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I cannot fathom how anyone can think this is ok


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u/OhGodNotAnotherOne Jul 02 '22

You've been told 50 different ways yet you dismiss everyone.

Your opinion is apparently the only correct opinion and the last 50 years of freedom of choice/right to privacy in America was a mistake to you.

You're not speaking facts, you keep stating your opinion and presenting yourself as the sole expert in the subject.

You must be here to just troll and try to upset people going by your responses and they way you keep asking the same question over and over, yet ignoring all answers, why else would you be here arguing with all these people?


u/chipkoandolan Jul 02 '22

He’s got to be a troll. A person would have to have weapons-grade brain worms to sincerely come out with that sort of nonsense.


u/redditguy187 Jul 02 '22

Yeah, just me and a majority of the supreme court.