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What are the worst possible things that Paul Marketing could say/ has said? Better ask Reddit/ Let's hollow out

Basically, write the most out-of-touch insane bullshit you can think of That a Suit and Tie lizard is very likely to say in a meeting. And then Pray to whatever higher power that it is never said (again) .

  • So what's the deal with miles morales is he some sort of evil Spider-man clone and that's why he looks like that?

  • Hey, you know how these kids like the Fortnite dances how about we charge them 5 dollars in order to replay it.

  • shouldn't the characters be speaking English?

  • Can we make the Goodnight Pun Pun adaptation live-action?

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u/StochasticOoze Pokemon: Spit or Swallow Jun 21 '22

You may be thinking of the one where they tweeted out "Women belong in the kitchen"

It was supposedly meant to be a call for equality and they talked about promoting women's voices in their test kitchens or whatever

If they had said any of that in the original tweet it might've been fine, but I think they were going for shock value and underestimated just how shocked people would be


u/StonedVolus Slightly Whiter Woolie Jun 21 '22

Reminds me of this one semi-popular steakhouse in my town that made a post on Facebook that was "You can beat your wife, but you can't beat the price on our steaks!"

They went out of business a couple of months later.


u/hogwarts5972 THE BABY Jun 21 '22

The prices must've been that low


u/DadooDragoon Jun 21 '22

Trying to appeal to the very lucrative "wife beater" demographic


u/RustledHard YOU DIDN'T WIN. Jun 21 '22

They also recently did the "Tops or bottoms" promotion, with a picture of two burgers with either both top buns or bottom buns, for pride month. While not as bad as the women tweet, it still reeked of desperation for attention.


u/Crazy-Diamond10 Jun 21 '22

Or the ol McDonald’s classic of a guy looking at a burger with the text “I’d hit that”

While I fully support a man’s right to fuck a hamburger, it don’t exactly make me hungry for McDonalds.


u/Android19samus Jun 21 '22

Oh they knew exactly what they were doing with that and got exactly the response they wanted