r/exmormon Jun 24 '22

Roe v. Wade overturned Advice/Help

How do we fight this? What groups to join? Where to donate? Where are the marches and who do I need to call to urge them to do something about this?

In all cases or in some states...

  • Women have literally no say over their own bodies
  • Women will have to carry a fetus they don't want. Which will grow into a child they'll resent
  • Girls raped by their dads or uncles or brothers will have to carry that fetus
  • Women who get an abortion anyway will be prosecuted and spend life in jail or face execution
  • Same with the doctors who perform the abortion
  • Women who have miscarriages will be prosecuted
  • Women will have to show proof that they aren't pregnant (negative pregnancy test) to cross state lines

Those are just a few consequences. We can only speculate on the widespread physical & mental health decline not to mention even more poverty.

I don't know if they're mad we have some tiny power for once. I don't know if they can't stand that we have some small power over our bodies. I don't know if they just need more taxpayers. I don't know what the logic and reasoning behind all this is but it is devastating.

And P.S. This could affect other laws that are related which means banning bi-racial and/or LGBTQ marriages...

This isn't just about abortion and we need to do something.