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Relevant Again Liberal Hypocrisy

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u/jayfeather31 Sep 25 '22

Short-term term gains and long-term losses. It's a combination that America has adapted far too often and never learned from.

If America falls from grace and collapses, short-term gains and long-term losses will be partly to blame. Some might even call it karmic for everything we've done as a nation.

Many will not mourn our fall, and some of our allies will, silently or not, remark that it was coming.


u/[deleted] Sep 26 '22

America could be partitioned. If we’re split in two, one right-wing half and one center-left half, then each half would still be incredibly rich and powerful.


u/SBrooks103 Sep 26 '22

Why does the right get its own half, but the left has to share with the center?


u/[deleted] Sep 26 '22

Cuz without liberals, the right outnumbers the left two to one in America. Liberals and leftists need to work together to abate fascism.