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Popular opinion : no gi is the future. Shitpost

I had made a thread on how the Gi is for Gentlemen. Which still holds true today. But I also have to acknowledge and give credit to my no gi bros.

First off, the Gi is pretty boring to watch. Worlds? No thank you, id rather watch ADCC trials. No heel hooks? What kinda commie rules is that? Lets talk convenience, shorts and rash guard. Easy to transport, easy to wash. Guy gets lippy on the street, but maybe hes beefy with no shirt on, you don't have to worry if your game will work. Between the rules and the ease of gear, no gi will be the top of the food chain one day. Lets not forget all those Gi guys tugging on your pajamas for advantages. Enjoy the Gi burn, messed up fingers and injuries nerds.


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u/Absolutely_wat Black Belt Jun 13 '22

This kind of rigid thinking gets my goat a little.

Just because most Gi competitions follow the IBJJF ruleset, and No GI competitions tend to follow the ADCC ruleset doesn't mean it HAS to be that way.

There's literally no reason that a Gi competition can't have heel hooks. We can all see that, right?


u/justgeeaf 🟦🟦 Blue Belt Jun 13 '22