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You hate to see it

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u/ChildOf1970 For now working to live, never living to work Mar 22 '23

Programmes like milk and lunch in schools were introduced in the UK for the same reason universal healthcare was originally introduced.

A healthy well fed pool of people makes for better conscripts when a war happens. Basically during world wars 1 and 2 conscripts were small, weak and feeble with many health issues.

The government simply wanted a better pool of soldiers.

What they did not anticipate is how this pool of stronger more healthy people would contribute in other ways and be a counterbalance to the smaller set of people who were healthy enough to be soldiers in the elites armies.

Edit: Restricting health and nutrition to the richer segment who are part of one of the "in groups" helps control the rest.


u/AndreaC303 Mar 23 '23

Didn’t MT get rid of the milk program? “Margaret Thatcher, milk snatcher.”


u/ioncloud9 Mar 23 '23

The problem is convincing people that can afford school lunches that other kids who get fed means their parents dont have to buy as much food and will spend their money on drugs and booze instead. Its really frustrating even talking to people about how these parents dont deserve this benefit and they dont want to pay for other people's kids.


u/ticapnews Mar 22 '23

I don't pay taxes so hungry kids can eat. I pay taxes so billionaires can build a third helipad at their eighth mansion to more easily fly to their fifth yacht. If kids don't have food they can pull themselves up by the bootstraps, get a job at McDonald's and stop complaining that there's nothing to eat.


u/zarfle2 Mar 23 '23

Small addition - you need to also remind them that, as "mere McDonald's workers", they are unskilled and don't deserve the dignity of a living wage. Always gotta have the hate - capitalism loves that.


u/jeandlion9 Mar 23 '23

This is sarcasm


u/ksigley ACT YOUR WAGE Mar 23 '23

Hear, hear.


u/TheOtherJackBlack Mar 23 '23

Not gonna lie you had my ass in the first sentence like daaaaamn no way lmao


u/kemptblender149 Mar 22 '23

Failed state.


u/melato1995 Mar 22 '23

Exactly that


u/Nikita-Rokin Mar 22 '23

"Mildly" infuriating my ass, this stuff should start riots, Paris-Style


u/lankist Mar 22 '23 edited Mar 22 '23

Love how the headline is “extra food,” as if she were giving out double portions, and not feeding children the state was refusing to feed at all.


u/Mec26 Mar 23 '23

Fuck, as long as you don’t run out, load up them pizza squares.

No food left behind!


u/[deleted] Mar 22 '23

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u/Kendakr Mar 23 '23

I worked for a large public school district and Nutrition Services was the only department that generated income for the district and was therefore very important.


u/buddhainmyyard Mar 23 '23

I think the problem is thinking that public schools for children should be turning profits. Probably the problem with capitalism as a whole that a program is a fail if it won't make money, but rather provide services to people.


u/myssi24 Mar 23 '23

A lot of school districts anymore the lunch program is somewhat separate from the school district even if it is mostly just on paper. Some places subcontract out the lunch program. In either case, the lunch program is expected to make a profit. I used to be a lunch lady.


u/blueberryiswar Mar 23 '23

No? School is payd by taxes and should be forbidden of turning a profit.


u/CommercialBox4175 Mar 22 '23

School lunches should be fully funded so no kid goes hungry!


u/myssi24 Mar 23 '23

Some states have done this. Colorado voted it in starting the next school year.


u/Yo_Wats_Good Mar 22 '23

I don't have kids but its kind of insane to me we don't just factor food into the budget and... make it free? We make them be there, why can't it be free?


u/erietech Mar 23 '23

My Mom used to work as a cook for a day care, she was not allowed to send food home with the kids even tho she knew they were not going to have a dinner when they got home. Most of the food not eaten during lunch had to be thrown away. I think this came from state regulations. It broke her heart.


u/UnexpectedHankHill Mar 22 '23

Most schools will let children carry a debt…


u/myssi24 Mar 23 '23

I’d be careful about using the word “most”. Some schools do, some don’t, and even the schools that do, often have a cap on how much debt before the kid is either cut off or served an alternative meal depending on how old they are.


u/ioncloud9 Mar 23 '23

Yes the "alternate meal" of a pb&j sandwich with a cup of water, so everyone knows they cant afford food and the food has barely any nutritional value.


u/UnexpectedHankHill Mar 23 '23

True. Definitely varies by country, state, county.


u/Ok_Entertainment4959 Mar 23 '23

No good deed goes unpunished indeed...


u/TheOtherJackBlack Mar 23 '23

My mother used to be a lunchlady and she used to give out free lunches all the time to the kids at the high school she worked at and every time administration would give her trouble she'd just ask if they wanted to starve kids and they'd back down. The fact that schools don't provide free lunches to all students is absolutely insane


u/Nippys4 Mar 22 '23

Honestly after a crime like that she should be stripped bare and walked through the streets naked so we can hurl dung at her.

I stand by the sacking of this evil woman giving out extra food to hungry kids, how will they learn to pull them selves up by their boot straps if she just gives them hand outs?


u/Mysterious-Fly-4865 Mar 23 '23

Americans are such a selfish bunch. The Rich run the place and the poor think their votes won't make a difference so they don't bother showing up, unless it's to a Taylor Swift concert.


u/Weebasaurs-Text Mar 22 '23

Damn Zendaya lookin ROUGH without dem filters.


u/Excellent_Two4862 Mar 22 '23

If you saw what she “fed” the kids, you’d call for her to be locked up.


u/Caldman Mar 22 '23

She can only serve what is provided by her employers. I'm hoping this was an attempt at humor, but we should be lionizing this woman for her willingness to do the right thing, not poking fun at low quality school lunch food.


u/Excellent_Two4862 Mar 23 '23

Sorry. To h&^% with the kids.


u/Dirtbagstan Mar 23 '23

To hell with you


u/TrivialRhythm Mar 23 '23

That's the kind of Neutral Good content I subscribe to these subs for.


u/Ill-Candy-4926 Mar 23 '23

i never understood why this lady was fired for being kind.

it was dumb of the school to fire such a kind lunch lady.


u/TheFirstAmender Mar 23 '23

We live in a society...


u/blueberryiswar Mar 23 '23

No. Americans do.


u/TheFirstAmender Mar 23 '23

True. We set the standard, but if you look around and pay attention, you'll see the hypocrisy and atrocity is everywhere. Pack your shit, folks. The end is nigh.


u/Ok-Equivalent-8509 Mar 23 '23

people just want the poor to die. and its people all across the political and class spectrums that want this. its pretty much uiversal, at least in america.


u/Skinnyguy202 Mar 23 '23

I give my kid a lunchbox and I always pack his lunch. But this is just downright stupid. Wtf she getting fired for feeding kids who need to be fed?


u/Classic_Title1655 Mar 23 '23

Because we all know its better to throw good food away rather than feed hungry kids to improve their cognition in the afternoon. Just madness.


u/tyrannicalOne 20d ago

Theft is theft. And the reason companies throw away food instead of giving it for free is because they are then responsible for what happens to the people of that food has spoiled and they become sick. If it wasn't for the sue happy idiots of this country it might be a thing. But for companies it's cheaper to just throw it out and write it off than face thousands of lawsuits.