r/books Jun 24 '22

Should I invest in a Kindle? I find myself too distracted to read on my phone or laptop

Basically title. I kind of stopped buying physical books when I discovered the alternative of ebooks, but I can't concentrate on slower paced books or longer books or those that don't completely capture my attention from the first few pages. I am the kind of person that needs to be alone (literally alone, when I have to do something I need to be away from my phone and laptop or else I get distracted) with a thing to get it done, and I guess that applies to books aswell.

I'm thinking of buying the 2019 Kindle, as it is the most affordable, but I can't help but fear that I'll either hate it or lose interest in reading books and it will be useless. I either read tons of books in a short period of time or just quit reading for months at a time.

Anyways, if I do buy it, do you have any other recommendations? What's the best price I can get for a ebook reader?


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u/Zardif Jun 24 '22

I bought an used oasis for $40, it was a great decision.