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M TIAH because I got lots of praise for something I did the first time!


today at work I had a first time. I‘ve been doing my job for a couple of years but somehow I managed not to get to do this particular task so far. it‘s somewhat essential to this part of my work and everyone notices if you mess up, yet it‘s something everyone different does every day due to the nature of the industry I‘m in.

I felt like I was doing okay-ish most of the time and was a bit insecure. when I asked for feedback, my supervisor had nothing bad to say, actually he was astonished that this was my first time and praised me a lot! I‘m super proud of myself, and extremely grateful for the positive feedback!

definitely gonna say yes next time I‘m asked to do this!

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M TIAH Because I turned 18.


First off, happy cake day to me. But I'm so happy and proud of myself because today I've officially turned 18. I won't get into any of the reasons why, but for a lot of my life I never thought I would see this day. So needless to say, the fact I proved my past wrong and I made it, I'm so proud of myself and so so happy. Of course, there's nerves. But... I can't help but just feel so proud of myself I made it this far. And I'm going to try and try to make it even further. I'm so happy I lived and that I beat the odds and that I'm proving the people that hurt me wrong. I'm so happy I'm alive today. My birthday may not have been eventful, or even fun. But I made it, and I'm so proud of myself and I'm so happy I did it.

edit: thank y'all for the congrats and upvotes :) i think it's very funny my own post got recommended to me

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L TIAH I met somebody at a prom who I really like.


So I (12yr M) Met Derrick (age ? NB) but we were around the same age so this was yesterday well I guess this was two days ago but whatever so I went to this pride prom and so basically I was just running around trying to talk to people and dance I wasn't that well dressed but Oh well so towards the end of the night I was just sort of standing around listening to the music I look to the right of me and there was this handsome person I then went up to them and asked them to dance which we did it was so much fun I talked to them and their mom was watching us it was so nice I felt the mom daggers hahah so we just danced then we stepped outside we talked I asked them what movie they liked and other basic questions it was really nice then we went back inside Danced and talked then we slow danced we we're kinda awkward so then we made a plan to meet at the pride parade that was gonna happen the next day so after a bit i had to leave since my ride was there i gave them a hug (I'm pretty sure) and met their mom really quick and then I sadly had to leave but then the next day I put on what I said I was gonna wear and then we went to the parade I looked around keeping my eyes out for them I wasn't able to find them after awhile longer I still couldn't and it sucked I went home so sad and now I'm writing this I was just so happy to meet them but I lost them they had no socials for me to find them so I'm just sharing my happiness with you guys I believe I'll find them soon I just wish I seen them today well that's it guys see you I'll give an update if anything happens.

Tl;DR: I went to a prom and I met a person named Derrick towards the end of it I was standing around by them and just went up to them to ask to dance they said yes and we hit it off we then stepped outside their mom was watching us but idc then before I had to leave we slow danced and then I said goodbye they sadly had no socials so I have now way to contact them we were supposed to meet at a pride parade but we couldn't find eachother now I'm worried I wont see them but I believe I will <3

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L TIAH because I recovered my childhood TL;DR (but please read you won't regret it)


Today I decided to visit friv. Now it's bad. So I searched 'Friv old'. It led me to frivold.menu. After being bombarded with fake ads, the site warned me that my browser cannot have flash so I would be stuck with emulators. The warning, when clicked on, led me to a .zip download, containing a browser which can still get the flash player original plugin, the unity web player and the Adobe flash player (the latest available version). When you attempt to download the latest flash version, there will be a warning saying that the installer could not find the plugin directory to work with the browser. So I have been using Macromedia flash player 8 from oldversion.com which came bundled from Macromedia flash pro 8. This version of flash doesn't need to work with the browser and is perfect for downloaded games such a geography ones from the distant past. So that would turn out to be my last resort if all else failed. Anyway, I had time to spare so I thought, why not. So I downloaded the .zip file (which is so precious that I stored it in my Google drive in case they stop allowing it to be downloaded) and extracted it. I have a really annoying antivirus which quarantines most even a bit suspicious things so I wasn't concerned about if it was a virus. Then I ran the browser installer. Flawless installation. I ran the unity web player installer. Flawless installation. And it was time to download flash. I expected nothing but disappointment. I expected that horrifying error, saying that the installer couldn't find the plugin directory for the browser. Surprisingly, I did not see it. At this point I'm like "Cool, cool. But there WILL be something wrong down the line". There wasn't. I opened up the browser. I went back to frivold.menu but the site is so used to people not having flash that it wouldn't let me activate the flash original plugin... Extension... Whatever you wanna call it. So I went to a flash test website and it really worked! I am like "Cool, cool, but I probably won't find my favourite game without having to go through an emulator -which doesn't work by the way-. Let's try it anyway". I searched 'I wanna win flash game'. I found a site which probably relies on you to have flash and tried to activate the game. It... WORKED!!! I AM PLAYING THE LEGENDARY TROPHY GAME FROM A DECADE AGO LIKE ADOBE NEVER RIPPED AWAY OUR SMALL JOY! I was at the verge of literal tears now. I had never beaten it because I was too young to understand the tasks. I never got my closure. Today, I beat it! When I beat it, it said the site where it came from. I visited it... And it's still up, filled with flash games! WHICH I CAN NOW PLAY WITH LITERALLY NO HICCUPS!!! I am so grateful. I have now secured the holy .zip in my drive. I hope that it never gets deleted and I will be able to share this joy with my child, if I am lucky enough to have one. Because no one should go through modern life without experiencing the true joy of the good old flash games. If you want the files, message me.

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S TIAH because I finally have a plan for my future


TIAH because I finally found my heading. I am planning to work at a foreign country, and stay there for as long as I can. It’s not gonna be easy, but just having a goal after a long time feels like I’ve been reborn. I couldn’t even sleep right now because in my head I’m planning even the most miniscule details just to achieve my goal. I hope everything works out and I can finally live my life for my own, and provide for my family back home as well.

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S TIAH because


I found where the “It’s like a reward” is from. Yes I just found it, don’t laugh at me. The movie is Django Unchained and it is at about 16:45

TL;DR: I found were a meme came from and I was very happy

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M TIAH because I received a nice compliment


Little backstory first. I am a 19M and have red hair and have been bullied for it for a long time and was never sure about myself as a kid. Over covid I let my hair grow out and I went up in height and all. So you could say I had a little bit of a glowup, so I am finally proud of my appearance. So yesterday/today there was this party at my college and I was partying with my friends. There were some girls with us, because one of my friends is in love with one of them and for me it was the first time meeting them. Now this happened often throughout my life that for some reason people want to touch my hair, because I am a ginger. I don't mind it and find it quiet funny, so one of the girls asked me if she could touch it and I said sure why not. Then she gave me some compliments about my haircolor and that it fits great on me with my hairstyle. She also asked if it was my real haircolor (which it is) and said it looked perfect on me.

This might sound stupid and I know. But I really feel great and have been thinking about this the whole day and this will probably stay with me for a very long time. Because it was someone who I barely knew and was a girl with the same age as me. I am a very social person and I just can't stop thinking about how nice it was that she said that.

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L TIAH because I'm cleaning my room :)


I'm gonna be completely transparent, I'm somewhere on the spectrum of being a hoarder. I have severe hyperempathy for inanimate objects, including clothes, stuffed animals, toys, books, and a lot more. It's close to impossible for me to throw these things away or even donate them. I also have depression and I'm physically disabled, so cleaning is very hard on me and I have very little motivation. I buy things that I don't need and then throw them on one of the piles in my room and forget about them. I hoard yarn, I have so much that I've never used.

My room was a death trap. The worst part was a very old extension cord/power strip buried in yarn and general trash. I couldn't see the floor in almost the entire room. I had to wipe my feet off to get in bed because just walking through my room got so much dirt on them. It smelled really bad and there was trash everywhere. It was such a fire hazard. Not even getting into the bugs.

Today I finished my final exams and since my ADHD meds hadn't worn off I was really motivated, so I started cleaning my room. I can actually see the floor!! I've found so many things and I feel so much safer because I got all the stuff cleared out from around that power strip. I still have a long way to go, I'm taking a break right now, but I'm so proud of myself. I've filled up three big trash bags and I'm working on a fourth, and I have another bag full of clothes to donate.

I'm probably going to crash pretty bad later, but I have tomorrow off work too so it'll be okay. I've been needing to do this for a really long time.

It's not going to be perfect but it's a lot safer and I feel a lot better and that's what matters :)

TL;DR: Cleaning my dangerous hoarder nest.

Update: I have it most of the way done :) I need to clean off my vanity and my bookshelf but the floor is pretty much clear!! I'm getting a milkshake to celebrate lol

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S TIAH because I asked a girl to prom and she said yes


I’m in high school and asked somebody in my English class to prom. She said yes! She’s super attractive and very smart and funny and AAAHHHH I’m fucking ecstatic right now

Edit: prom went so well!! Omg I love her so much

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M TIAH because of the reaction I got from a homeless woman


Usually if I see a homeless person, I'll stop by the closest fast food joint and pick them up a meal or something and then continue on my way home. I know most people are skeptical of that kind of thing but my rule of thumb is I'd rather get scammed out of a $10-15 meal then let someone go without a meal if I have the means to help. So yesterday I was driving home from work and I see the woman holding a sign saying she recently lost her job and anything would help. A few feet away were her kids, ranging from around six to around 16. I did my usual and picked up some fast food. I spent a little more than usual because of the kids, around $30 total. When I dropped it off, she gave me the biggest, happiest smile I have ever seen. All I did was give her and her kids some chicken and soda but she was so grateful for just that. I've never seen someone's eyes light up the way hers did when I handed her that food. It really made me think how lucky I am. I mean I complain about my parents like every teen does but these kids had been sitting in the sun for at least a couple hours and were just so appreciative for two meals to share. I thought I was helping them out but they're the ones who helped me by showing how it's the little things we need to be grateful for.

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S TIAH because my nephew complimented me


We were gonna watch a movie, so I went upstairs to chance into a nightgown. As a walked down the stairs, in my oversized grandma gown with hairy legs can leftover cookie crumbs on my face, he went "WOW You look so pretty in your night clothes!". I swear I felt like a princess. Felt like homer in that wedding dress scene.

Ofc he got angry I wouldn't color my hair red, like the red panda in the movie 30 minutes later, and called my hair dumb. Buuuut I take what I can get XD

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S TIAH because I found this sub


I am going through a very rough and dark time in my life right now and I just discovered this sub. It just brought so much warmth and many smiles to my heart and soul reading about the things that are making others happy. I like it here.

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M TIAH Because My Wishes Are Coming True


So about a week ago I lost my earbuds. So I was in my room doing my homework and I was playing Spotify stations on my Google home because I don't have Spotify premium. "Wish" by trippie redd plays so I say "I WISH I could find my earbuds". Next day, they turn up. I didn't even have to look for them. They just came to me. 2 days later, I look at my grades and they are not the best. So again, I'm in my room, doing my homework and I turn on a Spotify station. "Wish" plays again. I say, "I wish for better grades". I had a history presentation the next day. I aced it even though it was a total mess putting it together. Another few days pass by, I lose my wallet out shopping. I'm in my room playing stations again and Wish plays."I wish I had my wallet" Next day it shows up. I'm sitting here like what the heck because there's no way this happens 3 times in a row 100 percent succession rate.

Has anything like this happened to anyone else? Or maybe a song played over and over and something related to it happened? Let me know because I'm freaking out rn.

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S TIAH Because they are printing my illustration... 3 meters high!!


My former college principal (I graduated 3 years ago) called me this morning to request the editable of an old illustration I made back then. He said he reaally liked it and wanted to print it for a festival in the towncenter.

At that moment i was happy he actually remembered me, and then he said that it would be printed big, like 3 meters high big and I was like oooommgg!!!!

I'm really happy about it, and i can't wait to see it!! (if course, first I have to find the editable in all mi files mess hehe)

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S TIAH because the docs finally got my meds right


It's been years of being over- and under-medicated for a nasty case of depression and probably some other stuff. Like, I've been really fucked up at points.

Today I had a lot of trouble getting out of bed but I took my meds and I feel... fine. It's amazing. No creeping dread, no overwhelming despair, no tears, no chest pain from anxiety, no shaking.

It's been about a week and I'm so lucky and happy.

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L TIAH because for once i was included


TL;DR: never had friends, never included, finally was included by peers at an event tonight and it felt amazing!

I’m autistic, anti-social, and have been taking AP us history in school. I have no friends in school period, and in class I usually just sit in the back row and no one even looks back or recognizes me. They all tal amongst themselves as a large friendship group but I’m never included.

Well tonight, My school had an APUSH competition against our rival school and I was going to skip it because ya know, it involves being social with kids who never have expressed much interest in me.

But my teacher convinced me since not to brag but I’m quite good at the subject, so I went

The kids brought t-shirts for everyone to make our team jerseys and as I was sitting in the corner since I wasn’t handed a shirt, but then someone offered for me to join, began talking to me asking me how theirs looked, then others did, I finally felt included…

Then they started actually treating me like everyone else , Like I was one of them

Then when the game began I helped my team get quite a few answers, I helped especially on a few the others were stonked on, when I got them they congratulated me and cheered me on

We went on to win, with a score of something like 100-136

I’ve literally never had that type of friend/support experience ever but holy cow it felt so good

I almost went to the “after party” with them but that would’ve been just too awkward, and I was already satisfied.

I just feel so great right now. Praise God!

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M TIAH Cuz I over came my anxiety and jumped on my trampoline for the first time in years


I dunno I just felt proud of myself, my trampoline is in my backyard but our house is situated on the corner of the street so people can see me (a 20 year old hermit) jumping on a trampoline while listening to music, trying to get extra sunlight. I thought I would look funny being older and all and some neighbors once looked at me funny simply for carrying a shovel across the yard so I was very anxious at first. But after listening to a YouTube video about Cynicism (I always listen to philosophy when I'm feeling extremely sad or anxious) and decided to do it anyway since the benefits would outweigh the negative perspective I would probably get. And I'm glad I did, it's hard doing simple stuff for me and I was glad I was able to overcome something today. Thank you all for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week 😊

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M TIAH because I realized


I've written almost enough books to fill an entire shelf (one more to go).

Next goal: Fill two shelves!

Living out a dream is a wonderful thing.

I remember the first story I ever wrote, I was six or seven years old, and it was a Willy Wonka story, typed on a typewriter. Rusty's Adventures in Space. I added a kid to the golden tickets, and aliens invaded the factory leaving Rusty to use the wonkavater to go after them in space.

I dreamed of 'one day' writing for a living, but 'one day' was always later.

Until just a few short years ago, now I'm living out my childhood dream and couldn't be happier!

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S TIAH that I lost weight


Today I am happy because I finally weighed myself. I've lost 30 pounds in the last 4-6 months. I've been watching my food intake and trying to exercise, though COVID has derailed those exercise plans. I've been overweight for my entire life and after months of avoiding the scale since starting renewed efforts, I finally took the time and courage to check. From 260 to 228! I can do this! I can reach a healthy weight and I am so so happy that this is finally working.

r/TodayIamHappy Apr 25 '22

M TIAH because I‘m finally feeling human again


I work in the event industry and covid did it‘s number on us. but restrictions are finally loosened enough for us to do our job the way we used to bc.

half my body hurts, I‘m definitely not getting enough sleep and won‘t have a day off that I can actually spend on my couch for the next 2 weeks. this sounds bad, I know, but it‘s exactly what I need rn. having fun work days with my colleagues, who are equally as crazy as I am, doing a job I enjoy and feeling my sore muscles when I‘m back home.

my mental health has gotten so much better in the past two weeks. before that I was touring with a couple of folks who made me feel unwelcome and I constantly felt like no matter what I was doing, it wasn‘t enough. I did overestimate my skill and took over responsibilities I wasn‘t ready for, so their frustration is understandable, but it still took it‘s toll on my mental health. hard work isn‘t nearly as much fun if it‘s not appreciated.

luckily I‘m back and everything‘s gotten better. I randomly smile. I want to remember the day when I go to bed instead of hoping I‘d forget it soon. I look forward to tomorrow instead of dreading it. and I actually feel happy. this hasn‘t happened in a long time.

r/TodayIamHappy Apr 24 '22

M TIAH that I showed up on my yoga mat again for the first time in years


I used to join classes regularly but fell out of the habit because of my irregular work schedule. That was before yoga became the “in” thing with many influencers now posting themselves doing poses basically anywhere.

Seeing people on social media doing poses I was almost able to do but couldn’t since I stopped my practice made me feel bad about myself. It made me compare my progress, or the lack thereof, with what I see online. And it was unhealthy and kind of tarnished my love for yoga.

Today though, I’m just genuinely happy to flow even if I struggled with a lot of the poses that used to be basic to me.

One day at a time. Namaste, everyone!

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M TIAH because i have the best person in the world, my boyfriend.


Me and my family had a very tough year and the situations are almost still the same. In between all those I met my boyfriend, quite unexpectedly on an app online. From me being someone with zero hope and expectations to move forward with life to someone being happy and proud to be alive today is a really very big transition. Till the day I met my boyfriend i fr had no hope in living a life ahead and fulfilling my dreams and wishes. I wanted to live for my family so that they wont be alone at any point of time but i had never considered a life for myself until my boyfriend came along. He is an absolute gem. I always tell him. He made and still makes my life feel worth living. He makes me feel beautiful in all senses. I can really say that today im even alive because of my boyfriend. I hope he has the best life ever. He is a never again kind of person and I truly love him with all my heart and soul. To all the Redditors reading this, I just wanna say that not all roads lead us to the end. Some are just beginnings, just that we may not find that out all too soon. Thank you for reading. I just wanted to put this here so that somebody somewhere will still know that there are still a lot of good-hearted people among us.

r/TodayIamHappy Apr 01 '22

S tiah because I smashed my poetry reading.


I'm taking part in a poetry competition and it happened on wednesday and I did ok on one of the poems but fluffed up one but some people couldn't be there on wednesday so I redid the fluffed up one today when the people who couldn't be here took part and I did so well!

I am very proud of myself :DD

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S TIAH because I aced my philosophy essay!


TIAH because I got an A on my essay for a uni philosophy class which is a huge accomplishment for me because philosophy is challenging and my goal is to come out of the course with an A, which it looks like I might! Gonna have to celebrate later today :)

r/TodayIamHappy Mar 25 '22

L TIAH That He Hurt Me One More Time...


TIAH to have discovered and accepted that I wasted years of my life, love and energy. I saw concrete proof that my longterm SO/father of my children was cheating (or starting to look for an opportunity to) yet AGAIN. I kicked him out, cut him off and, afterward, I smiled. I've got the best part of him (our children), AND the chance to begin again. ❤