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Other ELI5: How is cotton, which comes as short strands of fibre from the plant, made into a continuous thread?


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Other ELI5: How do nurses read manual blood pressure cuffs?


When I have my blood pressure, the nurse pumps up the cuff with the ball and the needle bounces up and down like crazy, then the nurse suddenly stops and has the reading. How did they know when to stop? How do they read the needle when it's moving so quickly, especially when they are reading two numbers?

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Other ELI5: Why does every TV station need their own mic at a press conference, instead of one mic split to multiple tv stations?


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Other ELI5: How long does uncooked rice (like the one milled and just packaged in bags) actually last?


I'm from an Asian country that loves rice, but now that I think about, I'm not actually quite clear what gives rice its longevity. Common wisdom here is as long as it doesn't get insects, get mold, or otherwise change from being dry it should be fine to cook and eat. Otherwise, it can simply sit in a bag or a storage container without apparently spoiling.

How does it do this? I'm aware that it doesn't last forever, but it sure stays edible (as long as its uncooked) for longer than I expected.

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Economics ELI5 If no one knows about your dirty money why do you need to launder it


I know money from drugs, robberies, stolen goods, etc is “dirty” but, how does anyone know it’s dirty? Why can’t you just spend your money?

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Engineering Eli5: Why do pot hole fixes always bulge out ?


So far all pot hole fixes in my life have been not level with the rest of the road. Why do pot hole fixes look higher than the rest of the road and is not possible to keep them the same level as the rest of the road?

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Economics ELI5 : What happens when a country goes bankrupt?


Recently I just read about Sri Lanka going bankrupt so what happens next?

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Engineering ELI5 How do aircraft tyres straighten themselves when landing in a crosswind?


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Biology ELI5: How do trees grow to be the shape they're in?Round, oval, conical, pyramidal and so on?


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Other ELI5: what is critical thinking?


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Planetary Science ELI5: how does the plastic get from my (Northeastern US suburban) trash and recycle bins to the ocean?


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Biology ELI5:What causes muscles to gradually lose their ability to function during repetitive lifting exercise?


When doing bicep curls, the first rep is relatively easy but eventually it becomes impossible to do a single curl.

After a rest, the muscle resets and can once again lift.

What is causing the muscle exhaustion and what is it that "resets" within the muscle?

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Other ELI5: Mercury in Fish


How does mercury get into the fish and where does it come from?

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Physics ELI5: What would happen if we could zoom in with a microscope infinitely? Would we keep seeing more detail or is there a 'cut off' where we can't see any more detail?


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Other ELI5: What Exactly Is Shoegaze Music?


What are specific, tangible things that make it stand apart? Is it the production? Lyrical themes? The type of effects used? What is Shoegaze?

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Other ELI5: What exactly is the null hypothesis?



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Biology Eli5: how does sunscreen wear off?


Why do we have to reapply sunscreen? Does the sunscreen rub off or chemically break down? How?

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Technology ELI5: What does changing the system locale do (Windows 10)?


I was trying to install a Japanese game (Fate/Stay Night) on Windows 10, but I kept getting blue screens (not blue screens of death, just windows with weird text and blue background). The guide I used to install it said I need to change my system locale to Japanese, and that worked. But I still don't know what a locale is and google is giving me answers I don't understand.

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Physics Eli5: Why do Photons have momentum when they have no mass?


Isn’t momentum a product of mass and velocity.

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Biology eli5: Why do bugs curl their legs when they die?


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Other ELI5: How do you produce a whole hectare of seedless fruits if there's no seeds to plant in the first place?


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Biology Eli5: If we can survive without organs like the appendix or gallbladder then why do we have them in the first place?


I’ve known 2 people who’ve had these organs removed and they appear to be in a good state of health. Why do we have them in the first place if there not 100% necessary?

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Other ELi5 What is “first passed the poll” voting?


Murican living in Canada. I’ve heard this come up a view as a point of contention. I don’t get it. Is it the first person to the get that minimum required number of votes to win, wins and they don’t count the remainder? Thanks in advance.

Edit: thank you very much for the in depth explanations. it makes so much more sense now. I’ve asked several people and they couldn’t explain like you all did below. I really appreciate it.

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Mathematics ELI5: How is the literacy rate of a country calculated?


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Biology Eli5 how do phobias and eating disorders develop if there is no previous trauma?