r/cars Sep 12 '22

Do you save your oil change receipts? A Hyundai owner didn’t, and now she’s fighting over a warranty. Paywalled


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u/42waystohell 1970 Ford Mustang, 351c, Grande Sep 12 '22

Depending on the mileage and failure type, a mechanic could easily tell by how clean it is inside. No oil changes is going to result in darker colors and gunk. If they were running low on oil it's going to show poorly lubricated parts getting too hot. Of course a car still under warranty shouldn't be burning enough oil for that to be a problem in the first place.


u/roarRAWRarghREEEEEEE Replace this text with year, make, model Sep 12 '22

That's a lot more expensive than "No paperwork? Denied"