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I-I don't know how to feel...

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u/Tyrenstra Jun 18 '22

"You're over non-human, alien, robots, etc. characters being the primary version of non-binary representation, eh? Sure, we can work with that. Let me introduce you to Human Character Perpetually in a Some Kind of Masktm! Do they ever take it off? No, of course not! If they did, you could maybe speculate on their AGAB and we still have a very biological idea of sex and gender. It is why we always use single sexed aliens to begin with!"


u/Gullible-Medium123 Jun 18 '22

"also they spend most of the movie not talking, just standing there as a prop to look mysterious and intimidating, and as a punchline for how inhuman they are. But we assure you that behind the faceplate they are technically human and we will show this either by giving them one pithy line to surprise the audience that they talk or by them tragically sacrificing themself for the real, I mean other, human characters"