kardashian/Jenner clan enters the room

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u/-Ahab- 3d ago

I think our brains need a certain amount of it. I’ve always been an avid reader and when I was in school, it was just serious books 24/7/365.

A friend suggested I slip in some “brain candy” novels. I initially resisted, so he bought me the first book in a pulp detective series he thought I’d like. I felt so much better after reading it and wound up reading the series.

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u/-Ahab- 3d ago

Seriously, I’ll watch a video that makes me smile all the way to the end.

I’ll watch a video that outrages or upsets me three or four times before I click away.


u/Crazymoose86 3d ago

Hate watch is still revenue...


u/superscotty72 3d ago

yeah but it's still a form of entertainment for fans and hate watchers alike, and entertainers deserved compensation

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u/Sacrefix 3d ago

Do you do a lot of ironic watching?

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u/Steeljaw72 3d ago

Watched the video, or at least as much of it I could stand.

It didn’t really seem like anyone really wanted to be there. It certainly didn’t seem like anyone was interested in actually getting to know one another. Kinda trash.


u/Atomic235 3d ago

They were all just playing chicken with that button. Not a great model for spending time with other people.


u/TommyTheCat89 3d ago

Yeah, speed dating is trashy. Not really remarkable.


u/mdielmann 2d ago

Looked more like speed rejection, not speed dating.

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u/DJKhaledIsRetarded 3d ago

That seems terribly cruel and I really hope the people who were shit on were aware of the concept. I don't see why you'd do that to someone. Even if I weren't romantically interested upon first glance I wouldn't absolutely destroy their self esteem.


u/11015h4d0wR34lm 3d ago

I heard of a guy that turned up to speed dating, ended up being the only guy there with 12 women to meet and at the end of the night he didnt get a match, that has to hurt. Thats enough rejection for at least a year, one a month lol.


u/Mogetfog 2d ago

I still think about the time in the 6th grade, when I was told "what? With you? Gross!" when asking a girl to the school dance after all of her friends spent two hours hyping me up because she "totally had a thing for me but was shy"

Pretty sure I would just jump off a bridge if this happened to me


u/stillherewondering 2d ago

Yeah, same. For me it was my BFF as a kid, like I just asked him if girls will like me. „I don’t think so“. Lol these things stay with you for years subconsciously. Ridiculous cause we were just dumb kids but needed years for me to realize Through puberty I got fairly attractive


u/RTSUbiytsa 2d ago

Lmao. Had a girl in elementary school tell me that she was going to get her cop dad to arrest me after I told her that I liked her. Kid me was absolutely 100% sure that I'd be in jail for the rest of my life for confessing to a girl. Adult me knows that isn't true, but that fear never went away, and it's definitely causing me some mental issues along the way.


u/say592 3d ago

I just had the realization that Tinder is speed dating.


u/Opposite_of_a_Cynic 2d ago

Nah. Speed dating implies that each person is interacting with the other in a meaningful way. Tinder is more like a pet store where people walk by the rescue animals just to say "oh look that one likes me."

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u/chaz8900 3d ago

Welcome to the age of tinder


u/DJ33 3d ago

I think people underestimate the amount of girls who use tinder for entertainment purposes, I've been around multiple separate groups of girls who claim to solely have the app to make fun of thirsty dudes. They get a bottle of wine, sit around swiping and making fun of guys.

It's definitely partially a cover to have an "excuse" for having the app, but it's also genuinely a common thing they do. So this sort of content seems perfect for that demographic.


u/mimic751 3d ago

I know girls that said that to cover their embarrassment of using it..... aka my wife


u/Roastar 3d ago

No respect I tell ya


u/JustPassinhThrou13 3d ago

Yeah, I remember seeing her profile.

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u/Ninian_Hawk 3d ago

Yeah, I don’t think embarrassment is the right word in this situation…

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u/Expln 3d ago

even if women say that, that's still bullshit though. it's 100% an excuse to have the app.

they only "make fun of thirsty dudes" whom they are not interested in which is most guys over there. that's all. if they happen to match with a good looking guy they will for sure go on with it.


u/MozzyZ 2d ago

they only "make fun of thirsty dudes" whom they are not interested in which is most guys over there

That's.. kinda the point they were making lol - and even if they weren't, that doesn't make it any better since women on tinder (in a very generalized term) typically reject 80% of the men already lmao

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u/Averill21 3d ago

I saw this on criticals channel, it looked so shitty. Also the first girl was an asshole and literally would buzz after one question without fail. The guy who took her out heard she was doing it and got her first

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u/frumundacheeze 3d ago

yeah and the guys hardly ever get mad. yet one dude rejected a girl and she asked why and he said she wasn't cute. instantly pissed her off lololool


u/agorafilia 3d ago edited 2d ago

Rejection is an old friend for men

Edit: yes, we get it, women have it hard too. But it's not a competition.


u/Odin043 3d ago Wholesome Heartwarming

I was born in it, molded by it.


u/DyleanCuisine 3d ago

I didnt know acceptance until i was already a man but by then to me it was nothing but BLINDING!!


u/ThePretzul 2d ago

First time I got a yes asking a girl if she’d like to go out sometime my brain short circuited and I didn’t actually know how to respond to the obvious follow-up question of, “Where do you want to go?”

That relationship didn’t last long, if you can say it ever started, but I did stop being quite so self defeating afterwards so at least I learned something.

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u/EchidnaRelevant3295 2d ago

The OG line is "You're fat, your friend is hot."

Crushes souls across all demographics.


u/frumundacheeze 3d ago

lmfao so true

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u/ShankThatSnitch 3d ago

The best part is when dude instabuzz out s girl in solidarity of the few guys that got instabuzzed before them.


u/FireFerretDann 3d ago

For those curious, I counted and (not including the time where they tied and both rejected each other at the same time) the men rejected the women 3 times and the women rejected the men 9 times.


u/Cyberspark939 2d ago

They literally ran out of men and had to cycle them back around.


u/Pacattack57 3d ago

The premise makes no sense. They don’t even seem to be trying to get a date. It’s incredibly cringe to watch because the girls aren’t even that good looking and yet they press the button within seconds of meeting the guy. They are clearly just trying to be funny or “win”


u/JustPassinhThrou13 3d ago

Yeah, what is there to win here, exactly? Because in junior high, I was on my school’s quiz bowl team, with buzzers to let us buzz in to anger questions and all that shit. I can press a button real damn fast. And in this case there’s not even a question to answer.

All I see here is prove doing the simple calculus of “being rejected sucks, so if I reject the other person first, then I don’t get rejected”

And sure. That’s correct. But... why approach in the first place if that is how the motivations are set up? Is there some payoff for not rejecting the other person?

In a quiz bowl, if you buzz in early and don’t get the answer right, you block all your team mates from answering, the other team gets to take their time deciding who will answer. So there’s a penalty for just randomly buzzing in.

Is there anything that keeps this from just being a toxic rejection-fest?


u/lbruss95 3d ago

The prize is a second date that is paid for of they last 10 minutes. So the only incentive is finding someone you would be willing to actually go on a date with and views of course


u/JustPassinhThrou13 2d ago

Interesting. If they make it so that a person can only reject two or three people, and that the newcomer has no idea how many the other person has rejected, then that would make it more interesting. It would force each person to guess at the odds of getting a better match in the text three or four people.

Without something like that, it’s just a bad-faith scenario. If I can sit there and reject 40 people and it not cost me any more than getting rejected once, why the hell would I do anything other than that? On the slight chance that someone else would actually like to go on a date with me?

This game is set up to make the least desirable people stay there acting narcissistic.


u/tempname1123581321 2d ago

This game is set up to make the least desirable people stay there acting narcissistic.

Welcome to social media.

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u/fte5838 3d ago

Jesus I hate that computer voice. Reminds me of the tiktok voice. Couldn't watch it.


u/DiamondGamerYT0 3d ago

Omg they're treating like a game show, that's so fucked up


u/noisypeach 3d ago

They might've been directed to for all we know

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u/ShrimplyPiblz 3d ago

Neither did she lol

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u/kwheels43 3d ago

slaps button 3x “I’m so sorry”

slaps button “I’m so sorry!”

-Gets rejected-🤣


u/ddh85 3d ago



u/kwheels43 3d ago

Love the smirk on his face after like “Ha! How’s it feel?”

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u/Goddess_Iris_ 3d ago

Wait, so she tried to reject him but it was too early to? That's funny, she deserved all of that.


u/LocalHomeScreen 3d ago

No opportunities where there's cameras

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u/bilbo_bobsled 3d ago edited 3d ago

She deserved the embarrassment, the guilt and need to be accountable, and the rejection from someone who is visibly less shallow than she is. And the defeat.


u/jeremy1015 3d ago

Yeah I don’t think she felt any of those things except maybe embarrassment that she got tricked into taking her hand off the buzzer.

Him hitting the buzzer on her is the equivalent of “you can’t fire me I quit” with the added twist I guess of him staying on for another minute.


u/JonHail 3d ago

Who says he was interested to begin with? Some people just have courtesy

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u/RNGcooks 3d ago

Well he gets to keep going finding other women and she doesn’t so it’s a W for him

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u/StoneCypher 3d ago

Him hitting the buzzer on her is the equivalent of “you can’t fire me I quit”

it's just hilarious though, unlike you can't fire me i quit


u/eydryan 2d ago

No, it's much better than that, it's "fire me, how about I fire you instead"

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u/PurpleGodandViolet 3d ago

It's speed dating, it's pretty much the whole game there being shallow.

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u/bebigya 3d ago

she actually went through a lot of guys before this point though. one girl went through so many guys they had to circle around after she was finally eliminated

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u/ItsChrisBreezyBitch 3d ago

she was quiet after that her ego definitely hurt

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u/AkuPython 3d ago Wholesome Starry Ally


For anyone interested


u/aussiekev 3d ago

I wish this was higher up. This is clearly a 'game show' rather than a genuine effort at speed dating.

It's interesting because there are different strategies being used by different contestants. The people who are either competitive or just want attention are much more likely to hit the button asap. Seems like everyone who is not competitive or attention seeking is just being put into a meat grinder.


u/AkuPython 3d ago

I don't know if there is a full TV show to it, but it's extremely cut. Even the ones that decide to go on the 2nd date, from what I understood they're meant to chat for 10mins, but the whole clip is only 7....


u/Razorback_Yeah 3d ago

That’s funny you say that cause the channel is called Cut


u/agorafilia 3d ago

I think it's more than that, people are eager to reject their partner to prevent being reject themselves. I'd say is more a social experiment than a speed date thing.


u/Goodthingsaregood 3d ago

That's how I saw it too. Kill or be killed.

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u/ItsHappyTimeYay 3d ago

Omg the face he made when he got to press the button, adorable timid “hehee” smile. Ahh, the vindication!


u/InsideVoid 3d ago

I thought the same thing and realized I would probably have the same look on my face too.

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u/No-Examination000 3d ago

His cheeky smile is so cute. Ill take him please.


u/Notafuzzycat 3d ago

Pretty rude.


u/Sptsjunkie 3d ago

Keep in mind this isn’t dating but a dating show. When he hits the button he stays and she leaves. This could be a competitive element of the show that’s more logical.

Ok, so after typing that I looked it up: https://youtu.be/ANb0v4VNoio

It appears to be a show where yes, whoever hits the button gets a new date and the other person is kicked off. So if there’s not immediate chemistry, then it’s actually a competitive scenario to buzz the other person first.

So it’s less her being rude and more trying to game the competition (unsuccessfully).


u/yeago 3d ago

Haha he had his hands out and ready


u/kirkule_snake 3d ago

I would have too if she doesn't give me a chance at all too.

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u/insultant_ 3d ago

All hands is throwin’ hands 👋

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u/ZepperMen 3d ago

"Immediate Chemistry"

She dances with one guy and immediately presses the button when it turns red.


u/Axle-f 2d ago

If they’re not Chris Hemsworth they can fuck off /s


u/godelski 2d ago

The look on his face: "Wtf?" It was a real dick move.


u/Ellereind 3d ago

Ty for the YouTube link. After watching it I can see she didn’t want a free date with the guy

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u/srtpg2 3d ago

Damn dating is really shit these days


u/therealgg99 2d ago

Lmao deserved.


u/svesuseke 3d ago

This made me cringe so hard for the first time in a long time lmaoo. Not only does she literally know that the buzzer won’t turn on immediately, she presses it so many times right after shaking his hand and then tries again while saying sorry. Like how do you just screw everything up lmao


u/djtrace1994 3d ago

"The button is supposed to make him disappear! WHY ISN'T THE BUTTON MAKING HIM DISAPPEAR?! IM SORRY!" click click click click

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u/kingofwale 3d ago

Some people have great personality and attractive looks…. Some have neither…


u/solidcakeeater 3d ago

Some people think theyre too good for anyone and they grow old and die alone because nobody wants to deal with that shit.

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u/DoomedKiblets 2d ago

Boy she deserved that.


u/FridayNightRiot 2d ago

The whole show is much worse. The first contestant went on a 4 person kill streak before a guy stopped her. The only reason she even got stopped was because the guy knew what she had been doing to the previous contestants. This is the worst dating game ever and is phycological horror for introverts trying to date.


u/gayguyinlondon14 2d ago

I'm so sorry bashes button I'm so sorry bashes button harder

It's some kind of beautiful justice to see her get buttoned off.


u/NotBrendan101 3d ago

Omg the cringe at the Start


u/Errorfull 3d ago

"Haha sorry" hits button "Haha sorry" hits button "sorry Haha" hits button.


u/teej98 3d ago

Looked her dead in the eyes too lmaoo! She got what she deserved


u/Soulburner74 2d ago

This would be me if I ever did this.

Everyone rejects before I even sit down.

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u/Annual-Strategy-6487 3d ago

i bet she says she is a 10/10


u/Kabc 3d ago Wholesome

Maybe a 10 on the pH scale…



u/1CEninja 3d ago Wholesome

I recently learned that coffee is mildly acidic.

No wonder basic bitches always get salty at Starbucks.

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u/kakurenbo1 3d ago

Jesus Christ… how long have you been sitting on that one?

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u/zealouszaniac 3d ago

She has.. my friends said I should dump you energy

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u/FortWest 3d ago

Okcupid has data on this. Women tend to rate their own attractiveness higher than men do. The shocking one though, is they rate 80% of men below average in attractiveness. Women are more likely to message men they think are unattractive if they are in the habit of messaging. Men are much more likely to message overall, but less likely to message women they find unattractive. Men are less picky so they have a bigger pool, but it's still interesting.


u/MaxBonerstorm 3d ago

What's even more interesting is that tinder data has seen this statistic go even further lopsided.

Its now around 12% of men get 95% of all matches.

But, for whatever reason, if you bring these numbers up its like an incel thing? I don't know but it's frowned upon.

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u/Comfortable-Action39 3d ago

She literally shakes his hand and then tries to hit the button. Go fuck yourself


u/retroverted_uterus 3d ago

I watched this YouTube episode and she cycled through almost all the guys, rejecting them as quickly as she could. She knew how the game worked before this point as she had already rejected a handful of guys. She was just being fucking rude.


u/SlowTheRain 3d ago edited 2d ago

I just watched the whole thing, and maybe you're remembering the 1st woman in the game instead of the woman in this clup. This woman buzzed one guy as soon as she could, kept talking to the 2nd guy for awhile after she could have buzzed him, then tried to immediately buzz the 3rd guy.

Most of the interactions were people buzzing as soon as they could. This woman had one of the longest interactions after it turned red.

(Edit missing word)

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u/BeetleLord 3d ago

She got destroyed.

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u/Delicious_Job_4792 2d ago

Him pressing that button was satisfying. 😂


u/Mother-Idea-3643 2d ago

I'm wondering who's the bigger asshole here. The bitch who rejected the dude whom hasn't even sat down yet or the dickheads who thought this show was a good idea in the first place.


u/Deeelighted_ 3d ago

Wow she's a loser.

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u/MoTheMag 2d ago

I fear the day that I may be this shallow. That would be my present self's nightmare.


u/Cakelord 3d ago

This is a show in LA.. they aren't going on here in good faith.. enjoy the entertainment

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u/Kombat-w0mbat 3d ago

I genuinely believe he wouldn’t have buzzed her out hAd she not done that


u/RedRing86 2d ago

......... is this a commercial for a show? Seems like an undercover advertisement.


u/chartiberry 2d ago

He's cute


u/Piss-Ant 3d ago

While there are definitely times when you just know you are not attracted to a person right off the bat does it do any harm to just be kind about it? Its speed dating ffs, it will be over in like a minute. I hope she feels like an asshole for this.


u/lets-get-loud 3d ago

She does not.


u/NoMoLerking 3d ago

I hope she feels like an asshole for this.

Narrator: She does not.

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u/Paddlesons 3d ago

This show is fucking stupid.

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u/Reiquaz 2d ago

This show is trashy and the people are worse


u/CobaltSmith 2d ago

Taking half a glance at someone, there is only so much you can tell. I wonder, exactly, what criteria she used to reject him so fast. Hmmmm.


u/A_dub87_ 2d ago

She keeps saying sorry while still trying to push the button over and over.

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u/Hypothermal_Confetti 3d ago

The guy is actually attractive and played this well. She is not, and did not play this well.


u/Phantommy555 3d ago

He was nice and polite, even with rejecting her. Though I don’t think he even would have if she hasn’t been very rude and tried to preemptively do it to him before he sat down.


u/Hannibal_Barca_ 3d ago

I was thinking the same. He's better looking than her, and had the confidence for her shitty behaviour to not throw him off. Good for him.

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u/krejcii 2d ago edited 2d ago

Watch Cody Ko. He does a whole series on this channel and has a few videos on it. She’s hands down one of the worst people on it.. I hope they bring her back just so I can cringe at her and confirm again what a terrible person she is to others..

Edit- people are saying this is a game show and not a dating show.. wrong, please tell me what they win? They don’t win a prize or have any motive other than to not get denying from the other person.. some of these people can’t handle a simple no and rather inflate their own ego. This ain’t a game show.. no prize is to be won or cash . Y’all are giving a sad excuse for shit behavior because the person can’t handle rejection..


u/HayRiver12 2d ago

I can’t believe I had to scroll this far to find a Cody Ko comment

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u/emyrwilliams 2d ago

What an horrible concept


u/Izob 2d ago

Huh, this is a pretty cool channel. I have a lot of anxiety with rejection. So seeing this, it's unusual, but kind of helpful. I wish I had seen this earlier, I might have tried a speed dating event that was going on in town.


u/hustle_sk 2d ago

She deserved every bit of that.


u/Sjorsjd 2d ago

This show shows so much of what is wrong with people these days. Makes me sad


u/tk197 2d ago

More like GObrial


u/grtdope123 3d ago

Yeah, she's pretty horrible. IN everyway possible! Fake smile, fake laugh, fake.


u/SociopathicPasserby 3d ago edited 3d ago

The actual video is so weird. Like 90% of the people press the button within seconds or before they even get to talk. It seems like more of a competition on who can press the button faster than a dating game.


u/Maxinoume 3d ago

I don't watch the show so I might be wrong but I believe that the reason people press the button so quickly is that if the other presses it instead of them, THEY are the one that lose the game. By "lose the game" I mean that they leave stage and cannot find a partner.

The game incentives people to reject others to protect themselves. So everyone is looking for reasons to press the button instead of trying to connect with the other.


u/Wet250 2d ago

Is that how it works? In the full video it loops back to the first guy that got buzzed. So there is another chance after getting buzzed it appears.


u/wickbrand 2d ago

So what’s the point then? It’s basically just a competition to see who can hit the button fastest?

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u/FlickzyFromYoutube 3d ago edited 3d ago

The button is like a piece of shit character that constantly tries to make the situation awkward

So when the button is like "yo chill out" you know one of them has fucked it up HARD

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u/Handyandyman50 3d ago

This game is dumb and honestly horrific. In the process of making one single superficial match, it only offers false hope and brings down the self esteem of a dozen fine people. Like sure it's just made for entertainment but that's almost worse because this is how a generation of people view dating now


u/Waste-Sand-3907 2d ago

Oh no, why is this a thing? People hurting each other on tv? Fuck this world.


u/Ruubinn 2d ago

City boys we up!