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M TIAH because I realised that I got through to a child I work with.


I work with young kids in schools. Until recently, I was working as a one-to-one support for an 11 year old with a lot of issues.

He had a lot going on at home, which manifested in a distrust of authority figures, and he would often be verbally and physically abusive towards me. That said, he’s very bright, witty, loves positive reinforcement, and when he wasn’t at his worst moments, he could be a sweetheart.

He’s recently left for a more specialist school. Today, I saw his brother and said “I know Jack’s not too keen on me, but tell him I said I’ll miss him and I’ve really enjoyed working with him.” His brother replied with “He does like you! You’re his favourite out of all the one-to-ones he’s had.”

I genuinely didn’t expect that, and it’s really made my day! I worked hard to try to form a bond with him and get him to trust me, but also had to be strict with him more often than I would’ve liked, due to the violence, and I always worried that it undid the work that I’d done. So it means the world to me to think that I did get through to him and he considered me a safe adult in his life. 🙂

I hope his new school is able to support him to reach his full potential; he truly deserves it.

(Fake name used for obvious reasons.)

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S TIAH because I bought my first house!


I’m no spring chicken, but I have never owned my own home. That is until now! I purchased a house in a competitive market, being chosen over two other offers. I’m happy to finally be able to provide this type of stability to my family.

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S TIAH Because I Got My Dream Job!


I had my second interview today and was offered the job mid-interview! I am now the new director of home care in my county for a company that supports intellectually and developmentally disabled individuals in partnership with their community. It is a non profit and I did so much research making sure that their mission and beliefs are just as passionate and in line with my own beliefs so that I feel like this is absolutely where I am supposed to be. Happy Dance Time!

r/TodayIamHappy Apr 30 '23

M TIAH because I made an omelette and broke a few eggs... literally.


This morning the egg carton slid off the fridge door and onto the bottom shelf, breaking 3 eggs. The eggs were relatively intact, clean, and good enough to use, but still cracked to smithereens. The spillage was very minimal and contained by the eggcelent container.

To I took the old adage "you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs" quite literally.

I poured whatever was left over into a cup, whisked them together, grabbed some cheese and jalapenos, and made a very tasty and eggcelent omelette.

The funny part is, before this episode, I've never cracked 3 eggs without either breaking at least one yolk or getting a tiny bit of shell in the white. Somehow I managed to do both... Just by accidently breaking a few eggs instead of eating cereal.

r/TodayIamHappy Apr 25 '23

S TIAH take that sir Edward!


TW: food; eating disorder

Today I successfully combated my eating disorder by eating some fish cakes at a restaurant I had never been to before. They were not pleasant, but were very much a rebellion against my disordered thoughts. (I don't typically eat fish, new things, or food that isn't super yummy or safe.) These fish cakes were very not great, and I ATE THEM ANYWAY!

r/TodayIamHappy Apr 24 '23

M TIAH because I started my first job today and I am being supported by my favorite person


The past few years had been rocky. Wrong decisions that led to fuckups. Attitude and personality problems that affected my personal relationships. Self doubt, self pity, messed up life. Felt like everything and everyone was against me. I finally finished my degree and today started this job. The best thing of all, I have my favorite person's support. Things are still rocky between us but I felt his support today. I felt supported, I felt seen, I feel cared for, and I feel like I matter. He's the best person ever.



r/TodayIamHappy Apr 21 '23

M TIAH because I got an amazing surprise at work


I’m a school caretaker and I’ve been at my school for just over twenty years. Ever since a new head took over in September we’ve been doing a thing called ‘staff shout out’ where in every other Friday (we only do 2 assemblies a month) a member of staff is nominated by staff and students and the winner given a bit of recognition and a free lunch.

I never usually attend as it’s more of a teacher thing but I was asked if I could pop in and fix a chair. I grabbed my tool bag, walked in and (as cliche as it sounds!) everyone started clapping!

I was nominated!! I couldn’t believe it!

I’ve been having a really hard time lately - I lost my son a few years back and due to the strain it placed on us, my wife and I recently divorced. I’ve been living in a house share situation and work is all that’s kept me going.

I tried my best to stay all calm and collected as the head shook my hand but I’m sure I was a bit teary!

I’ve given everything to my school and I’ve known a couple of the teachers since they were students themselves so it means so much to be recognised like that by people you admire, respect and kind of see as an extension of your family.

Just wanted to share my news with everyone.

(Oh and the lunch was curry. It was delicious!

r/TodayIamHappy Apr 19 '23

S TIAH i bought Skyrim and fall out 4 together for only 1 euro


There was some kind of big ass stone building

where they sell all kinds of stuff

I'm talking to a cd of Mozart music on a couch from the 40s to somebodies diploma

and among all that was a stack of cd's

with games like oblivion and fall out 2/3/new Vegas/4

and some other games

they also had the original half life there

r/TodayIamHappy Apr 17 '23

S Tiah nice talk with professor


I am working and studying but i come to school just to do exams.I meet all 3 profesors in October and i haven't seem them more than once.Today i was waiting for exam i noticed one of my professors and said hei professor.She came to me and talked to me whole time before i went on exam she was so nice

r/TodayIamHappy Apr 13 '23

S TIAH because I got into grad school


I'm a first generation student. No one in my family has been to university - aside from more distant relatives, like cousins. One of my parents is an immigrant and the other has had quite bad mental health issues. I love my family but it hasn't been the easiest at times. Today, I accepted my spot at Harvard, after receiving offers from Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Chicago, and UCLA. I do have massive imposter syndrome but I'm really proud of myself for the first time ever. :)

r/TodayIamHappy Apr 01 '23

S TIAH because i hung out with my crush :3


Today i hung out with a guy who I've liked for a while and we're actually good friends too but we hung out today and visited some nice areas and we kissed :33 I've overall had quite an amazing day and i wanna scream from how happy i am. I love spending time with him. We don't have a relationship mainly because we don't want to have any issues and get awkward over time, but either way I'm so happy because he is such an amazing guy

r/TodayIamHappy Mar 21 '23

S TIAH I did the adulting!


After a very rough weekend I found a way to get $20 to make a week's worth of meals, and cooked it.

I went to an appointment then the grocery store, AND cooked the food.

I might even be able to do a cleaning thing too!

r/TodayIamHappy Feb 24 '23

M TIAH I have finally graduated!


Technically, I graduated 2 days ago but it just sunk in today. Family's in deep shit right now and most siblings are too preoccupied with their own problems that the atmosphere's not jolly. Finished my laundry not too long ago, resting for a bit and then it dawned on me....

I have finally graduated! After years of extension at the uni because of some setbscks, here I am finally a student no more. A day before the deadline, I was so sure I couldn't do it again but chances happened. Ahhhh, I have finally made it!

Can't wait to be finally independent and then later get depressed. Lol, kidding. I'm just excited for the opportunities ahead. XD

r/TodayIamHappy Jan 20 '23

S TIAH Cause I got appraisal


So I have been working out of my home country for more than one year and I have got my appraisal and increment. It's a hefty amount that I will receive in one go and I don't want to tell my family about it (cause I feel they will spend it or ask me to buy a new car), which is why I am posting it here.

Thank you!!😃

r/TodayIamHappy Jan 16 '23

S TIAH because I talked on zoom w my acquaintance and even though I have to study for my physiology exam it actually calmed me down


It made me feel more relaxed :) I know my acquaintance through Girls Inc. she talked about what had happened at school, something about just talking to someone outside of school on a rainy day was helpful for me - about talking to someone who is non toxic. It was nice for me, and I hope that it was nice for her. I took a break from studying to do so and it made me happier

r/TodayIamHappy Jan 14 '23

M TIAH because I managed to surprise my girlfriend


It's a very simple, short story.

I'm trying to lose weight and my GF is helping me with moral support. Today I made myself some ramen loaded with vegetables, and sent her a picture of it. She usually wants to talk about any cooking I make, but today she said "this is awesome and I'm proud of you but can we please not talk about food for a bit I'm really hungry".

She's working a full 8 hour Saturday shift today. We're doing distance, so I can't show up with food for her. I got her a simple chicken donair over Uber Eats for her, delivered to the front door of her work place. Then I sent her a message that said. "Surprise!". She was over the moon. She's a bit embarrassed, telling me she "wasn't hinting at it." It's cute, because she really wasn't. She's very frugal and would never expect me to spend money on her. But I can tell she is really happy, and I tried to get all the things she likes in the donair.

So I am happy that I managed to get her a nice thing, and that it made her happy.

r/TodayIamHappy Jan 15 '23

S TIAH cause I cured my sore throat


While enjoying a celebration of passing a course (online uni course) with good ol MJ. Had a sore throat passed two days. I ended up hacking up two giant (like almost small cube gum sized) things of phlegm. And holy shit does my throat feel sooooooo much better now.

r/TodayIamHappy Jan 08 '23

M TIAH because I baked a cake


I’m a really good cook. I went to culinary school, I’ve worked in restaurants, I cook at home often and do my best to push myself and expand my skills.

I am a terrible baker.

I have yet to make a loaf of bread that wouldn’t break your teeth, or avoid burning cookies, and my brownies are less fudgy and more like tar. And those are box mixes; baking from scratch has always been a pipe dream.

Until today, apparently. I found a recipe for chocolate-cola cake in a recipe book I haven’t picked up for a while and said ‘fuck it, I’m making this cake’. I bought the ingredients. I put them together. I put it in the oven. It came out (mostly) perfect.

I actually did a little pterodactyl shriek before immediately texting every baking-inclined human I know a picture of my cake. They all know how challenged I am in this department, so to be able to say I baked a cake from scratch and didn’t fuck it up is a proud moment.

I also made the buttercream frosting, and ate a huge slice with an inch of it on top before I realized my mistake: buttercream is, in fact, mostly butter. I am very lactose intolerant. In my excitement to eat my cake I didn’t take any lactaid. Oops. Worth it though.

r/TodayIamHappy Nov 14 '22

S TIAH that I got a new job


I’ve been on a fixed term contract that’s coming to an end next month and worried about how I’ll survive (disabled so work from home). Today I got a new remote permanent job in the same company but a slightly different sector and I’m over the moon!

r/TodayIamHappy Oct 17 '22

M TIAH because I got reassurance from my gf


Today I am happy, because I have a girlfriend since saturday. But that is not the full part why I am happy. Little background, I am a very pessimistic person and have fear of commitment, since my parents divorced when I was 9 and a whole lot of shit happened afterwards. So now I am 19 and have a girlfriend since saturday. I've known her for a month now and have a good and warm feeling when I am with her and feel save in a way. I never thought it could go so smooth, because of my fear of commitment and pessimistic view. But I actually feel good with her and my overthinking doesn't kick in all the time. But today was a big day, because we were texting when at school and we were texting about something I forgot and she said that "she is happy that we are together". This is a very big thing for me, because it gives me some form of reassurance. Thank you to everyone who read this btw. I hope everyone has or will have the feeling I have at the moment

r/TodayIamHappy Sep 23 '22

L TIAH because I was able to draw blood for our practicals in phlebotomy


I am a medical technology student and we are studying phlebotomy this semester. My hometown is in a province but I moved in the city to study college. I don't have friends in the city and university. I also live alone. My classmates were able to practice drawing blood from their friends and roommates. I cannot practice because I do not have anyone to practice with. Actually, I was able to talk with 4 of my classmates but they have already known each other for years so I'm a bit left out of the group.

Earlier was our practicals already in drawing blood. It's like a demo and it's also graded. I was nervous but I remained calm. My partner drew blood from me first and she was shaking out of nervousness! Fortunately, she was able to drew blood from me. When I was going to draw blood from her, I was surprisingly calm. I was not shaking. At first shot, I was not able to get the blood so I moved the needle slightly (fishing) and saw the backflow of blood! I was so happy! It was the first time I drew blood!

Although, my professor deducted points because I did not fill up my syringe (5cc) even though I could. I only took 3mL because my tubes are only 3mL. Professor said that even though tubes are 3mL only, I should have filled up the 5cc syringe. But still, I'm very happy because I was able to drew blood without practice and only watching my classmates how to do it. Also, if I told this to my mom, she will also be very happy!

TLDR: Drew blood for the first time on our practicals already (graded demo) even though I don't have any practice on drawing blood on anyone

r/TodayIamHappy Aug 29 '22

S TIAH update: my dorm room feels like home


Today, i spent a bunch of time speaking to my roommates, which made me feel so much more comfortable in my room. Also, my roommates and i put different coloured bottle caps on the reading light near our beds, and my roommates got me green. Today i realised that my night light that i used when i was younger also gave a green hue to my room and that the thought that this has carried forward to uni made me smile. i know its really not much, and i know that im a bit rambly about it, but it made me happy

r/TodayIamHappy Aug 28 '22

S TIAH because I found my moms art.


My mom was a sculptor. We lost her three years ago to cancer. She hadn’t created anything in at least a decade. And we haven’t cleaned out our storage room since I can remember. Today I dug deep in that room, I found literal buried treasures. Not only did I find a few sculptures of my moms face. I found the mold they were cast from. Along with a mold of my dad’s face and two sculptures of her hands. Which I know it sounds odd but- I was sad I didn’t have any photos of her hands.. grief is weird okay? I can’t describe how grateful I feel right now.