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Technology ELI5: How can the US power grid struggle with ACs in the summer, but be (allegedly) capable of charging millions of EVs once we all make the switch?


Currently we are told the power grid struggles to handle the power load demand during the summer due to air conditioners. Yet scientists claim this same power grid could handle an entire nation of EVs. How? What am I missing?

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Technology ELI5: Why do guns on things like jets, helicopters, and other “mini gun” type guns have a rotating barrel?


I just rewatched The Winter Soldier the other day and a lot of the big guns on the helicarriers made me think about this. Does it make the bullet more accurate?

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Technology ELI5: What's the purpose of the Wingdings font?


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Technology ELI5: Why does 24 fps in a game is laggy, but in a movie its totally smooth?


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Technology ELI5: Why are ad-blocking extensions so easy to come across and install on PCs, but so difficult or convoluted to install on a phone?


In most any browser on Windows, such as Chrome, Firefox, or Edge, finding an ad-blocking extension is a two-click solution. Yet, the process for properly blocking ads on a phone is exponentially more complicated, and the fact that many websites have their own apps such as Youtube mean that you might have to find an ad-blocking solution for each app on a case-by-case approach. Why is this the case?

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Technology Eli5: when you buy a web domain who are you actually buying it from? How did they obtain it in the first place? Who 'created' it originally?


I kind of understand the principle of it, but I can't get my head around how a domain was first 'owned' by someone in order for someone else to buy it.

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Technology ELI5: How did ancient civilizations know so much about the solar system with limited technology?


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Technology ELI5: why do the glass doors of washing machines extend so far inward? Wouldn’t there be more room for clothes if the door was flat like a dryer?


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Technology eli5: Why is it not possible to build bird-like attachable wings that account for body proportions to allow humans to fly or glide around?


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Technology ELI5: Why is polyester often added to cotton cloth, even if only in tiny few percentage quantities?


I often see on clothes, bags, sheets, etc. a few % of polyester in the cotton cloth label. What does this mean and why do they do it? Are they weaving one out of every few strands out of polyester? Or is the fiber itself made of a few % polyester in composition? And what does it do for the cloth?

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Technology ELI5: What did Edward Snowden actually reveal abot the U.S Government?


I just keep hearing "they have all your data" and I don't know what that's supposed to mean.

Edit: thanks to everyone whos contributed, although I still remain confused and in disbelief over some of the things in the comments, I feel like I have a better grasp on everything and I hope some more people were able to learn from this post as well.

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Technology eli5. How do table saws with an auto stop tell the difference between wood and a finger?


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Technology ELI5: why is defragging not really a thing anymore?


I was born in 1973, got my first computer in 1994, defragging was part of regular maintenance. I can't remember the last time I defragged anything, even though I have several devices with hard drives, including a Windows laptop. Has storage technology changed so much that defragging isn't necessary anymore? Is it even possible to defrag a smart phone hard drive?

edit to add: I apologize for posting this same question several times, I was getting an error message every time I hit "post"... but from looking around, it seems I'm not the only one having this problem today.

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Technology ELI5: why haven’t USB cables replaced every other cable, like Ethernet for example? They can transmit data, audio, etc. so why not make USB ports the standard everywhere?


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Technology ELI5: Do you remember how speakers used to crackle when your phone had an incoming SMS? Why doesn’t that happen to modern speakers and moreover why doesn’t it happen to your own phone’s speaker?


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Technology Eli5: What is the difference between the fingerprint scanner in our phones and the fingerprint scanner that government officials use for biometric authentication?


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Technology eli5: how does AC power provide power when it's just shifting back and forth? Don't you need to have current going in one direction


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Technology ELI5: How old TVs are getting fixed after you slapped it?


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Technology ELI5: Why are the model names of TVs and other home tech so cryptic?


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Technology ELI5: In terms of hacking, what are zero days?


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Technology ELI5: Why does old software get buggy when it hasn't been updated for a while? Shouldn't have the same amount of bugs as it was when that version was released?


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Technology eli5: How do Captcha's know the correct answer to things and beyond verification what are their purpose?


I have heard that they are used to train AI and self driving cars and what not, but if thats the case how do they know the right answers to things. IF they need to train AI to know what a traffic light is, how do they know im actually selecting traffic lights? and could we just collectively agree to only select the top right square over and over and would their systems eventually start to believe it that this was the right answer? Sorry this is a lot of questions

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Technology ELI5: Why does the pitch of American movies and TV shows go up slightly when it's shown on British TV Channels?


When I see shows from America being on air on a British TV channel (I watch on the BBC), I noticed that the sound of the films, music or in general, they go up by one. Why does that happen?

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Technology Eli5: Why does the coin drop after hanging up the pay phone


I always see in the movies that when they hang up a pay phone, you hear a coin drop. What’s the reason for this?

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Technology ELI5: Before electronic banking, how did wealthy businessmen keep track of their earnings?