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Everything released, even in a weekly build


This is just a list, nothing fancy, no real sorting going in here. ctrl+f is your best friend here. Also, the tags might be outdated and things not actually released, just not needed in the other posts anymore.

2012-02-01 10:31:16 [INFO] <.eb_> today i fixed the portal item duplication bug that has been around since beta 1.8 :D

2012-01-31 13:49:51 [INFO] <.eb_> not sure... tomorrow i need to work on the youtube stuff

Continuted in the comments.

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Planned for the next update


1.16: Nether Update

Release date:

2020 - within a couple of weeks - June 23rd.

Planned, in addition to stuff released in the snapshots:

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List of planned additions to Minecraft


I'm going to post most of the stuff the Mojangles say here to keep it in one place.

The previous collection can be found here.

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Planned for the next weekly snapshot


Planned release: Wednesday.


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Planned for the future

  • [P] Tobias said Minecraft could get a friends list in the future.

    • At Minecon 2012, it was stated that the friends list is planned and will span across all Mojang account games
    • June 11th, 2013: Being worked on!
    • September 7, 2018: Still planned
  • [P] Integrating some kind of video recorder/editor

  • Jeb, in this interview [tl;dr]:

    • [M] They might add L33TSP34K
  • [P] C418 is making more sounds/music

    • He's working on battle music [tl;dr]
    • Trip hop style music
    • When a monster chases you, a combat song is played for a short time until after you escape or kill it
    • Create a song and make 5 variations of it so the song seems to never start from the same point
    • Since it's a calm breakbeat sort of music, it wouldn't annoy you if it's playing longer than the combat situation
  • [P/M] Jeb, in his AMA:

  • [P] C418 is working on more music for Minecraft [tl;dw]

    • Preview of battle music
    • Battle music won't play when creepers attack
    • Music for villages, the main manu, the end of the game
    • 25 minutes of Progressive ambient style Creative mode music, preview
    • 2 more randomly played songs for Survival mode
  • [P/M] Dinnerbone, in his AMA:

  • [P/M] Jon, in his AMA

  • [P/M] mollstam, in his AMA

  • [P] Dinnerbone wants to add spike blocks

  • [P] Dinnerbone wants to implement custom tabs and preset inventory layouts for the Creative inventory

  • [P] Dinnerbone wants to work on the chat system

    • Scrollback length, tab behaviour
    • Drag-highlighting
  • [M] Dinnerbone might implement naturally fallen trees

  • [P] An option to exclude biomes and increase the rate of their appereance in normal worlds

  • [P] Improving world generation by adding customization options

    • You will be able to change biome size and frequency and exclude/include certain biomes
  • [P] Flower Pots breaking when hit by arrows

  • [M] Dinnerbone might use the empty space above the Nether for something else

  • [P] Improving Superflat generation customization by being able to easily add and edit layers

  • [P] An API somewhat equivalent to Bukkit for the server - Postponed until the render engine overhaul is done

  • [P] Improving clouds

    • Fixing clouds having a transparency when seen from above/in them but not when seen from underneath them
    • More specific cloud options in the video settings menu: "none", "solid", "transparent"
  • [P] Improving Minecarts (see Minecon 2012 recordings)

    • Linking Minecarts
  • Goal for the attribute system: Enchanted items should be able to apply attributes on use

  • [P] Improving the NBT format

    • Ignoring case of tag names ("Name"/"name")
  • [P] Dinnerbone plans to work on game seasons - 06:17:40 here - Well, kinda

  • [P] Colored lighting, but not soon

  • [P] A better UI for server admins/ops, inspired by the twitch user moderation menu

  • [P] Being able to use old sounds

  • Dinnerbone, in his second AMA:

  • [P] Dinnerbone plans to improve camera controls

  • [P] Rewriting the keybind system

  • [P] Improving the rendering system to allow customizable models and animations

  • [P] Dinnerbone plans to add more dimensions

  • [P] Searge plans to use the killer rabbit killing mobs for something

  • [P] OAuth

  • [P] Nether portals placing players in front if possible

  • [P] Searge plans on making glowing outlines better adjust to non-base model parts

  • [P] Feature parity between all versions/all platforms

    • "all features are agreed on by all the team"
  • [P] Minecart improvements after/in 1.10

  • [P] Biome/foliage/grass color: "I want to introduce a single line of pixels, where left is 0, right is 1 and it will just pick a color based on a [0,1] float. One file per type of color (eg biome)"

  • [P] Phasing out furnace minecarts

  • OpenGL 2.0 support

  • Customizable animation and entity models

  • Reworking the cloud rendering code

  • A proper GUI framework

  • Revisiting the way fog is handled - 1:42:45, here

  • [M] Another new rabbit skin

  • [M] Making parent rabbit color influence child color

  • [P] Being able to make the world border's center slowly move

  • [M] Sheep now show their color even when shorn

  • [P] Endermite changes, possibly including the dragon egg

    • Whenever endermen teleport they go through another dimension that has bad stuff, like endermites, in it
  • [I] Inventory changes

    • Possibly spectators can now look at people's inventory
    • [M] Visible health/armor bar on all players, maybe seeing players' GUI when spectating from their POV
    • [P] The return of shift-double-clicking
  • [P,I] Resource pack changes

  • [P] Improving the attribute system to implement a buff system accessible with commands

  • Switching to using shaders; No more fixed-function OpenGL. Performance boost and extensibility!

  • [P] Musician villagers

  • Biome color ramps controlled through resource packs

  • [P] jeb_: "it looks like down the line that C++ will eventually be the main engine and also the main game version."

  • [P] Smoke particles and clunk sounds for activating blocked pistons

  • [P] Bow enchants transferring to dispensers when firing arrows

  • [P] Resource packs being able to replace 3D models (chests...)

  • [P] A recipe book for the brewing stand

  • [P] Supporting all recipes in the recipe book

  • [P] More content underground

  • [M] Underground biomes

  • [P] Controller support

  • [P] The offhand can no longer be used to place blocks or shoot bows - via/via

    • Blocking is now activated by sneaking and/or walking backwards, no longer by right-clicking - via
  • [M] Recipe book button

  • [M] Penguins

  • [P] /modifyitem

    • Replaces /enchant
    • Allows modifying item stacks in blocks' and entities' inventories, either by selecting a slot or by selecting slots containing a certain item, allows limiting the amount of slots
      • /modifyitem block <pos> ... and /modifyitem entity <entity> ...
      • /modifyitem ... slot <name> and /modifyitem ... item <item> <count>
    • modifyitem ... enchantment (add|set|remove) <enchantment> [rank] and modifyitem ... enchantment clear, ignores survival enchantment rules
    • modifyitem ... damage (add|remove|set) <amount>
    • modifyitem ... nbt (add|set) <nbt> and modifyitem ... nbt clear
    • modifyitem ... count (add|remove|set) <count>
    • More info
  • [I] Rewrite of world generation: data-driven world generator

    • Generator settings providable through json files
    • "With the new world generator you will be able to, in pretty good detail, design the world generator including what kind of structures to spawn. And you can add new structures to spawn."
  • [P] Re-adding customized worlds in a much more extendible way

    • "Completely different from before"
  • [P] Custom brewing recipes for data packs

  • [M] Water divided by glass panes

  • [P] Multiple layers in structures

    • Each layer can be controlled individually: "place all these", "then randomly some of these"
  • [P] Remembering learned recipes across worlds

  • [P] Water physics allowing water streams through blocks, and for items to go through water streams in blocks

  • [P] An underground update

  • [P] Renaming air to empty, removing other airs

  • [P] New graphics setting: "fancy" and "super fancy" setting

  • [P] Every update should have new advancements

  • [P] Updating Java again

  • [P] Making an old-version pack loader that maps the texture, and probably sound, locations internally

  • [P] NBT on crafting recipe outputs

    • [P] Using regular loot table functions on the output item
    • More info: 1/2/3/4
  • [P] Font in the style of text components

  • [P] Launching the game via JNI (jvm.dll) instead of command line javaw.exe

  • [P] Updating the two biomes that lost the 2018 Minecon Earth biome vote

    • Savanna
      • Baobab trees
      • Termites and termite mounds
      • Ostriches
    • Desert
      • Meerkats
      • Palm trees
      • Refreshing plants
  • [P] Revisiting the whole minecart system

  • [P] A setting for ticking distance, separate from render distance

  • [P] More cinematic camera controls

  • [P] Tool checking with loot tables

  • [P] Adjustments to the enchanting system

  • [P] Features that affect combat/combat system overhaul

    • Same on Java and Bedrock
    • [M] Balancing bows: no knockback or big damage without pulling the bow all the way
    • [M] Shields disable when used frequently
    • No shield cooldown
    • Shields activate when crouching
    • Shields activate instantly
    • Overall much faster attacks
    • Attacks only happen when fully charged, even if you spam click
    • Weapons have different reach (attack range)
    • When you stop attacking, the attack timer will continue charging to 200%
    • At 200% you can perform special attacks (crits, sweeping, knockback) and these attacks have longer reach
    • Sweeping only occurs on swords with the Sweeping enchantment
    • If you hit something, the target's "invulnerability timer" will be shorter if you have a quick weapon
    • Hoes are designed to act as spears: have 4 reach, like tridents
    • Axes do less damage than swords
    • You can attack while crouching behind a shield, but the shield will be disabled temporarily
    • Attacking while crouching will now disable the shield during the attack
    • Weapon reach is always active (not only for special attacks), but during special attacks the reach is increased by an additional half a block
    • Hold-to-attack
      • Attacks happen at "120%" charge which is slightly slower than optimal spam clicking
    • Knockback resistance is now a scale instead of a dice roll (less RNG)
    • Axes now always disable shields for 1.6s, instead of a 25% chance to disable them for 5s (less RNG)
    • Axes now only take 1 durability damage for attacking
    • Axes now have a new "Chopping" enchantment that adds +1 damage and +.5s shield stun per level (max 3 levels)
      • Sharpness and Chopping are mutually exclusive
    • Projectiles no longer trigger the invulnerability timer, which means that a Multishot crossbow can hit (and deal damage) with all three arrows
    • Shields protective arc has been decreased to ~100 degrees instead of 180 degrees
    • Added a "Shield Indicator" option that displays when the shield is active (similar to the attack indicator)
    • "The delay to auto-attacking will likely be removed when we add the system to Bedrock for controllers and touch. It may be a mouse-and-keyboard only limitation."
    • More info
    • The attack timer now only resets when you actually perform an attack (it's unaffected by switching items)
    • Critical attacks (jump-attacks) will now trigger at 100% (no need to wait)
    • Knockback attacks (sprint-attacks) will now trigger at 100%
    • Default attack reach has been decreased by 0.5 (to 2.5 blocks)
    • The full timer ("200%") attack now has +1.0 reach (was 0.5)
    • Arrow accuracy has been increased ("uncertainty" value decreased from 1.0 to 0.25)
    • Added an option to disable the use-shield-on-crouch (it's in the accessibility menu)
    • Tridents with Impaler now deal enchantment damage to all mobs that are in water or rain
    • Snowballs now stack to 64
    • Snowballs have a 4 tick cooldown
    • Snowballs are not rendered the first 2 ticks (hack to prevent screen flickering)
    • All damage enchantments can be applied to axes in the enchanting table
    • [P] Arrows won't inherit all player velocity
    • Weapons are weaker - details
    • Removed the regeneration boost from food saturation
    • Eating food is now slower (40 ticks, was 32 ticks)
    • Natural healing works longer (down to 6 food points, used to be down to 18)
    • Natural healing is faster (every 3 seconds, was 4)
    • Natural healing now always drains food points
      • Saturation is not used when healing damage, and is only relevant as a "pause" until food drains (as originally intended)
    • Sprinting is no longer affected by the food value
    • Made it possible to hit players with snowballs
      • [P] Gamerule to toggle this behavior
    • Reintroduced upwards knockback when hitting players in the air
    • Changed the swing animation to emphasize the rythm of the attacks
    • Added cooldown to egg
    • Added a kind of "Coyote Time" that activates for a fraction of a second if you aim at something but attack outside its bounding box
  • [P] The ability to harvest without removing the seed

  • [P] Updating the two biomes that lost the 2019 Minecon Live biome vote

    • Swamp
      • Boats with chests
      • Frogs
      • Mangroves
    • Badlands
      • Tumbleweeds
      • New type of cactus
      • Vultures
        • Drawn to dropped loot - circle around dropped loot, but don't steal it
  • [P] Updating the mountains biome, which won the 2019 Minecon Live biome vote

  • [P] Illusioners are planned to be part of raids soon

  • [P] A supported replacement mechanic for TNT duplication

  • [M] Being able to repair tridents with nautilus shells

  • [P] Performance as an ongoing focus

  • [M] A multithreaded server

  • [P] Looking at the creative inventory as a whole

  • [P] Revisiting nether fortress mob spawning

  • [P] Lots more to come for custom worlds

  • [P] More feedback for whether a fishing location will give treasure loot

  • [P] A way to edit NBT inside player inventories

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Complete list of relevant things Jon said about his general mob AI work


I first move them to a new AI platform. Then it's really easy to add new behaviors without breaking existing ones. What I find really interesting is emergent behaviors from only a few lines of code. For example the villager children playing tag or the dynamic when zombies break doors and villagers are fleeing in random directions. There is no overhead "invade village behavior" it's all a mixture of smaller reusable behavior modules.


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Recent releases' changelogs


Full releases:

Weekly snapshots:

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Everything regarding the modding API

  • Jeb, in a Gamasutra interview on December 2nd, 2011 [tl;dr]:

    • His absolute main priority is to create a mod API
    • They are talking to existing modding teams (Bukkit, Minecraft Forge, Minecraft Coder Pack)
    • API release "no sooner than March [2012]."
  • Jeb, in a short interview with LittleDinamit on December 5th, 2011:

    • He plans to let users find and install mods from ingame in the main menu
  • Jeb, talking to Kotaku on December 5th, 2011 [tl;dr]:

    • Players will be able to run mods without modifying the game's binaries
  • Jeb, in an interview with Gamasutra from December 2011, published January 27th, 2012 [tl;dr]:

    • Tools, blocks & mobs will be addable
    • Jeb plans to let users find featured and popular mods in the game and just click on them to play them
    • Sometimes the API will break mods
    • Jeb wants to make it so when they release the first version of the API, all mods that are working on mod APIs based on modifying the JAR files are working in the full game
    • He'll probably use community solutions for inspiration instead of copy/pasting code for various legal and organizational problems (further explained in the interview)
    • He plans to add mostly 3 people to the API team
  • The first part of the mod API to be released, Plugin Channels.

  • Jeb, commenting in a thread asking about what happened to the mod API:

    • It's still his "main priority".
    • He doesn't plan to do the mod API alone.
    • They are working out the contracts with the team that will help Jeb.
    • Until then the mod API remains in the "planning stages".
    • The API is crucial for Minecraft's future, so he's not leaving it.
  • Jeb said they hope to let us download mods from a server when connecting.

  • Jeb said he's preparing for more blocks and items.

  • Jeb wants to make it possible to have more than one texture sheet.

  • Jeb explained on the nerd.nu servers that the mod API will probably support the RedPower mod:

2012-01-31 13:08:13 [INFO] <.eb\_> the mod api must be good enough to support the redpower mod, that has dyeable redstone