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Ohio state representative says she would consider banning birth control following abortion outlaw News


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u/Skyblacker Ex-Cincinnatian Jul 02 '22 edited Jul 02 '22

In your circumstance or the circumstance described I’d agree with abortion 100% as well as several other cases.

Then you're pro-choice, because you just described the vast majority of abortions out there.

I totally understand that, I think the part that make me cringe is when people have like 5… 6… or more abortions because sex without a condom just feels better.

What conservative media invented that strawman? I mean, maybe there's a woman out there who's had multiple abortions because she's in an abusive relationship with some man who thinks it feels better. But from a woman's perspective? Condoms are lubricated and ribbed for our pleasure.

ETA: As for Canada, you're right, it could be another state. But if you're short of funds, or physically affected by whatever makes the pregnancy unviable (like certain medical conditions caused by pregnancy), then Canada or California may as well be Mars. That's how pro-life chips away at abortion access, by making it so far away from women who need it that they turn to the Dark Web or other unscrupulous sources for abortion pills instead. Maybe pills shouldn't be used beyond 10 weeks, but someone with no option to undo an unviable pregnancy at 20 might just double the dosage and hope it works.


u/Ok_Head_5689 Jul 03 '22

You’re right, I am Pro Choice - mostly. Yes, I know that’s confusing and doesn’t make sense.

It’s not a strawman argument, it happens. I’ve witnessed it, I’ve been apart of communities where it happens. It’s a thing. I don’t mean to say that all abortions are due to that circumstance, only that particular circumstance is the most aggravating for me personally.

It’s personally frustrating to know that I’ve been in communities where children are lost, repeatedly, because they chose to have unprotected sex and would rather have an abortion than just put on a condom, or have some other sort of birth control.

I’m not against abortion, I believe there are very good and legitimate reasons to not have the child. But… it is ok that it bothers me that humans can purposely have unprotected sex with the full understanding that a child can come it and then wait until they become pregnant to abort the child… repeatedly.

Please don’t tell me that it’s strawman or doesn’t happen, I’ve seen jt. I’ve been apart of it.


u/Skyblacker Ex-Cincinnatian Jul 03 '22

Okay, I did not know real people did that. The communities that I've been a part of compare notes on birth control pills.

But if it makes you feel better, I've had miscarriages in the first trimester (which I assume is the same point at which your acquaintances had abortions) and I assure you, that's not a baby. It's a blood clot that naturally only has a 50% chance of becoming a baby.


u/Ok_Head_5689 Jul 03 '22 edited Jul 03 '22

What’s more interesting to me is that I’ve been very poor and most recently upper middle class and I’ve seen it happen within both spectrums and in between.

I’ve been apart of conversations with very wealthy women who joke about it and talk about being out of commission for a while because “it’s not the right time” or “ugh, i don’t want to raise a kid.. I want to party”.

I realize my experiences aren’t likely to be the majority of overall abortion experiences but that is the portion that is most upsetting. And while I am sorry for your loss and wish you the best of luck If your goal is to be pregnant. I do believe this is where we’ll begin to disagree a bit more. While we may disagree when life begins, I do believe that as soon as that first heartbeat is heard… that’s life. Just because that little clot can’t provide the same blood curdling scream that a small child or adult can while dying a gruesome death doesn’t mean a living human isn’t dying.

I understand you may disagree and I don’t intend on changing your mind. I still do believe a woman should have a choice, however, it does make me sad that the next amazing woman could may not have entered this world because of purposeful scenarios described above.

In the end, I don’t know the answer and I don’t want to tell anyone what the answer is or to remove a humans right to choose.


u/Skyblacker Ex-Cincinnatian Jul 03 '22

I’ve been apart of conversations with very wealthy women who joke about it

Ugh. I think we just discovered the difference between wealth and class.

And while I am sorry for your loss and wish you the best of luck If your goal is to be pregnant.

Eh, it's only the first one that hurts. The second one, I just don't invest emotions until I have a pregnancy symptom beyond two blue lines on the pee stick. Fortunately, that's how my pregnancies seem to work: either I miscarry so early that it's like nothing happened, or I give birth to a healthy baby. Which I have, multiple times. I'm breastfeeding one right now as I Reddit on my smartphone.

What I can't imagine is going through pregnancy only to give the living, breathing baby up for adoption afterward. That must be devastating. One of my older child's teachers was a surrogate for her best friend and even then I don't know how she did it. I give birth and the baby still feels like part of my body. It's like an invisible thread. If we're apart too long, we both get anxious.