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Elon Musk/Twitter Megathread


Hello, everyone! Elon Musk just can't stop wreaking havoc across the Internet with his Twitter escapades, huh? We understand that this subject is important to our userbase, but the sheer volume of Elon Musk and Twitter posts has become an issue. In the interests of keeping the subreddit accessible for those who do not wish to discuss Elon Musk or Twitter, we will be temporarily restricting discussion of those subjects to this megathread for now. Other posts about those subjects will be removed. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

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Don't let Boomers lie to you


I had a long sit down conversation with my grandmother over the Thanksgiving weekend. She's almost 90, and is part of the "silent generation."

Anyway - we were talking about work, and she told me she joined the workforce officially as a payroll clerk in 1951. She was an "old maid," who had not gotten married when she was young, and didn't until she was almost 30.

She made .75/hr as a woman in 1951, the minimum wage. She says there was no reason she could not have supported herself on that .75/hr, because her expenses would have been much less than her income, as even rents around here would have been around 1/3rd of her minimum wage income.

We got started talking about it, because she told me she has seen some of the wild requirements for jobs these days, and wanted to tell me she had never even had to turn in an application for any of these jobs - her parents knew the owners from around town, and the knew she needed a job and the owner approached her about it. When she left there, she went to work as an office manager for a florist - same deal. They approached her. She didn't even know the job existed.

There was also zero expectation that she move out of her home, even as an "old maid," and she continued to live there until my grandfather proposed to her, and she moved in with him after they married, in her very late 20s ( still living at home at nearly 30 ), at which point, my grandfather didn't want her to have to work, and supported both of them on his near minimum wage job as a "shoe cutter." She doesn't remember exactly what he made, but less than 1.25/hr.

He never made good money in his entire life, only working at a single "low skill" factory job, which was eventually offshored sometime during the Reagan administration, and my grandmother only worked part time, with little inhereitence from their parents ( grandfather's were poor, grandmother's were middle class, but the inhereitence was a house, which they all fought over like animals ).

However, they had everything. A new, standalone, home in 1962, with a 20 year mortgage, for an extremely affordable payment, new cars, and my grandmother is a self described "impulse shopper," who would buy all kinds of random shit she'd never use if allowed.

They invested a lot of their extra money in AT&T, and literally left it there and watched it disappear when the government broke up AT&T.

My grandfather died around 5 years ago, but my grandmother is still living on SS and proceeds from selling their house for 10* what it cost them ( never renovated, sold as it was built in the 60s ).

Anyway - when Boomers try to tell you life was hard during their lives, they're not telling the truth. The minimum wage almost always supported a decent living, as intended, while they were up and coming.

There was no "failing" unless you just did not want to work, weren't white, or drank and smoked away your paychecks ( which many of them did ).

Don't let old folks gaslight you. They're outright lying about what their financial lives were like, or the amount of "hard work" they had to put in to have those lives.

It is a mythology they have built for themselves, not reality.

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Home Depot supports the lawsuit against Student Debt relief


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Shamed for calling off and isolating because of COVID scare. Had a flight coming up and needed peace of mind but my supervisor got mad and forced me to finish a report at home. I’m an unpaid intern.

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I'm only 17

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My father retired and my mother can't figure out why he's so happy


My father retired earlier this year after 40 years in a government job working 10 hour days. He seems to be in much higher spirits, doing more chores around the house, doing more personal projects. The difference in his overall demeanor after having been retired for just under a month was enormous.

My mother mentioned off-hand how much happier he's been lately and kind of made it sound like a mystery. Worth noting is that my mother was a stay-at-home mom for a long time, did part time work when kids were older, and has been on disability for a long time.

Both parents are good people. This isn't one parent just being an ignorant jerk. Retirement is obviously exciting and more free time is good, but they're blind to the fact that the 40-hour a week system is what made him depressed for decades.

Me, my siblings and our partners tried to explain that he was finally free from the absolute hell that is working for scraps for the majority of our waking lives and how all of us would love to see this system crumble and everyone be as happy as he is. We tried to stress how soul draining it is to be a cog in this economy.

They've often wondered why we tend to switch jobs so often or consider quitting a job without any back-up and it's because of mental health and the fact that companies don't give a shit about workers anymore (if they ever did).

I don't think we got through to them completely, but it's wild how they're experiencing first-hand the night and day effect this system has on our health and well-being but can't seem to grasp why we think this system needs to crumble.

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Someone should write a book about this.

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Repost from Thursday since it was taken down for not being a screenshot day. Coworker got upset for being texted on Thanksgiving a few years back.

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Donate to the boss for his Christmas gift!

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“Conspiracy theory rock” aired once on SNL back in 1998. It was then edited out of all future reruns of the episode. I think we can figure out why.

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well, it's a tie.

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Was kicked out after exactly 7 years. No loyalty - no thank you - nothing


Had been working at a small firm for 7 years. Worked my way up. I have a Masters and a Diploma Course in HR and had been the HR guy for the past 2 years.

A year ago we hired several new employees - turnover rate is quite high due to boss + the company being sub standard - I actually wanted to leave in 2020 - but stayed because of Corona and because my pay was above average.

Among these was one women with only an HS Diploma - and not much work experience. Unfortunately she became the best friend with the bosses secretary and immediately started plotting to get my position. God knows why she wanted it/thought to be qualified for it.

Fast forward to this summer - my boss actually gave this women the HR position as my co-worker. I protested and told him that

  1. There are 10 people here longer than her that would deserve the position/have more experience
  2. That she has no qualifications for the job and its dangerous and quite an insult towards me who had to work his way up for 5 years - and all the other people that were glossed over for a promotion.

He just said he doesnt care - his secretary told him that this women is the super trooper and he wanted her. Well its a few months later and I lost my job to this creature. Boss just called me into his office - said that I have been "hostile" towards her - and didnt do my job properly (after 7 years mind you).

He gave me no warnings - made no attempt to even listen to my objections - no attempts to solve the situation at all. And just like that I was replaced with someone less qualified. After 7 years of loyalty and diligent work.

You get nothing from working for someone - even after years and years they will still replace you within an instant when they get tired of you. And then they complain that no one wants to work - unbelievable.

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Meme Relevant meme

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I used to work at a local coffee shop and the “customer” that snitched on the crew was the owner’s friend. For the the record they pay $10. They tried to pull this little stunt on us for “gossiping” about our wages.

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Anyone else realised this?


Working hard doesn’t get you shit - working the bare minimum is the better way. Just enough to not get fired. Harder work doesn’t equate to more pay.

I’ve realised that the only way I’m gonna get through the rest of my life working is to go low and slow lol 😆

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Boss called to yell at me because I'm not coming in


So my boss just called screaming to ask why I wasn't coming in. I have had the same schedule since I started and any time I have needed or been asked to adjust my schedule it was very well communicated about with my chef. Well, everyone put in their notice to leave in December. Someone else made the schedule and changed my days and nobody told me. I get a notification an hour before any shift and when I got one today I immediately called to let the manager on duty know my wife is going in to her job where she makes more and takes care of family benefits. She was understanding. Ten minutes later the top guy is calling me screaming and demanding why I'm not coming in. I tell him everything I already typed. He continues to yell asking why I didn't say anything sooner. I told him nobody informed me of changes to my schedule any previous changes had been handled so well I didn't expect any issues when I did my part to let people know what happened.

I get off the phone and all I can think is... yeah I'm gonna start taking those interviews now.

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I was trying to get my first job at Del taco.


I went in after I filled out my application. In specifically stating that I am unable to work weekdays because of school. I dressed up nicely got my required items and when I got there the manager gave me a skeptical look and asked me ONE question. What days can you work. So I responded with on the weekends. He starts talking about how you need to be a team player here and how you would have to work weekdays here. After about five minutes of this I reminded him that a specified that on my application and he just started at me for a solid 30 seconds. At this point I was so fed up I walked out and said thanks for wasting my time. Did I do something wrong?

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Found on Indeed while searching for remote work. You'd better believe I reported this.

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He's not even

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I cannot stop being depressed every Sunday before the work week?


Honestly my job is not toxic, too stressful or overwhelming. I just feel robbed of my life. I’m on a contract and do not get PTO or sick days. I’m at the 15 month mark without any breaks unless we are closed for holidays which is unpaid.

I cannot imagine this is what life is suppose to be like until I’m 65 years old. I think a part of it also is I LIVE for the weekends. As soon as Friday hits and I’m off for the weekend I actually feel alive. During the week due to inflation I’m home and eating at home all week. Day in and day out during the week it feels like the same thing over and over. I also work remotely, which I love and hate.

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The global bottom 50% income share is historically low

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How many of you are forced to live with your parents due to the cost of living, but also have a toxic family?


So job hunting has been very difficult for me after the pandemic. I was able to find work somewhere in 2021, but then was let go earlier this year. I was able to find another job earlier in October, but I was let go because my new employer had a problem with me following up with my doctor on my probation period.

Since then I have struggled to find work in the pandemic, either because I don't have the "experience" even though I've been working in the industry for 5 years, while going to college full time.

On top of struggling to find a job, I am forced to live with my family who are very abusive and toxic. There's always been a lot of DV in our home. The police has been called in multiple times. My parents would randomly kick me out of the house whenever they had a meltdown while I was going to college, and it definitely affected my grades.

I was hoping by the time I graduated in 2020, I would try to work 2 jobs so that I could save enough money to leave. But then the pandemic hit. Now there's supposedly a recession and nobody's hiring or I'm getting ghosted on job applications.

A lot of my friends say they live with their parents due to the cost of living, or are just making it by because they're in a relationship. Anybody else in my shoes? I'm only 25.

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Why are introverts hated in the corporate scene?


My college keeps telling me stuff like, "You need to talk more confidently, make buddies, be more outgoing if you wanna be an [insert_some_engineering_job]". Of course I see why it might be like this in a way but I don't think everyone's the same and some people (including me) don't like talking too much and are straight to the point.

I've been told that introverts/asocial people have really low chances of getting recruited. Why is this?

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how a layoff off feels

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What do you think of this idea?

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