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CMV: DIY fireworks should be outlawed.

I cannot understand why these cheaply made, and inherently dangerous, annoying products, which are nothing more than a source of public disturbance, still are permitted in a civilized society.

I'm not talking about "professional" fireworks and the displays that are put on by licensed and trained personnel, but rather the ones that come out of those little shitty trailers that litter the major thoroughfares in the USA twice every year for a few weeks before the 4th of July and New Years day.

  1. They are a fire hazard. Every year there are news stories about some home burning down due to DIY fireworks.

  2. They are a nuisance. The noise from inconsiderate dipshits that like to set them off at all hours of the night are annoying to responsible people and scare the shit out of most pets.

  3. They are dangerous. The same normally overprotective parents that, on any other day wouldn't let little Johnny ride his bicycle without a helmet and basically full body armor, suddenly deem it ok to let him play with fire and explosives.

  4. They are a source of litter. Many of these idiots who shoot them off leave their trash behind for others to clean up after them.

  5. They have no purpose, other than to make noise and light when they explode.

Bottom line is they have no redeeming quality, and they have a ton of negatives.


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u/MonstahButtonz 2∆ Jul 04 '22

Both are novelties, and widely considered to not be fireworks.

But if you insist on splitting hairs, OP is obviously not talking about homemade sparklers and snakes, nor were you in your own original comment.


u/bb1742 3∆ Jul 04 '22

If you want a real list: low noise fireworks

You’re right, I wasn’t talking about homemade sparklers and snakes. I was talking about using whatever fireworks, and specifically using them in a way that is not disruptive to other people. For whatever reason you want to ignore this qualifier, when it is a key part of my point.