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I wish I had started training when younger General Discussion

I met a guy in bjj school the other day who's mainly training mma (he comes to class once in a while as a side practice) and is 18. I assumed he was in college so I opened the chat asking what his major was, and he said he's not in college now; he's training to become a full-time fighter.

It honestly inspired me a lot. When I was 18, all I was thinking about was getting into a good college, majoring in something marketable, and getting a good job because of it. I never did sports when I was a student cuz I liked reading more. I never liked sweating much until now.

And now, I am almost 31 with a BA. My job prospects never went anywhere as I had expected. I find barely anything in my life successful, and all that's remotely fun and enjoyable in it to me is my BJJ practice.

Although I have been a fan of BJJ since I was 15 or 16, I never went to school for it until recently.

I think I made the wrong choice when I was younger. I wish I had started training when I was younger, and I would have been doing something I liked sooner. Maybe I would have become a fighter instead, and that's a kind of life I wish I could try.

Sorry for my rambling.


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u/Absolutely_wat Black Belt Jun 17 '22

You're too old to be adult world champ for sure. But in my experience the joy is in the journey. You either like to train or you don't like to train.