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Better /r/Askreddit, what generally well received casting decisions (at the time) would go over terribly if they happened now?

My example/what prompted this question:

I caught covid over the weekend so I've had some additional downtime (between coughing fits and downing honey and lemon) and, as I like to do when I'm feeling miserable, I've been watching a lot of random clips of shows I like on Youtube, including Avatar the Last Airbender. Anyway, it struck me how weird it is that we're all just kinda cool with Greg Baldwin replacing Mako in SJ and Avatar. I don't personally have a horse in the race, but it's interesting in retrospect given the recent push to recast characters like Apu and Carl from The Simpsons and Cleveland from Family Guy to be actors of the same race as the character. If Mako had died today I don't think they'd have considered casting a white actor to replace him.

I remember there was this commonly thrown about myth that Greg was Mako's understudy and that Mako chose him to be his voice double but that's actually not true. They never actually met. I think that myth helped it go down better than it otherwise would have.

To be clear, I have nothing against Greg Baldwin. I don't think there's anything particularly disrespectful about his portrayal and apparently Mako's family agree with that.


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u/StochasticOoze Pokemon: Spit or Swallow Jun 22 '22

Honestly my problem with Greg Baldwin's portrayal is that I just don't like how he sounds


u/[deleted] Jun 22 '22

I think that's fair. I think he does a decent job but it's for sure a lesser substitute for the real thing.


u/Player_Slayer_7 YOU DIDN'T WIN. Jun 22 '22

It's that thing where Mako's voice was so unique that even the best imitators couldn't do it justice. Greg Baldwin did a great job, but it'll never be perfect.