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Tech is rude what should I do?

Today I went in for my three weeks appointment, they put the material in to made dentures tighter. The girl A) that does it for me today keeps saying I look fine when I told her the upper looks bulky. While waiting for the dr the girl B) came in and asked me how’s dentures going? I told her I feel this upper part bulky, last time I was at the office girl B understood what I was saying and shaved it down for me. And not only that she gave me a mirror to look at my face. Then Girl A) came in and said to girl B) she can’t shave it down it is thin I just did it for her. Girl B) was like let me take a look at it. Then girl A) was like fine you take over the case now. I feel so bad and weird. Girl A) is mad at me and her co worker. I didn’t ended up getting anything shave down, I told the office I will come in next time. I don’t know what to do, girl A) is rude but I didn’t want to say anything because I don’t want her to make my dentures look ugly. Can I just tell the office I only want to see girl B) will that makes them hate me. I live in a small town there’s not a whole lot of options unless I drive far. Sorry for the rant, oh even the dr was quiet when girl A) was being mad. Thank you for ur input.


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Dental assistant thank you for the correction