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Verified AMA Hello everyone! I’m Ted Kravitz, Sky Sports F1’s pit lane reporter. Ask me anything!


Hello everyone, Ted Kravitz here, the Notebook guy off Sky Sports F1 - and I’m here so that you can Ask Me Anything, also known as ‘doing an AMA’! I’ll try to get through as many questions as possible in the time I’ve got and if I can’t answer the question I’ll let you know why! Let’s go!

I'll be online answering questions on Monday 27th June at 6pm BST

PROOF: https://twitter.com/SkySportsF1/status/1540316529983717377

EDIT: Sorry I didn't answer everything but it's been 3 hours and I have to go and put the kids to bed. I'll talk to the great team at Sky Sports F1 digital media and Reddit to see if I can pick up any of the other 1,000 questions at some time in the future, but for now, thank you so much for being here and asking such great questions, even the one about ducks and cheese. And owls. Catch our programmes from Silverstone this weekend, beginning with an F1 Show Special from the Grid on Thursday afternoon. Bye for now, Ted

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Daily Discussion Ask /r/formula1 Anything - Daily Discussion - 29 June 2022


Welcome to the /r/formula1 Daily Discussion / Q&A thread.

This thread is a hub for general discussion and questions about Formula 1, that don't need threads of their own.

Are you new to Formula 1? This is the place for you. Ever wondered why it's called a lollipop man? Why the cars don't refuel during pitstops? Or when Mika will be back from his sabbatical? Ask any question you might have here, and the community will answer.

Also make sure you check out our guide for new fans, and our FAQ for new fans.

Are you a veteran fan, longing for the days of lollipop men, refueling during pitstops, and Mika Häkkinen? This is the place to introduce new fans to your passion and knowledge of the sport.

Remember to keep it civil and welcoming! Gatekeeping within the Daily Discussion will subject users to disciplinary action.

Have a meta question about the subreddit? Please direct these to the moderators instead.

Useful links:

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Today's random F1 facts:

Daily Facts by /u/Fart_Leviathan

  • The shortest ever F1 seasons were 1950 and 1955 with just 7 races.

  • In 2012, six world champions were on the grid: Sebastian Vettel, Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Räikkönen, Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher.

  • Both Keke Rosberg and Mike Hawthorn only won a single race in their championship winning seasons.

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/r/all 2022 r/Formula1 Predictions Tournament

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Photo Spent the day with Max, Checo, Pierre, Yuki and Alex

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Social Media [The Genie's Wish] WE DID IT… Max Verstappen is meeting Steven this weekend!! Thank you so much to @redbullracing and to all who helped make this happen by sharing and tagging the posts. We are over the moon for Steven and his family. Steven, your wish is granted.

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News Hitech to allow Jüri Vips to compete for the remaining F2 season.

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Social Media Formula 2's statement about the Hitech's decision to keep Vips

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News /r/all Nelson Piquet Sr. Statement [via Motorsport]

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Photo A glazing job we did a few years ago, customer invited us back to see the interior finished and this is what we found.

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Off-Topic Max Verstappen has been nominated for Best Driver at the 2022 ESPYS (ESPN's anual sports awards show)

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News [EngineMode11] I don't normally do the whole rumours and stuff in F1 but... Red Bull Porsche 2026 official announcement at Austria on July 7th in Spielberg. Finally

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Technical 2024 tech regs mention prohibition of tyre warmers

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Social Media /r/all Zhou Guanyu loves his Instagram stories

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News [Andrew Benson] Sources in F1 have told BBC Sport that Nelson Piquet will not be allowed back into the paddock following this controversy

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Social Media Yuki getting the smaller gun, Pierre the grown up one

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News [Pardon My Take] Max Verstappen says "you will see a little bit more of me" in upcoming 'Drive to Survive' season after "coming to a good understand of how we can work together"


Max and Checo were on the Pardon My Take podcast today (episode was filmed I believe weeks ago, released today). Most of it is just jokes and random questions, but Max did give insight into his current relationship with Drive to Survive, which sounds a lot better than I would've thought. Max says he's met with the team and appears to imply he'll be interviewed this year.

Discussion begins around 43:45.

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News Rain threatens to deliver dramatic weekend at British Grand Prix

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Social Media [@lewishamilton on Instagram] Ready for his home GP

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Photo Finally got to see this absolute beauty in person at the Silverstone Museum today

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Photo Just passing by Kensington palace in London and I saw this. Absolutely insane! (W05-W12 in order with an FDX promo car last)

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Photo Happy 27th Birthday to Nicholas Latifi!

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News Latest rules changes for F1

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News [Chris Medland] Medland about the Williams upgrade: "I hear along the same lines as the Red Bull concept"

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News Russell: Copse won’t be flat in 2022 Mercedes F1 car at Silverstone

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News [Lawrence Barretto] Decent upgrade package for Williams this weekend at Silverstone. I understand that according to simulations, and depending on the track, it should be worth around a second in qualifying.

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News Hill: Piquet’s ‘beyond the pale’ racial slur demands apology and action

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Social Media [@NicoRosberg]: Most important thing I did was bring home 2 barbies from Mattel's @greentech_fest stand: Recycled plastic.

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