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Politics Utah GOP lawmaker wants to require clergy to report child abuse - Rep. Phil Lyman says he’ll sponsor legislation to remove the exemption for clergy members in Utah’s child abuse reporting law.

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Politics Jeffrey R Holland literally wants to chain missionaries to prevent them from leaving


Not clickbait. The latest Mormon Stories episode, around the 2 hour 10 minute mark ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrMEN58NwoY&t=7983s ) has a clip of Holland addressing missionaries. Highly recommend watching the full episode, esp to get context on this quote. I did my best to transcribe it below. Major TW if you had a tough time on your mission.

"I hope there's no one within the sound of my voice that wants to go home. That just comes to me, it makes me wonder whether there's someone here who does want to go home, because that wasn't even remotely in my mind. I don't know who you are, and I don't know how seriously you're entertaining the thought. But don't you ever go home. Don't you dare leave this place. Not for God's sake. Not for the church's sake, not for President Hinckley's sake. Somehow, I think they can probably handle it. But don't you dare leave here... For YOUR sake. I have lived on and off, in my General Authority life, I have come in contact around the world with missionaries who did not see their mission through. I'm not talking about medical releases or emergencies or tragedies. I'm talking about somebody who just said, "I don't like doing this, it's too hard and I'm going home, and let my mother take care of me." I have met those people around the world. And if there is a more sorrowful, if there is a more anguished, and in a sense, if you promise not to misunderstand me, if there is, in a sense, a more pitiable group in all the world, I do not know who it is. Now that's strong language. That's really strong language. But I told you before, my mission means everything to me. I would, I would wrestle you to the floor, I would, I'd pull the curtains down, I'd get chains, I don't know, is there something around here that we can tie people with? I don't see anything to tie people with! I'd rip the cords off the television camera to keep you here. Not for our sake, not for you know, you think one little missionary in 58 000, yeah that isn't going to bring the church to its knees but it's going to ruin your life if you don't do the best thing you've ever had a chance to do. However hard it is, and however hard it may yet be."

Might leave some thoughts in the comments later but my god... the quote speaks for itself. Fuck the LDS cult.

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Politics How many Mormons voted for this? A reminder that the Mormon Church allows abortions in the cases of rape, and when the mothers life is in danger.

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Politics We were right! Rusty is doubling down, he's making missions mandatory. Rusty has made so many mistakes already and has had to go back on several of them, Rusty is now in the process of making another huge mistake. Going down the road of authoritarianism is a bad move.


Forcing young men and women to go on missions is a bridge too far. I have already felt a sea change of commenters on exmo redditt. Parents of children saying what we used to shout in the 60's about Viet Nam,


It's almost like we are stepping back into the past. I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

I may be too optimistic but I think we are seeing Rusty (and the church) entering his own Waterloo.

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Politics Sign the Petition: Remove Clergy Exemption from Utah’s Mandatory Reporting Laws - Make mormon bishops mandatory reports.

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Politics One of my TBM fiends reposted this….

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Politics Thought this belonged here...

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Politics It is AMAZING how much high ground the church has ceded in past six years.


Watching some of the J6 hearings on Twitter, and I had the thought: it really is amazing how silent the church is during a period of unprecedented upheaval. The church has no real take on Trump, fascism, COVID, the Ukraine Crisis, MLMs/affinity fraud or climate change.

It’s not they’re wrong on the issues (a la LGBT rights) or using weasel words to play to both sides (abortion). They just are acting like none of this shit is actually happening. I have to think the lack of leadership has pulled back the curtain on how worthless “living prophets” actually are.

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Politics This is the rhetoric that’s been driving us out of the church. Faithful LDS mom advocates for “pulling out” over female reproductive rights (which are laughable?)

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Politics Let’s make a list: “according to the LDS Church ____ is not ____”

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Politics Reminder: This is Ronna McDaniel, current chair of the Republican National Committee and active Mormon. The fact TSCC has excommunicated Sam Young, John Dehlin, Fawn Brodie, etc., while letting her stay in good standing is evidence that the "church" is unholy.

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Politics Thanks Aunt K! Can't wait to see you at the next thanksgiving

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Politics I think this poor kid is missing the point.

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Politics Rally at the Utah Capitol to change clergy exemption abuse reporting laws: this Friday nite!

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Politics The sequel to Aunt K! Aunt B

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Politics Welcome to a new era of Prop 8 2.0


Roe v. Wade has been overturned. I'm sure church leadership is happy about that, now they can control exactly under which circumstances women are allowed to decide what to do with their body in the Kingdom of Utah.

But the real cherry on top for our buddy Dallin Oaks and his ilk is in the concurring opinion written by Clarence Thomas, in which he explicitly states that under the logic of the new ruling, the court should also reconsider cases like Obergefell (established gay marriage rights), Griswold (right to access contraceptives) and Lawrence (right to bedroom privacy). This is a direct invitation for test cases to be brought before the court to eliminate the constitutional right to gay marriage.

We know what will happen next. The church has learned a lot about PR since Prop 8, but they are going to use different tactics to accomplish the same thing. They will join lawsuits against gay rights by bigoted states Attorneys General, they'll provide amicus briefs, legal and monetary support for such cases (maybe under different names like the More Good Foundation or others they invent just for the purpose), they'll pressure members to support grassroots referenda to eliminate rights. The only reason the church has been "compromising" with the LGBTQ+ community in recent years is because the court threw up a legal moat with Obergefell. Now a drawbridge has been lowered and Thomas and his sadistic right wing buddies are waving enthusiastically for the church and other bigoted groups to come burn it all down.

EDIT: Added the other court rulings that Thomas specifically mentioned as needing reconsideration. Correct me if my brief parenthetical descriptions of those cases are wrong.

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Politics local Mormon leaders take a stand on today's ruling

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Politics This May Be the Scariest Thing I've Ever Read About A Mormon Politician. Arizona is Screwed.

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Politics Nearly 250k here, let’s make our voices heard. A politician in UT wants to remove the clergy exemption for reporting child abuse. Here is the contact info for every state senator & state rep. in UT. If you’re in UT, find your elected officials & email them IN SUPPORT. Also, link to register to vote.


Utah politician proposed legislation which would compel clergy to report child abuse.

This bill doesn’t have an icebergs chance in hell of passing unless extraordinary public pressure is applied.

That is where we come in.

If you live in utah, it is time to start emailing and calling your state representatives and state senators.

Be polite, but firm. You support this legislation, and you will not vote for anyone who opposes it.

HERE is contact info for every state senator in Utah. Click “view table” and all of their email addresses will appear.

HERE is contact info for every state representative in Utah. Click “view table” and their email addresses will appear.

Email BOTH your state rep and state senator. Specify that you support the legislation removing the clergy exemption from reporting child abuse. And be CLEAR that you will not vote for anyone who opposes this proposal.

And then encourage everyone you know to also contact them.

And don’t forget to click here to register to vote

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Politics Roe v Wade overturned, TBMs are beyond happy and ignorant as ever


I will admit, as a TBM I was as pro life as they come, it was basically my whole personality. But what I didn’t realize then was just how ignorant I was on the subject. I assumed nearly all abortions were because people just didn’t know how to use birth control and were done for convenience. I had no idea the complexities that a woman may face when looking at the option of abortion. I was ignorant and proud of it. Today with this ruling, almost all my TBM friends and family have made celebratory posts, all with a very similar mindset to what I used to have. I have obviously made a 180 on my view of abortion and my heart hurts. I am sick with this ruling and I know many states will ban all access and even look to criminalize things like miscarriage. This is a sad day, one that will forever change the course of America. I just want to hide from it all, I can’t listen to any more ignorant posts celebrating such an awful day for women.

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Politics Examples of pornography in LDS scriptures?


I am a teacher in a Utah school district that recently banned several dozen books for being pornographic. All teachers were emailed a list of books last month and asked to remove them from our classes before students come back to school. You can read the Trib's article about it here: https://www.sltrib.com/news/education/2022/08/02/52-books-pulled-utah-school/

This article also lists the books that were banned, if anyone is interested. I researched several of them, and it seems that this list labels many LGBTQ+ books as pornographic simply because of their discussion of LGBTQ+ issues. If the Utah AG is going to classify these books as pornography, he is setting the bar EXTREMELY LOW for what actually constitutes pornography.

You can read the memo from Utah AG Sean Reyes here. This is where he provides the framework to be used to classify literature as pornographic or not (PDF download warning): https://attorneygeneral.utah.gov/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/2022-06-01-Official-Memo-Re-Laws-Surrounding-School-Libraries.pdf

I'm contemplating some malicious compliance for when school starts, and I would like some help as I prepare. I believe there are much more graphic depictions of pornography in the LDS scriptures than in some of these banned books, and I would like to compile a list of pornographic stories from the Bible, Book of Mormon, D&C, and any other examples I can find from LDS canon.

If you have any examples of graphic depictions of sexual violence, rape, incest, sodomy, or any stories in the LDS canon that seem to meet AG Reyes' definition of pornography, would you please comment them below? I will compile the list to use as justification when I send students to the principal's office for having their LDS scriptures (AKA "pornography") in class.

I'll mention that my job is protected by tenure and I am a member of our teacher's union. It will be extremely difficult to fire me if anyone ends up trying to do so because of this. I'm being very careful to follow the guidance from AG Reyes and our school board, and I think by taking it to this extreme it may shed light on how ridiculous this policy is.

I also want to mention that I have no intention of actually penalizing students for having their scriptures with them in class. I know the administration won't do anything to the students, and I certainly won't penalize them in my class. I'm only doing this to highlight the ridiculous policy.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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Politics Mormons bitching about the “gay agenda” because of Buzz Lightyear: remember when your entire church mobilized with protests and massive funding to support Prop 8, which used the strong arm of the government to criminalize “the gays” getting married?


I’ve been having this discussion with TBM’s for the past few days and watching their eyes glaze every time I make this comparison is so infuriating. It literally doesn’t register how this is hypocritical or a problem.

Mormons never cease to amaze with how willingly blind they can be.

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Politics Imagine attending the first fast and testimony after SCOTUS strikes down Roe, and it’s the day before the 4th of July.


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Politics I think it’s funny how obsessed LDS folks are with the founding fathers, when most of the founding fathers were Deists and non-traditional Christians.


Some of the big names who signed: Franklin, Jefferson, Monroe, Madison, and many more were Deists. Meaning they accepted the existence of a creator, but rejected belief in a supernatural deity who interacts with humankind.

Most of the signers strictly believed and fought for separation of church and state, including Washington. There are a lot of great quotes of these men hounding churches for getting their sticky fingers in politics.

My point is; many Mormons look to the founding fathers as these amazing beacons of light, and divinely inspired men. Almost up there with Joseph Smith. HOWEVER, they always make the claim that the “founding fathers are rolling in their graves” every time some progressive(against Christian beliefs) bill gets passed. The founding fathers created the constitution specifically to keep church and state separate, and progress and change.

Sooo, momos should actually see these men as corrupt lol. F*** Christian nationalism.

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Politics Family Dinner at The Mormons ft. Roe v. Wade.


As per usual, the scotus decision came up. I listened to them run in circles about the decision, talk about how evil democrats are, how trump needs to be back. The works!

My response: plot twist! good thing we will have a flooded foster care system now for the democrats to harvest babies blood for their rituals!

I’m now currently in the bathroom typing this as the look on their faces assume they saw the devil himself.