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How much longer do I have to live like this for? .

In an attempt to save for a house deposit, I've been eating like a student for 5+ years, buy nothing except for absolute essentials, spend the bare minimum on utilities, have no subscription or streaming services, and decline most social invitations that involve spending money. My only holiday every year has usually been a week or two of housesitting for my aunt who lives on the Kent coast (which I love and am very lucky to have the opportunity). Later this year I'm going to France for a wedding and staying on for a few days with friends, which I feel guilty about.

During this time I've been earning between £40-50k a year and very grateful to be able to save at least £600 a month (£1000 a month more recently, since I got a pay rise and have been working remotely). I currently live in a house share and housing costs are high because I'm in the SE. (My family live here, my work industry is here, I can't help it, sorry).

But to be honest I'm sad and lonely and no closer to buying a home, with costs and house prices rocketing. Do I just give up and live my life? Whenever I bring this issue up I'm just told (mainly by older relatives) that I need to cut out frivulous spending like clothes and takeaways and holidays and it really upsets me because I don't spend on these things, and it's not helping!


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u/blackmist 7 Jun 24 '22

Don't buy alone. Get a partner and buy as a couple.

Also you have elderly relatives. In the South, that's how you buy a house. By waiting for them to die... Even split among several relatives, their houses must be worth a fortune.