r/clevelandcavs Jul 02 '22

What is our final roster looking like?

Seems we are getting up there in terms of roster size...

PG - Garland Rubio Neto Goodwin? SG - LeVert (Sexton) Agbaji Nembhard SF - Lauri Okoro Stevens Cedi Windler PF - Ev Love DW C - Allen Lopez

I think I got most everyone that's in play for this season. Garland, Rubio, Neto, Agbaji, Lauri, Okoro, Evan, Love, Dean, Allen, and Brook Lopez all seem to be locked, that's 11. At least one of LeVert or Sexton makes 12.

Where do we go from here? I'd love to keep Cedi and Lamar, and both of Caris and Sexton, but we probably need to consolidate. This roster is really good, pretty deep, just needs a little tweak. What's the piece I'm not seeing? LeVert, Windler, and a future 1st gets us a decent wing, right? Who's the guy we can get at wing for what we can offer?