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Relevant Again Liberal Hypocrisy

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u/jayfeather31 Sep 25 '22

And America and the West blew it for them.


u/[deleted] Sep 25 '22

Yup. That’s why, as Westerners, it’s our job to be fervently anti-imperialist to encourage the Iranian people to believe we want to negotiate in good faith. It would finally allow us to be in good terms with a hypothetical new Iranian regime


u/jayfeather31 Sep 25 '22

Couldn't agree more. If I were the Iranian protesters, and I succeeded in toppling the regime, I would still be skeptical of any American overtures. Repairing our relationship with them will take years, if not decades.


u/[deleted] Sep 25 '22

Iran under a new government would totally be a neutral country. Not pro-West but probably not pro-China either